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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, December 2

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  • We met with our project sponsor and Courtney yesterday (Monday). He explained how his back-end developer is failing to meet his deadlines for coding despite the developer saying he can easily finish it. This will most likely affect our November 30th date for our project. We explained this to Courtney and she said that this kind of thing happens, especially when working on beta and first iteration web development. Our project sponsor also explained how he switched from hosting through Google to hosting through Amazon Web Services, which eased some of the back-end developing issues. We spoke with Courtney in detail about what goes into a transition plan and wrapping up the project. We plan on having a wrap up meeting with our sponsor next week.

  • This week our project sponsor explained to us that his one developer is still failing to meet the deadlines set, even though he continually states that it should be an easy task and would not take long to finish. We definitely will not meet our deadline, seeing that it was yesterday and the project is not completed. Our sponsor informed us he will be switching from Google hosting to Amazon web services to help with some of the issues. We are hoping to complete as much as we can before the end of the semester but are aware that our deadlines were not met and the project will not actually be completed.

  • We didn’t meet with our group this week. We’ve been revising our documents and getting them cleaned up. Our project will be done on time at this pace, we just have one test to finish up and then finishing up the write-up for the presentation. Even after the big bump, we managed to get back on track and things are looking great. Hopefully nothing surprises us between now and next week.

  • This week we had some issues with communication from the engineering team. The engineers are a little behind on building their prototype but it should be completed within the next few days. However, we have made progress in regards to the documents and are currently finishing up the rest of the documents we need to submit. We had a group meeting (project managers) earlier this week and we are having another group meeting today.

  • This week, we started to make the finishing touches to the project for at least the parts that we were involved in. I was able to finalize the work breakdown structure and review the rest of the documents. Additionally, we held our final meeting with our entrepreneur to review the next steps for him as he looks to get started on the development phase of the project.

  • Our team was unable to meet this week due to our entrepreneur’s busy schedule. She did message us with some of the progress that was made on the project. She officially signed on with a developer and they agreed on the finer points of the front end design of the application. Darpan and I began putting finishing touches on all the documents we plan on including in our final submission binder. We plan to have that finished by Sunday, when we will meet to go over all the documents one last time and discuss how we thought the project went.

  • This week, most of the PM’s time was spent working on the final deliverables binder. We have been trying to get all of those done in anticipation for the end of the semester. As we close out our project, we feel that our entrepreneurs have met almost all of our expectations. They completed 3/4 of their milestones and we have accepted their work. The final milestone has not been met so from that respect the project has “failed”, however we view this as a qualified success. They are now in a better position than they were at the beginning of the semester, and we feel that we definitely added value to them. As we complete the PM documents we will plan to turn them over to our entrepreneurs and come up with a transition plan for them moving forward.

  • This week, our entrepreneur was unable to meet with us at the last minute. We were suppose to go over the rough draft of our 5-year pro forma budget, and figure out the last adjustments we needed to focus on in order to be ready to turn the project over. We were forced to just share the documents over email and wait until next week to discuss our final plans. We are also working to finalize most of our documents in preparation of turning in our binders.

  • This week the engineers finished machining all of the parts for the testing apparatus. We also secured a day and a group to review the engineers final presentation. All that is really left to be completed is testing, finish the design documents section, and create meeting logs. The project is now in the final stages and really all that is left is just to tie up all the loose ends.

  • This week Kevin met with the entrepreneurs to touch base with what they worked on last week. They have a new Chief Technology Officer which is an electrical engineering professor. They are also exploring partnerships with two companies. Additionally, he is going to have his Kickstarter video made for free by a colleague. We are in the process of completing the project deliverables to turn in next week.

  • We still have not had any contact with our entrepreneur. This week we finalized all of our documents but I might make some last second changes after the upcoming in class studio day.

  • We basically just wrapped up and plan to work on the presentation this weekend, made sure it was seamless. I’m going to have one of my engineer friends to help me out since the other groups fell through. But, all in all everyone seems pretty ready and…somehow not too stressed out about it. So, all in all, can’t wait for wrap up meeting at maxis next week.

  • This week we ended up fixing loose ends on our documents and preparing our team binder for the coming weeks. The schedule, though tight, seems steady and on course for on-time completion. Hopefully we won’t have anything come up between now and then. Overall, we’re still chugging.

  • This week we were able to meet with our entrepreneur for the last time of the semester. We finalized all the documents and the entrepreneur also decided the logo of the app. And the name of the app changed back from “VIBE” to “XAVI.” We also talked about future steps of the project and we will continue help him if necessary.

  • we unable meet with our entrepreneur. However, most of our project is done on time. we have 4 goal, and we finished all of them except the website prototype. The website prototype is pretty good now, just need add more content and more sample products on it. Project Manager work hard with all the document we need delivery next week, but we will be fine!

  • This week, I contributed very little to the project. I attended our weekly meeting with the Engineers and helped discuss the work that remains for their project. I will work on the Final Binder every day until 12/12.

  • We had kinda last meeting with engineers to warp up their progress. Their part in the project is almost done, we have couple documents on going, will need their information to complete. Me and Alex start revising documents we have and coming up with ideas of the documents should be included in the binder.

  • It seems as though our entrepreneur made a lot of progress this week. The tech company has it’s first ever CTO in the form of an engineering professor so I think there could be some hope for the project moving forward, it’s too bad this didn’t happen before we started.

  • This week we did not have a meeting with the engineers, as they are hard at work assembling the prototype of the prosthetic hand. Communication has gotten worse over the past few weeks with them, they are slow to respond and don’t exactly give answers to the questions we are asking. The PM team and I continue to work on and refine our project documents ahead of the due date, we have sent some of the documents to Courtney for review and will likely send a few more in the upcoming week.

  • We did not meet with the engineering team this week, however we kept up-to-date on their current progress. Our focus is on finishing and putting together the necessary documents. We are still on time despite our tight schedule and everything should be completed by the required date.

  • This week we met briefly with our team to discuss the senior design presentation and did a test run of it. We critiqued the current presentation and made suggestions on things that should be included or excluded. We gave general advice on overall presentation tips to help improve the team’s presentation.

  • This was an exciting week for our team. Our HPV is fully constructed and in working order. There are still a few tweaks that need to be made to the HPV before the final submission, however, the completion of the vehicle has been a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. I was also able to spectate for some of the tests performed to ensure the vehicle met the necessary requirements they stated in their original plan. The PMs are still trying to edit and finalize the documentation and we plan on meeting to put together our final binder. We will also continue to work with the engineers to help them prepare for their final presentation and design document.

  • This week we worked on finishing up all our documents. We met with our entrepreneur and had our final meeting. In this meeting we discussed moving forward, lessons learned and got any progress updates he had to share.

  • This week we focused on getting Josh set up with a legal connection so that he can further his application as an LLC. A big focus for my partner and I over the last week was gathering all necessary documentation and deciding what we truly needed for our project and what was not applicable. Based on these assumptions, we are compiling our final binder as well as setting up a close for the project with Josh so that he can continue his project based on our work that we completed for his project’s success.

  • This week my group and I completed our drafts for our final documents. We also had a debrief (final) meeting with our entrepreneur, Tyler. We discussed any last minute progress updates, what we accomplished throughout the project, what is left, and what both entrepreneur and project managers could have done better.

  • This week we wrapped up our project and helped prepare our engineers for their presentation the following week. Additionally we compiled work completed over break to make sure everyone is on the same page and all the work is ready for the following week.

  • This week we spent time on allocating documents what was needed and what wasn’t needed. We are transiting the project into the closing phase as we get towards the end of the project. We asked our entrepreneur to provide us with a testimony with feedback on how we helped him in this project and his business. We are thinking about including this in our final project binder.

  • This week we wrapped everything up with our team. We had one final team meeting to discuss what we had accomplished so for and what is still left to be done for the future. The last thing we have now is to finish up all the documents for the final binder, and also share those with our entrepreneurs in case it is useful to them in the future.

  • This week we worked on finishing up our documents for the final deliverable. I wasn’t able to attend our final meeting with the engineers but everything seemed to be done according to plan.

  • Our project all came together over Thanksgiving break. We finished the prototype and completed load testing. We worked for multiple hours with the engineers to fine tune their final presentation and attended when they presented. Everything is wrapped up including the website and poster presentation. The only thing left is the design document which we are still working to edit.

  • Alex and I still heard nothing from Zahmir but really didn’t do much either over break. Alex found a great company that would give out a budget estimate if you want them to build your app. We decided this was a cool tool and would be a safe first step for Zahmir to take rather than stringing together development by himself.

  • The PM team was able to secure a contracted individual to create Will’s video for free, therefore not affecting our budget, which we are really glad about. Additionally, we amended our org chart to reflect an addition of a new CTO. We are hoping that this addition will help balance out the dearth of technological awareness, as it applies to the goals of the project. Kevin was able to poke some big holes into the concept and viability of Wil’s idea. However, because he does not work full time on the project, and is not able to provide full time feedback and affect the scope much, it will hopefully be good to have someone else providing Will feedback, even after the PM team leaves.

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