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Weekly Question #1 (Due Friday, September 4)

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on September 4, 2015. It only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

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Answer the following question:

Which topic(s) do you look forward to most, or are you most interested in? Which topic(s) do you think will be most useful for you in the future? Why?

61 Responses to Weekly Question #1 (Due Friday, September 4)

  • The class that I am looking forward to in the next couple of weeks would have to be; In week four, Getting The Data Out of the Database SQL Select, Distinct Min, Max, Count, and Where.

    This class seems like it will be hands on and book work oriented. While also, helping us to understand more of what is going on inside of the structured data systems.

  • The class that I am looking forward to would be the MYSQL workshop in class exercise. I’m really interested in learning how to use the program since I picked up on learning coding languages. Week #5 definitely seems to be the most interesting by far because it will be very hands on. I’ve touched a bit of MySQL before but it seems that this class will definitely teach me how to use it.

  • I look forward to working with MySQL and R. Constructing a database will be most useful for me in the future. There is so much information that is available in this day and age that it is hard to sometimes make sense of the data. Building a database would allow one to pull information in an efficient and organized manner.

  • I am actually very excited about learning everything in this course, given the fact that I love the nature of business and being that I am a MIS major. Concepts that will be taught in this course are the comprehension of the different types of business data, the different analytical approaches, and the application of these approaches to solve business problems. However of these I am most interested in learning about how to gather data, to create personal databases, and how to use these types of techniques and factors to influence and help a company run efficiently. I am most interested in the because knowing information and having knowledge could allow a manager to make future decisions about how to run the business either the same way or differently. This is essential.

  • The thing that I am most looking forward to learning about in this class is data visualization. I am very interested in the different ways that the same data can be portrayed in useful and engaging ways. I am also interested in learn to use R to analyze and present data in new ways. I think that these software and analytical skills will be very useful in my future career. I also am excited to see how data can be seen in different ways.

  • I’m looking forward to complete the Analytics project due at the end of the semester. I think learning how to create and interpret data analytic models will enable me to contribute more to my current internship. Overall, I think I will be able to apply everything I learn in MIS 2502 to my current internship. I hope to use the experience I gain from this course’s Analytics project to create an automated analytics program for my small department at SAP. I want to determine not only how we’re succeeding, but where we need to improve; I think I can achieve that goal using the knowledge I gain from this course.

  • Often it is said that we are in the age of information and with this reality many businesses have an abundance of information available to them. We have spoken of operational and transactional data thus far in our class discussions and it is obvious that, as future business leaders, it is important to understand what the information is telling us. By building a database and having the ability to extract RELEVANT data is going to be of importance. I also look forward to working more with analytical aspects to help give a better understanding of what is happening with current trends and behaviors in our business markets.
    Best, GJR.

  • We live now in a world of data. Currently the next big technological trend that could change the world is called Big Data. Companies wants employers with skills sets not only to extract all this data, but to also make sense of it and analyze it for business decisions. I am looking forward to learning a lot about SQL in relational databases to learn how to extract and analyze data which is what employers seek in future employees.

  • The topic that I am looking forward to most, most interested in and think will benefit me the most in the future is working with pivot tables in excel at the end of week 8. Being an accounting major with a MIS minor I think learning more about pivot tables will benefit me in the future. At my most recent internship I frequently used pivot tables in Excel but did not have the opportunity to create them or edit them in a meaningful way. Even with the proliferation of ERP systems, it seems as though many accountants use pivot tables for a variety of tasks and it would be good to know more about them.

  • I am looking forward to being able to learn about different web languages such as mysql and R, because it allows me to develop a greater arsenal of web analysis skill to be used in the work place.. I hope to be able to use all he skills we learn in the class such as the web languages and the excel skills into being able to analyze data more efficiently. I am most interested in being able to learn how to gather and interpret the data and being able to show case these skills in our final analytical project. I believe that these topics such as Getting data into the analytical database:The Extract, Transform, Load process as well as the other analysis scenarios will be most useful in my future of determining how to use the data gathered and trying to apply the data into useful information for the business to enhance the experience of the consumer.

  • I am most looking forward to learning how to analyze databases using mining techniques. Its important that we learn how to successfully analyze information from databases and stores because this is what allows our data to become information; and information is what we need to make business better. I think that it is valuable to possess a skill. Thats why I want to be more than competent in analyzing data, I want to be able to understand data.

  • I am most looking forward towards week seven when we work with data visualization. After all getting the helpful information is only half of the battle. If the data is not presented in a viewer friendly way than it loses its value. Being able to talk about and present your data is how you set yourself apart. I also am a more visual learner so I believe that being able to see the data presented in tables and charts will help me understand the information better.

  • I am looking forward to understand MySQL and R. Constructing and how it use in today’s business. I think it is important for us to be able to analyze data and understand it in today’s business.

  • I am looking forward to learning how to use, create and interact with databases. Especially using R and SQL. I believe that in today’s world having a background in business analytics is a must. Big data is here and understanding and manipulating data is the key to keeping a company on the top. Having this skill set will not only help me gain a fresh perspective on data, but also give me a leg up on the competition when looking and applying for jobs.

  • I am a Finance major, but I declared the MIS minor to get a solid foundation in data mining and an axillary understanding of the dynamics of modeling. Specifically, The classes dealing with MySQL and Excel are the most anticipated at this moment in time. My reasoning pertains to the heavy use of Excel in the business world for numerical data manipulation and evaluation. I have noticed a high frequency of requests for knowledge of pivot tables and associated features in Excel, thus, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to expand my knowledge about MS Excel. I do not know anything about SQL at this time, however, I am aware that more and more employers seem to be requesting fluency in its execution in job postings. In the interest of increasing my personal marketability and learning something that could potentially pay off very well over the course of my career I am keenly interested in learning as much as I can about it.

  • I’m extremely excited to get some hands on activity with SQL and R. I am also interested in being able to arrange or manipulate data in order for it to be something completely different then it started. I intrigued to also see how businesses today use data analytic’s to steer there company and make changes based of data to make a positive difference. being able to actually learn the skills to do this has got me extremely excited and i cant wait to see what the rest of the semester brings.

  • I am really excited about creating databases, and learning how to use MySQL and R. As you mentioned in the first class, the function of R is very powerful, and it’s very important for a company to analyze data efficiently. I love learning useful skills. Also, master the experience of using R and SQL well also make us more competitive in job hunting. I am Accounting major and MIS minor, I believe that understanding and master the skills of R and SQL well will help me a lot in my future.

  • I’m really excited to learn about Introduction to Advanced Analytics because basic analytics is to examine or inspect past data and use it to forecast future event’s problems. The topic “Advanced Analytics ” sound like a high level of data mining. The topic that will be most useful in the future is SQL and any Excel assignment or topics. Getting hands-on experiences with programs like these, will give me a head start advantage in the work force.

  • Which topic(s) do you look forward to most, or are you most interested in? Which topic(s) do you think will be most useful for you in the future? Why?

    Some topics I look forward to working with include MySQL and R and Pivot tables. I’m interested in these topics because I think they will be necessary skills in an internship. I believe that learning business analytics will separate me from the competition. I’m also excited to learn about Big Data and how important it is in the workplace.

  • I am not much of a programmer, although I know some basics of coding. Therefore, I chose a major in the Business school that was technology oriented. Within that, my goal is become proficient in SQL as it is a complex databasing method, but it allows for much more opportunities than databasing through excel sheets.

    Can’t wait until we get our hands on MySQL.

  • I am an accounting major, but I made a decision last year to pick up a minor in MIS. I was interested in MIS because I am very interested in the technical side of business and MIS couples well with accounting. The topics I am most interested in studying this semester are SQL, R, and ETL. I know little to nothing about these topics so it will interesting to learn what they are about and how I can ultimately apply them to my accounting studies. I’m not quite sure which topic will be the most important quite yet, but I know pivot tables and anything else within excel will be useful in my future.

  • The thing that I am most looking forward to in this class is working with MySQL and R. I am excited to see how data bases are constructed and used in a professional setting. I know nothing about these programs and am interested in how they work. I also think this is something that will be useful to me in the future no matter what career path I take. Almost all companies are using information systems and to be able to work with and make sense of data bases and be able to utilize them will be extremely useful.

  • I am interested in having a better understanding of how to efficiently collect, interpret and and make business decisions using big data. Throughout my business education, I have learned a great deal about how to manipulate data using various tools in Microsoft Excel, however I am interested in taking the next step in understanding data analytics. I believe that the importance of big data and management information systems will only continue to increase with time and that understanding data analytics is essential for companies to remain competitive across industries and markets. I think that having an understanding of MySQL and R will especially help me be more competitive in the job market and add value to my skill set. As a Risk Management & Insurance major, I realize that interpreting data will be important to understand how to set loss reserves, price certain insurance and reinsurance products, etc.

  • I am interested in week 4 when we start learning about SQL. This is because I know it will have a lot to do with my future. I have seen in a lot of job/ internship applications that a requirement is to have an understanding of SQL.

  • Primarily I am excited to solidify my understanding of SQL in a classroom setting. I already have a little bit of experience with it from free online courses, but there’s something to be gained from a formal education environment that I’m really looking forward to. More specifically I’m interested in actually applying it to real-world scenarios, or at least understanding how it can be used in the real world.

    As an MIS minor (Act. Sci. major) I feel that the most useful parts of this class for me will be the conceptual understanding of how companies data is laid out and the familiarity I hope to gain with SQL and to a lesser extent R. (though I am very excited to learn R, as I have no experience with it at all, but I’ve heard a lot of good things)

  • As a MIS major, this class is extremely crucial in preparing myself for my future career goals. I’m most interested in learning how to utilize the MySQL and R programs in order to build database systems. These topics are useful for my future because despite what career path I choose, these programs can help me analyze data and make better informed decisions.

  • The topics I am much interested in learning about are MySQL and R. Several business professionals I have talked to use these tools on a regular basis, which further illustrates their importance. Since this class is meant to prepare me for my future career, it is vital that I learn and understand how to use these tools.

  • Being an MIS minor I hope to gain as much knowledge as I can with MySQL and R because it can be helpful on a regular basis as a business professional. Having these skills and being knowledgable with these tools can help give me an advantage in the workplace. I look forward to broadaning my knowledge of information systems and knowing how they operate.

  • I am most looking forward to the class we start working with mySQL. I have never use it before so i am excited to try something new. I think learning how to make an effective and orginized data base will help me the most in the future.

  • I am interested the most in learning more about data mining. The concept itself makes me curious and I would really love to learn how businesses and government use these tools for their benefit. Understanding how big business and government agencies utilize these abilities is just as important to me as learning the process myself. It’s important to me because in our data oriented world, mining will become more of a requirement for finding and interpreting “everyday” information.

  • I look forward to learning about all of the upcoming topics because I believe analyzing data will be part of my career in several ways. As an MIS minor, I’m most interested in learning about MySQL and R because being able to use these programs will help me be a valuable asset to any company I apply for. Hopefully, after finishing this course I will be able to use data to draw conclusions effectively and efficiently!

  • I am looking forward to working with the database with both creating and updating the database and getting data into the analytical database in weeks 5 and 7. I think it will be interesting to see not only how the data is formed into the database but also the extract, transform, and load process. I think this will be a good way to see how data analysis is a necessary strength to have in the workplace.

  • I look forward to the opportunity to use software tools such as SQL to build databases as well as creating analytical data stores. These are opportunities to begin understanding how to add value to businesses by creating basic databases to organize data and how to analyze them. This will help my career to be able to discover trends in analytical data to be able to present valuable information to a managerial audience.

  • Data analytics is the game changer for businesses ranging in size from the tremendously large multinational corporations to the minute start up mom and pop shop down the street. Studying customer behavior and applying that information in order to increase revenues and minimize costs is a brilliant strategy for maximizing profits. This course will enable me to be a knowledgeable professional in regard to data analytics and how to apply the information to add value to ANY business. MySQL and other software I will be exposed to throughout the course is what I’m the most excited for as it will be an added skill and a resume builder. I am ecstatic to learn about how data analytics can increase market share and allow a business to grow, as in the future I would love to be able to perform the data analytics and resultant decision making for my own business in order to maximize its success. This course is very interesting in all facets, but my particular favorites are going to be those that I can apply in the future to increase my personal quality of life as well as the quality of life of the people I love.

  • Which topic(s) do you look forward to most, or are you most interested in? Which topic(s) do you think will be most useful for you in the future? Why?

    Topics that I look forward into this course is the MySQL and R topics. I’ve always been a big fan of computers and software such as mysql an r is very interesting to me. Something that I wanted to do is to develop my web computer skills but never really got around to doing so. Therefore something like this in the course could be the first step that I take into the computer world. As for most important topics, in my opinion I think that ERP systems and being able to interpret data would be the most useful. In data analysis it is very important to find out trends and figure out what pieces of data mean and turn that into information.

  • Hello Professor Gong,

    I’m most interested in learning SQL and how to efficiently select data. I think learning how to construct databases will also be very interesting and rewarding in the future. I’d really like to get a strong understanding of all of the topics covered in the course to help position me for the next stepping stone courses and also as a professional in the future.

    Thanks for reading!

    Best Regards,
    Corinne McCoy

  • Data is everywhere around us. I want to learn more about databases because businesses utilize data they receive to help better decisions. I look forward to get some hands on experience with MySQL and R. MySQL and R will get me more insight about how data are management, analyze, update, and process. As a future Accountant, I will need understand management, analyze, update, and process data from a firm’s databases. Almost all of financial information are now stored in databases. Being able to understand, manage, analyze, and make decisions on financial data collected, we benefit me in the future as Accountant and help my future firm make better decisions.

  • The topic I’m most looking forward to is Week 4, Getting data out of the database. The information we will learn seems very helpful and grasps my attention. The topics I’m most interested in is all the in-class activities. The in-class activities help me understand the material better. In my opinion mySQL and R will be most helpful in the future.

  • I am looking forward to learning how to create and update a database. In the future, I will have to create databases on my own so learning how to create and update databases will be very useful. I also look forward to learning about analyzing the databases. A database will not be important to me if I do not know how to properly analyze the data.

  • The topics that I look forward to the most are the ones where we actually get hands on experience with softwares, SQL , R and Excel. I find these topics most interesting as well because we don’t just study them traditionally by reading and memorizing but actually by doing. These softwares are also softwares that we may actually use in the future in our workplace, especially SQL and Excel.

  • I’m looking forward most to the “middle section” of the class, as outlined in one of the first lecture. I’m interested in organizing the raw data and then changing that into analytical data, because this is the most complex part of the fundamental process. I’m also very interested in data analyzing in general, being an MIS minor. Overall however, I’m looking forward to most everything this class has to offer.

  • I’m interested in learning in this class overall, but I’m especially looking forward to learning how to create a database and utilize MySQL software. Creating and updating a database will give me the knowledge I need to acquire to make successful business decisions in the future. In addition, using MySQL will aide me in analyzing data, which is a key skill employers look for. Data Analytics is a course that will be remembered.

  • I am looking forward to understanding mySQL and learning how to use it. I know in the future I will need to know the ins and outs of mySQL. This class interests me over all in many ways. As an MIS major I’m always looking at how data can relate and also how trends in data effect the business. I’ve played around with mySQL a little and I’m very interested in learning all the cool things the application can do.

  • I am most looking forward to attaining a better understanding of how SQL works. With such a large number of corporations utilizing this software to manage their data, having a working knowledge will better prepare me for my career. As a finance major, a large amount of work I will be doing in my career will involve using large amounts of data to find trends and make decisions based off of this, having the ability to pull and organize this data on my own through SQL will be extremely beneficial.

  • The portion of the class that I am really looking forward to is the middle and end of the course because I am excited to begin using MySQL and its full components. As an MIS major, also enrolled in MIS 3501, I have always greatly enjoyed the learning portion when I am able to physically apply my skills and knowledge obtained from the course to demonstrate how MySQL and other applications work. I feel like the training with MySQL and R will be very beneficial to me in the future because I feel that it will help me grasp fundamental concepts that I will need through the remaining two years of my major courses.

  • I’m most excited for the material covered in weeks seven and eight of the course, involving data visualization. I look forward to these because I know that they will be tools I will have at my disposal at a job. As an MIS major, I understand the importance of strong data visualization skills, and want to learn as much as I can about them so I can excel in the future.

  • I am looking forward to learning the applications SQL and R. Data analysis and management are key aspects in the IT industry. An in-depth introduction into the software can help me to better understand others such as Oracle and SAP. Also, I am particularly interested in schemas and how they are used to constrain data within different databases. Learning the formal language is another tool in understanding and mastering database management.

  • Because our technologically-driven world is shifting towards big data interpretation, it’s important that future business professionals are able to work with programs like SQL and R. I look forward to the creating, managing, and organizing of databases while utilizing these programs. I think the most useful topic in the future is being able to make better business decisions by studying the trends that the data presents, because efficient decision-making is key in terms of data analyzation in small, but especially large companies.

  • Hi Ms Gong,

    I’m interested in studying MySQL and Pivot table in Excel, because in actual positions related to data analytics, candidates with these skills are the most wanted. Also, as an mis major, these skills are the most basic skills for me to learn to approach to a higher standard of profession. However, the topics in this class to me are very useful, and it’s necessary to learn these things. I found this class very interesting and challenging.


  • I’m interested in the courses after 6week. Especially, I wanna learn data visualization and how enterprise decide based on visual tree. My major in Korea is Computer Science so I’m familiar with DataBase. What I want to learn is that how MIS make a decision and utilize the data.

  • As an MIS major, learning how to analyze and study databases seems to be the most intriguing aspects of this course. With the rapid growth of technology in today’s business world, the ability to analyze and process data into information efficiently and effectively is crucial, and being proficient in these skills is something that I believe will serve us well in our careers.

  • Which topic(s) do you look forward to most, or are you most interested in? Which topic(s) do you think will be most useful for you in the future? Why?
    I look forward to learning Entity Relationship Diagrams will be a good overall topic to learn because it opens your view on business and makes you realize that basically every kind of business, no matter the field uses it or something like it. I think that SQL coding will be the most useful in the future because I know from experience that if you are proficient in writing SQL than your overall job appeal will be greater.

  • I am interested to learn everything in the class but perhaps the most interested things I want to learn is MySQL and Pivot table in Excel. In the real world, people with these skills are in high demand in the data analytics field and to be successful I need to be an expert on these. That’s not to say everything else we learn isn’t going to be important. Everything I learn will only benefit me in my career so it is necessary to learn as much as possible. I am going to find this class interesting but at the same time provide me with a challenge.

  • I look forward to doing work with R and MySQL. I think that data management and analytics are very important in our data-driven world, and knowing how to manipulate and query databases is a very important aspect of that. I look forward to being able to organize and create databases from data-model through implementation, and to learning how to manage them using the things we will learn in class.

  • I look forward to creating and updating a database the most because I do not know much about the topic. My future career is gonna involve organizing data and keeping it up to date to ensure we are keeping a competitive edge so this knowledge is essential. However, I believe that data visualization will be the most useful for me in the future. Data visualization is important to my future because I am going to need to present data to my colleagues in a clear fashion.

  • I look forward to working with the MySQL and R programs. These programs are key in the IT world and will be extremely useful in my new future with MIS. Creating a database will be crucial in the near future, I’m excited to learn the proper way to a create database and use it in the business world.

  • I am most looking forward to learning more about pivot tables. Although I have learned about excel in depth in other classes pivot tables are not something I am familiar with. No matter where my career path takes me it will be useful knowledge.

  • For this class, the aspects in which I look forward to the most in learning would be understanding how to use Structured Query Language effectively and use it on databases on the platform SAS. I look forward to interacting with the class through discussion in order to understanding the facts in this course. Through understanding how organization of information works to be able to apply it into a database and structure it. I believe that understanding how to create databases and using SQL will be most beneficial in the future.

    • We will use R rather than SAS this semester. The basic concepts will be the same, but R itself is powerful and popular among data scientists and data analysts.

  • I am looking forward to working with and learning the basics of MySQL and R because I feel that mastering those two programs will improve my technological literacy. While both programs are used in the IT field today, they also have similarities to other either more complex or less widely used programs. Developing an understanding of them will set the groundwork to a promise career in IT.

  • The topics I am much interested in are MySQL and R. Because they are helpful for building database system. Whatever i will do in the future, the ability to analyse to the data and use the data are really important.

  • The trickiest thing about creating an ERD from a problem description the way it is worded. Sometimes I get confused from the way its but and thought it’s an entity and attritubes. My advice is to do an outline separating the entity and attributes. After that, figure out what goes where then use the ERDplus.

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