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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, November 11

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  • Fri Nov 11
    We are still having trouble locking in an agreement with a product manufacture to produce our first product line. This is a problem because we don’t have a product to sell customers. The goal is to have a product that will create revenue for our partners. The added challenge is that we don’t have financial means to go forward if our partners agree to do business with one of the manufactures. Maybe we there can be a consignment agreement that can be made with a business partnership?
    Our web-site is not up and running. We have a landing but the page is not functioning. Project Managers have provided Web-Developers that offered the skill set that was asked but our partners decided Freelance Web-Developers will work better. We have provided a list of Freelance developers that can do the work that is requested. We were just informed of the dollar amount that is acceptable to start and complete the web portion of our project. This helped to give our team a little more insight as to financial limitations and what is expect for the developer.

  • This week was fairly productive. We were able to get started on some of the major documents and finally start to piece together some of the information we had been given (being that our new official kick off meeting was only last week). Our project sponsor also realized that he only has us for a few more weeks and was really able to jump into some greater detail after that realization. We learned more about how long each task should roughly take so that we can move forward with a more accurate WBS and create a budget based off of the hours.

  • This week we made some good progress. Our project sponsor realized that our semester is ending very soon, so that made him open up more and get more detailed. We were also able to nail down task durations with him and were able to start a more detailed WBS and budget. We are finalizing a communication plan and change management plan.

  • We are in the homestretch. Almost ditched going over the MS Project schedule currently because we only have a few tasks that are basically “get done ASAP.” Because its hard for us to help them with scheduling now, I’ve offered to help them with anything that make it easier for them to succeed, so we have set up presentation collaboration with other engineer groups, and taken upon ourselves to complete a couple things for their project document including meeting logs and cost-analysis. We told the engineers to basically get done this one critical task first and foremost, utilizing the critical path idea, and suggested they scrap other parts that are not absolutely necessary in the interest of time. Still having trouble with them completing tasks before deadlines that are mutually set.

  • This week when we met with the engineers it was a little different of a meeting because everything is winding down to the end. Right now all the remaining tasks that need to be done are pretty much independent of each other. We agreed to help the engineers with their cost-analysis for their budget. They are starting to ignore set due dates and I think are scrambling a bit to finish the tasks that are critical to the success of their project. The biggest problem is that the testing equipment was removed from the engineering building that they needed for testing but they said that worst case they can just do hand written calculations. Overall the project looks like it will be completed on time.

  • This week I was unable to meet with the other project managers due to an exam. However they both met and discussed this weeks status update from the engineers. We are still working on finishing some of the documents. We are helping the engineers with their final presentation. We are trying to shorten their presentation time because they went over the allocated time in their critical design review. We are also trying to coordinate with other engineers and project managers to do a mock up presentation.

  • This week, our group was not able to get too much work done because our entrepreneur was busy with school and work, so no progress was made on that front. Darpan and I were able to update some of our documentation, including our work breakdown structure. Hopefully with the semester coming to a close soon, we will be able to secure a developer and begin making the application.

  • This week, the team made some progress towards finalizing the development team and the project timeline. After finding out the project will now need to be extended, we looked to make adjustments to the original schedule and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). We are still waiting to see what happens with the development team contract before we make revisions to the budget. Additionally, the logo is still being reviewed by the entrepreneur and some of his peers before we can make it final and start to make the branding guidelines.

  • This week, we were not able to hold our weekly meeting due to our entrepreneur being out of town. Although this is a bit of an inconvenience, we made sure to prepare for this over the past few weeks. We began focusing on our pro-forma budget goals for this week, and we have established an optimal line of communication in the event that we need to get in touch during his trip. We look forward to meeting next week and continuing our progress.

  • We continued to work on documentation this week although alarmingly our entrepreneur has not been responding to our communication. We also never received last weeks research update that she said that she would send us. Hopefully next week we can get back in contact with her, get an update on the status of her research, and get things back on track.

  • This week I reached out to our Entrepreneur to see if he had any updates on his progress, and depending on that, whether or not he is able to meet with us. We are still in need of more information from him and he wasn’t able to accomplish anything yet. We are hoping that within the next week he solidifies his ideas and plans so we can hold a productive meeting next week. There is still a large portion of organization that is needed to move forward and be able to deliver anything at all.

  • This week we did not really make any progress. Since the entrepreneur was really busy with school and he was not able to work on the project as expected. We are expecting a contract from the development company on Monday. We will revise our WBS and budget after we get more details from the development team.

  • This week we have a phone call meeting with our entrepreneurs on last Sunday night, we give our entrepreneurs some task s for this week. Our entrepreneurs working hard to catch the deadline, it’s makes us very happy. This week we improve our webpage prototype and add 10 more potential artisans to our list. Our entrepreneurs continued drafting of the policies and procedures document, everything is on the good directory.

  • This week we learned that the entrepreneur we’re working with has yet to reach out to the web developer I connected him with, setting back our project timeline. We’ll have to revise our work breakdown structure to account for this. Since there was no update on the project, we simply exchanged messages this week. Hopefully Will will get the copy and images for the website so that part of the project can progress.

  • This week I was unable to attend our weekly meeting with the Engineers. However, I did continue to review the Engineers’ documentation to complete our own documentation and help them with their final report submission.

  • This week I was not present for our weekly meeting. However, I was informed about the updates on the progress of the project which appears to still be on schedule to be completed by the deadline. The programming work has been completed for the most part and now the only major tasks involve creating a demo, writing documentation, and testing.

  • This week we did not meet up. Currently, our engineers are just waiting for our test samples to finishing preparing. They have specific times for when we will be able to test them. Our next testing day should be this Monday and Tuesday. The goal is to finish testing by the 21st of November. We’re currently on schedule but we have zero buffers.

  • This week I attended the engineers group meeting and was able to get a better understanding of their status and timeline. They are still testing, and are likely to complete final assembly by the middle of next week, allowing them time to complete final testing on the completed prosthetic hand. I also assisted in some grip testing.

  • We had to change our schedule around a little due to the lack of availability of our welder and the late arrival of some of our parts. We are able to move some things around and use the fast tracking method to compress our schedule. If we stay on track with our new plan, we will still be able to hit our milestones.

  • This week Kevin and I met with Courtney to discuss our progress report and the status of the project. We decided to focus on the deliverables since they will be our grade for the class. We have worked with Will and tried to help him succeed in his project but at the end of the day, he calls the shots and will do whatever he wants. We will continue to work with him and ensure that it is within our scope.

  • Last week, our project engineers ran into a scheduling problem with the welder. Our team knew that this may occur so we created a large enough buffer that we could offset any hiccup in the project like this. Another problem we ran into was that some of our parts are not going to arrive on time so we will have to adjust the overall schedule a little bit in order to stay the course.

  • We have finally received a response from our entrepreneur in regards to his progress. He apologized for his delayed response and discussed the progress he made. His is making further progress with his connections and is meeting new individuals that can help his project. He originally agreed to have a draft of a business plan completed in a week but he requested a longer time because he needs more market research. We are a discussing another time to meet so we can assess his tasks and needs.

  • This week we received a response from our entrepreneur in summarizing his progress and future plans.One of the main tasks we agreed upon was for him to have a draft of a business plan completed in a week. However, after attempting it, he requested a longer time because he needs more market research. He explained to us that he was sorry for his delayed response. He has made further progress with his connections and is getting to network with individuals that can help his project. We have requested that we another time to meet so we can assess his tasks and stay on top of what progress he is making.

  • This week we made necessary changes to the WBS as the changes were mentioned by Josh. We also began projecting dollar figures Josh will expect to spend and calculated his growth and expansion over the next few years along with discussing goals for Josh after we are done this semester to continue his business growth. Our goal for next week is to provide Josh with the application to fill for the legalization process. Some of the issues we ran into this week were, we missed the weekly update meeting with Josh since he was ill and marketing efforts were not as expected as Josh was ill.

  • During our meeting, we spent some time discussing actual dollar figures with Josh to allow him to see how much he should expect to spend within a year, 5 years, and potentially 10 years. We really want to spend the upcoming week pushing Josh to begin the legalization process to guarantee that his business growth can continue without worry or hassle. Given that Josh was ill, this process was slightly delayed and the idea for the coming week is to get him started back up.

  • Not much has changed this week. We met with the engineers to see if any issues have arose since last week and they didn’t have any. We are still on pace to finish ahead of time.

  • This week we had to make adjustments to our schedule because of the limited availability of our welder along with some parts arriving later than expected. Thankfully, these concerns work into our buffer time which will allow us to stay on track and as long as there are no major setbacks, we should still be able to meet our necessary deadlines.

  • After my partners, Kevin and Jonathan, met with Courtney, we decided that we cannot have much control over certain variables within Will’s projects (holding him accountable is a really tough concept for us). As a result, after having met and discussed amongst ourselves, we decided that Jonathan and Kevin should focus speaking to Courtney about being more efficient at the things we can do, which happen to be the investor portfolio comprised of the documents such as project charter. We believe doing a great job on these documents will bring a sense of legitimacy to Will’s project, as he is all over the place and doesn’t have much structure, even though he does a lot. To give Will something to show to potential investors, we believe that the investor portfolio will show potential funders that Will has a fully thought out idea and is constantly aware of the triple constraints of a project.

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