Instructor: Jing Gong

MySQL Workbench Instructions

We’ll be using MySQL Workbench to create and execute SQL queries. That will start the week of September 21.

If you’re using a lab computer, you’ll need to configure a connection with your user ID and password. If you’re using your own computer (Windows or Mac), you’ll also need to install the software.

You can get instructions for how to do both of those things in this Quick Guide to MySQL Workbench. Use the guide to setup your software and connection.

If you’re installing this software on your own computer, I suggest you do it this early (i.e., right away; i.e., by the end of the second week of class)!

You’ll also need a MySQL username and password. I will assigned one to each of you, which you’ll find in the Community Site Gradebook (you have to be logged into the site for the gradebook to work).

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