Prof Patrick J Wasson, MS


MIS3501 Exercises will be posted here.

MIS3501 Exercises are to be completed (or at least begun) by students in class. Students who are unable to complete an exercise in class may wish to complete the exercise on their own, outside of class.

Exercises are intended to help the student learn, and students should do them. They are not, however, monitored or tracked. They are (usually) not a contributor to the student’s participation grade.

When applicable, exercises should be uploaded to the class server on or about the date of the corresponding class. The upload of exercises is not tracked / evaluated, but the upload process is an important skill for students to master.

1/16/2018 Unix Tutorial:
1/16/2018 Exercise: HTML-Exercise.docx
WebEx Video
1/16/2018 Exercise: exercise_1_1.docx
1/16/2018 Exercise:exercise_1_2.docx
1/23/18 Exercise: CSS-Exercise.docx
Start With:
Solution: css-exercise-solution
1/23/18 Exercise: exercise_2_1.docx
Start With:
Webex Video
1/30/18 Exercise: exercise_2_2.docx
2/6/18 Exercise: exercise_2_3
Start With:exercise_2_3
Solution: exercise_2_3_solution
2/6/18 Exercise:exercise_2_4
Start With:exercise_2_4
Solution: exercise_2_4_solution
2/20/18 Exercise: exercise_3_1
Start With: exercise_3_1
Solution: exercise_3_1_solution
2/20/18 Exercise:MySQL-Exercise
Start With:help_with_sql
Solution helpWithSQL-Solution
2/20/18 Exercise exercise_kickstarter
Start With:exercise_kickstarter
Solution: exercise_kickstarter – solution
2/20/18 Exercise: MySQL-Password
Start With: n/a
Solution: n/a
3/13/18 Exercise: n/a
Start With: PDO 1 – Companion to Lecture
Solution: n/a
3/13/18 Exercise: n/a
Start With: PDO 2 – Companion to Lecture
Solution: n/a
3/13/18 Exercise: PDO 3_exercise
Start With: PDO 3_exercise
Solution:PDO 3_exercise_solution
3/20/18 Companions to Lecture:

Exercise: PDO4_suggestionbox_functions_Companion to Lecture



4/10/18 Exercise: exercise_7_1
Start With:exercise_7_1
4/10/18 Exercise:exercise_7_2
Start With:exercise_7_2
4/17/18 Exercise: exercise_12_1
Start With:exercise_12_1
4/17/18 Exercise: exercise_12_2
Start With:exercise_12_2