MIS3504 Fall 2015 Section 3

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Grade Book Update 12/13/2015

The Gradebook has been update with:

Exam 3 Grade

Individual Team Project Grade (Team Grade 90% + Individual Participation Grade 10%)

Extra Credit  (Total additional points added to final course grade average)

Final course letter grade

Grade Postings update – 12/12/2015

I will be posting grades to the Grade Book in the next day which will include:

Exam 3

Individual Project Grade

Extra credit (if submitted by the deadline)

Final Course Grade

Look for a follow up posting indicating the grades have been uploaded to the Grade Book

Week 14 Class Agenda – 12/01/2015

Agenda for Class:

Team Presentations

Remaining 5 Teams will complete their project presentations

Non-presenting class members will complete presentation evaluations and submit for class participation credit

Review instructions for completion of Project team member evaluations

You should have already received an email containing instructions and dates in which you should completed the team member review

Between Wednesday, December 3rd and 5:00 PM on Monday, December 7th:

All team members will provide feedback on each and every team member by completing the form found at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RdxvK7SJ27R79YeQdVW3sfFBlkv8rmr2Zxg8swbNMOk.  They will enter their name, select their team from the pull-down menu and press “Continue”.

  1. For each member of the team excluding themselves they will rate their teammates on a scale of 1-10 to indicate the level of contribution made by this individual to the success of the project along with some brief feedback explaining why they rated their teammate this way.
  2. For themselves they should use the radio button to indicate that this is their name and they should NOT provide any type of feedback on themselves.
  3. Once feedback has been provided for each team member they will press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.
  4. Once feedback has been provided for each team member they will press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form

Team Project Deliverables:

Project deliverables are due by Midnight 12/1/2015

See Website link Team Project Deliverables for details

Extra Credit submissions:

Submission due by Midnight 12/6/2015

See Website link Extra Credit for details

Student Feedback on Course:

Student have until December 10th at 8:00 am to complete the survey

Exam 3 distributed

Place your name on the test question packet

Remove answer sheet from back of test question packet and write you name on it

Place you name on the case packet

When completed turn in all three parts of the exam



Team Project Presentation Order for Class – 11/17/2015



 Presentation Sequence  Team
 1  Silento – Team 12
 2 The Killers – Team 6
 3  The Rolling Stones – Team 8
 4  Muse – Team 14
 5  Backstreet Boys – Team 4
 6  Backstreet Boys Rewind – Team 15
 7  EMC Five – Team 5
 8  The Foo Fighters – Team 7
 9  Maroon 5 – Team 9
 10  Eagles – Team 13
 11  Coldplay – Team 11
 12  Red Hot Chili Pepper – Team 2
 13  Black Eyed Peas – Team 10
 14 The Roots – Team 1
 15  The Beatles – Team 3

Exam 3 Planning – 12/01/2015

Exam 3 planning

• The primary material covered in the exam 3 will be on the Design aspects of the course with focus on the topic discussions and exercises reviewed in Classes 8 through 11.

– Class 8 – Design

– Class 9 – Persona/Scenario/Prototype

– Class 10 – User Experience

– Class 11 – Reviewing Work

– Class 11 – Selling Your Ideas

• While the exam will focus on design aspects of the discussions, there will be references to the analysis tools (process flow, data entities and business rules) found in some of the questions and applied in the case portion of the exam.

• A review of chapter 6 in the text book and the class discussions on the analysis tools will also be helpful

– Class 5 – Process Mapping

– Class 6 – Data Mapping and Relationships

– Class 7 – Business Rules and Decision Tree

–  Class 12 – Summary  has a general overview of the course and the topics

• The exam has three sections: (all multiple choice)

12 question on general knowledge of the above subject areas (mostly on Design Topics)

12 questions based on a case review which is focused on data elements and there application in a mocked up design solution (Report Designs and Layouts will be included in the case material)

16 question on a separate case review which will focused on the identification / evaluation of business rules and their applicability to developing a potential solutions

To prepare for the question pertaining to the two cases in the exam, review previous case work assignments and practice identifying the key process steps, data elements and business rules that would be pertinent to creating a solution

Overall this exam will test you skills in analyzing the information supplied in a case an applying it to a solution

Final Team Project Deliverables

Team Project deliverables due on Last night of class 12/1/2015

Artifacts to be Delivered in final form:  (electronic via email required, hardcopy optional)

  • Project Scope Document
  • As is Current State Analysis documentation
    • Process Flow Diagrams (without solution)
    • Data Diagrams (without solution)
    • Business Rules
  • To Be Future State Analysis documentation
    • Process Flow Diagrams (reflecting potential solution)
    • Data Diagrams (reflection potential solution)
  • Persona(s)
  • Scenarios
  • Prototype Screen shots and JustinMind  (.vp) file
  • Presentation PPT file

See link on web site Team Project Deliverables

Week 13 Class Agenda – 11/17/2015

Project Presentation will begin:

Presentation order of the teams will be random order determined at the beginning of class

For the presentations each team should have a version of the prototype loaded on a laptop that can be plugged into to projector and an copy of the presentation available to be projected on second screen.  Would recommend email to a team member then access from desktop at the podium.

Please print a hard copy of the presentation and hand to me prior to beginning your presentation

Plan on 10 minutes to present and a few minutes for follow up questions.

Evaluation sheets will be handed out and complete by each student to critique the other teams presentations, this will be a class participation exercise.

Presentations not completed on 11/17 will be presented on 12/1.

All final project deliverables will be due on 12/1.

Project team member participation sheets will be completed on 12/1

Week 12 Class Update – 11/10/2015

Adjustment to Exam 2 have been reposted to the Gradebook

Summary of Changes to Exam 2 score

Question 15 – Correct answer A – partial credit of 1 for answer D

Question 27 – Correct answer A – partial credit of 1 for answer D

Question 31 – Correct answer D – Credit of 3 for answer E