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Week 9 – Team Project Assignment – 3/20/2018

Draft copies of your team’s As IS  analysis  defining the current state  of  your project topic


  • Swim Lane Process Flow Diagram
  • Data Diagram
  • Key Business Rules / Decision Tables / Decision Tree

The goal for this portion of the project is to use the analysis tools we reviewed in class to depict the current state of the problem / opportunity that the team has chosen to pursue.  Your team will have an opportunity to make adjustments to the documents and include the final copy as part of  the final project submission.

You may submit the draft documents to me at the end of class via email or in hardcopy form, please bring a printed copy of the documents to class or a laptop to present the documents in a peer team review session.  This will be a exercise where teams pair off to share each others findings and give feedback.

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