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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, November 18

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  • This week we were finally able to meet as project managers for a few minutes to determine what still needs to be done and how we can get it done. We were able to meet with our project sponsor again and get some more in depth answers from him on timing of some tasks and some updates on the actuals for each task. However, our project sponsor has advised us that he wants to make changes to the majority of the project. If the changes are too large, Courtney has said we may have to cancel the project all together and just do the documentation up until this point.

  • This week we met as project managers and were able to set our plan for the rest of our project. Unfortunately, as soon as we were done doing so, our project sponsor informed us he wanted to make changes to the majority of the project. If these changes are outside of our scope, we were advised by Courtney that we might have to terminate the project.

  • I got a chance to follow-up with our entrepreneur, Mateo Rhodes, this week. It seems as though discussions with the development team have not been too good. However, he stills wants to go with this team due his personal relations as well as lower prices. Additionally, we had a meeting with Courtney which I unfortunately was not able to attend. I was able to discuss the speaking points with Will before the meeting, and review the discussion notes after.

  • We almost get into the final part for the project and another PM in out team did make some contributions in terms of documentation.
    Engineers will finish all testing by today and start drafting the testing part in their paper. we will also have couple extra meetings with engineers to warp up all documents and other deliverable finalize the submission.

  • This week we made very little progress. Communication with our engineers still proves to be a challenge. The testing phase of the project will be ending soon, so hopefully they will reconnect with us when they have to go through documentation. Over break we (the PMs) plan to work on our documentation to review with the team when we reconnect after break. We met with Courtney this week, and she said the lack of progress is normal considering how far away our engineers seem to be and recommended we keep working on our documentation.

  • This week we finally got our entrepreneur to begin the application for the legalization process for his business. By submitting this, we can move forward to ensure that he has enough finances and the proper documentation to move forward and become a legal entity. The entrepreneur postponed our status meeting to Monday because he wanted to focus on his application, which we walked him through as he submitted it. The other PM and I spent some time ensuring that we have a lot of the documentation ready for the final project binder and began touching up any documents that were not up to standards. Our goal is to have the majority of our documentation ready for submittal after break.

  • This week our engineers finished all but one of their machinations. The preliminary part of the design document is also done, now we just set a quick, tight schedule of how the days are going to go when we get back from break. We are in the homestretch. We’re still trying to plan an exact day for presentation collaboration with other engineers, but doing that, offering help for meeting logs, and for a schedule for their document, seems to have really bolstered their appreciation of us. I think its important to, even past expressing your value for keeping them on schedule, to sometimes go the extra mile to help them so they can buy in.

  • This week we met with our engineers and had to discuss pushing a few of the scheduled tasks forward due to more time needed welding. Overall the project is working out as scheduled and there aren’t any oversights thus far in the project. As we boil down to the end of the semester, we are making sure that our project has all the PDDs and other documents needed for final submittal.

  • This week our engineers made a lot of progress. They only have one part left to machine. We are still in the process of determining when we will do a joint presentation review. It’s looking like it will be the week after break. As a team we have divided up some work as far as our documents to do over break. We went over risks with the team that can arise in these past couple weeks and went over what we would do in each case. The schedule is kind of tight moving forward and there is no buffer left, but the engineers have been working hard to finish up their project.

  • This week, we finally got the dialogue moving again with our entrepreneur. We met as project managers and structured what final goals and tasks we expected of him. We communicated to our entrepreneur that we had a couple tasks on our radar. We wanted him to convey his progress on his business plan. We also asked him to discuss in detail his process and metrics for the market research he is conducting. Lastly, we asked him to convey in his perspective what goals he has for the end of the semester in regards to the connections he has been making. We agree to meet up in person again after thanksgiving break.

  • Met with Will and his colleague last night to talk about progress with the project. He has not done anything related to software but has met with some people who are willing to partner with him and work on the hardware and the software. He will be dedicating next week to working on the software prototyping and a lot of the work for the website. I am aspiring to meet with him in the last week of November with good progress being made the week of Thanksgiving break

  • This week we finally got some responsive information from our entrepreneur. We weren’t able to meet before break to discuss his tasks and networking progress. In an email, we requested updates on the what was “market research” is needed for him to complete his business plan and how long it will take him (requires deliverable deadline extension). We also requested he tells us what his networking updates are with his connections. We also asked him to convey what his goals are for us for the end of the semester because his progress has been slow and seems to be changing. The PMs and our entrepreneur will be meeting after fall break to further discuss.

  • This week our group made significant progress on the project by establishing detailed terms about how the application will look, how long every step will take to complete, and how much it will cost along the way. This is exciting because the developer we are going to be working with is very knowledgeable, has a strong track record, and understands what has to be done so we are ready for each step along the way. This masks some of the deficiencies our entrepreneur might have because she is a first time entrepreneur and sometimes seems lost and unsure of what we need or how to proceed. The project will slow down over thanksgiving break because we won’t be in school and will not be able to meet during that time. We plan on meeting as soon as the break ends.

  • This week our entrepreneurs have made good progress on their assigned tasks. They have added more artisans to our contact list and brought the total to about 90. By next week this list will be completed at 100 artisans. On the policies and procedures document they have did more work on the first draft. Ling and I will receive the document this Sunday and provide feedback on how to edit it. The website prototype is moving along, and a few pages have been completed thus far. Mainly all of our time and resources for the rest of the semester will be dedicated to the prototype. We will be having a virtual meeting this Sunday and will plan out the course of action for work over Thanksgiving break.

  • We are moving toward the end of our project. Our entrepreneur is meeting with the development team and he is about to finish the list of bars. Hopefully we can get updates of the project over the weekend. We also had a meeting with Courtney and talked about our project status and how can we continue to help our entrepreneur. We are also going to meet with our entrepreneur to finalize the documents.

  • This week we unable to meet our entrepreneurs, but I believe they are working hard with the politics and procedures documents. Hope we will get the first draft on this Sunday. This week we added 10 more artisans on the artisans list, we just have 10 more left for completed the 100 artisans list. We also worked on the webpage prototype home page for this week, I really like the home page, looks great. Next week we will complete the artisan list and edit two more webpage prototypes.

  • We made great progress this week. We made up for the week before that was not as great. We are on schedule and have the rest of the build scheduled out.

  • This week, I focused on reviewing and critiquing the engineers’ Preliminary Design Document. Although this is not required, reading their report gave me more insight about the engineers’ project. It has been difficult to get an idea of what they’ve been doing otherwise. I will use this information to complete the documents that we will use in our Final Binder. Hana and I also met with the engineers. We discussed their progress and what needs to happen next. The Final Report is their biggest deliverable remaining.

  • This week we finished all of our documentation. I finished the project charter and created our risk management plan. We still however, have not had any contact with our entrepreneur. After break we will finalize all of our documents and schedule a final meeting with Lauren if we can get back in touch with her.

  • This week all of the project managers met and put together a list of final deliverables we need to work on and refine over the next few weeks. We also began work on some of the documents we felt we were missing from this list. The engineer group appears to be making good progress, and although the did not finish a prototype by the scheduled date they are still making good time.

  • This week we did not meet as a group. However, we have already mapped out the schedule for the remaining tasks that needs to be completed which will allow us to stay on schedule after the break.

  • Last week we made good progress with our entrepreneur on his 5-year proforma budget.
    We were able to hold our weekly meeting and got a lot of good information from him. We look to have the rough draft completed by the time we meet after Thanksgiving. We should be in good shape to close out the semester and transfer the project over to him assuming we stay on task!

  • We didn’t meet as a group this week due to fall break and the Thanksgiving holiday. We planned a schedule that we will be following after break so that we don’t lose focus nearing the end of the semester.

  • We had a meeting with our entrepreneur and his partner. There aren’t any updates directly related to our project but in he has made some project in the form of finding people to partner with. The entrepreneur has promised lots of progress over Christmas break.

  • This week our team was able to make great progress. We were able to pick up the slack from last week and are getting ready for the final push of the semester. Our project looks like it will be completed on time and we are working to start finalizing our documentation.

  • We did not meet this week as a team because the tasks for this week were laid out at a previous meeting. This planning will allow us to stay on schedule over break. We hope to be ready to wrap up the project in the weeks following Thanksgiving break.

  • This week our entrepreneur was set that he wanted to legalize as an LLC and be began applying for the process. Our status meeting was postponed to Monday because he wanted to focus on applying and taking to the lawyer. We spent good amount of time documenting for our binder as well. We have most of our documents ready before the break so we can focus on finalizing them after the break.

  • Having not heard back from our entrepreneur, Alex and I continued to update scope, charter, risk, change & communication plans, as well as devising a schedule for what Zahmir would need to tackle if he plans to tackle developing his app internally. We’ve been creating all these documents to the best of our ability, in hopes of giving our Entrepreneur some type of groundwork to organize when the time comes.

  • We are on schedule with the deliverables and software side of the project (software that Kevin is directly working on). We are worried about whether the things/ideas we’ve worked on, which we think will add value to Will’s project, will be carried on when we leave the project.

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