Instructor: Jing Gong

(Assignment 8) Error Installing the caret Package and Deadline Postponed

If you had problems downloading the “caret” package when running the script dTree.r, try a different computer.

Unfortunately, the computers in the Tech Center do not have R/RStudio installed. However the computer labs at Fox do have R/RStudio and seem to have no issue with the caret package (Thanks to Ashton Andrews for pointing this out). Here is the list of computer labs and hours within Fox:

Since the problem is a computer related issue and I am not sure if the labs are open on Sunday, I am going to move the deadline for the Decision Tree assignment to Wednesday, November 18 at 11:59 pm. It was originally due on Monday, November 16. If you have already submitted the assignment, there is no need to resubmit it.

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