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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, November 4

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  • Our project is finally underway. Our sponsor finally got his first iteration of the website up, so now we manage the development of the second iteration. We had a meeting with him yesterday followed by a meeting with Courtney. In our meeting with the sponsor we broke down goals and milestones for the next 5 weeks of the semester. We also spoke about setting up a new communications plan for him and his front end and back end developers based upon the degree of change and who can approve what degree of change. In meeting with Courtney, she expressed the same excitement we have regarding getting underway, despite the limited time we have left this semester.

  • We have been able to finally get started on our project. The first iteration of the website has gone live and we are now able to learn about the changes needed for the second iteration. Our sponsor was able to break down what he is looking for between now and December and we were able to send him some of the existing documents we had. Courtney has asked we meet with her more frequently as the project starts to come together.

  • This week our engineers ordered the parts they needed and completed their design. As of now there are four more parts that need to be machined. Two of those parts, the end cap and the housing, should be finished by next Wednesday. For the PM’s we spoke to another group working with engineers to see if they would be interested in practicing presenting together and they said they will run it by their engineers. The damning mechanism is on hold until testing is done which will be done when they’re done machining but that is really the only reliant task. As of now the project is on schedule to finish on time.

  • Our engineers finally focused on schedule efficiently. We decided several tasks last week, and we have the meeting with them on Wednesday as check points. They’ve achieved almost all. And we set up another weekly schedule for following week. Also we are now working on a monthly schedule since there is only one month left until the project due. Me and Alex are also working on deliverables and project binder. Still the other manger didn’t show much contribution, hope he can catch up our progress.

  • This week, I was away from school for most the week; therefore, I was not able to contribute much to the team. I was able to follow-up with my team to get updates on the status of the project. The major milestones that we wanted to accomplish by December 1 are looking good. Although the development team has given a longer timeline than originally anticipated, we are still extremely optimistic about the project. Additionally, I revised the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to align with the current state of the project.

  • This week our team decided to revise our scope to reflect the lack of time left in the semester. We agreed on more realistic objectives that we can meet by December. Due to this, we had to go back and adjust our WBS. We are currently still working on the new WBS, but I am confident that it will be a lot more organized and give us a better idea of what we need to do going forward. We were not able to meet this week, but we received our entrepreneurs work from last week via email. The next few days will be spent reviewing last weeks work and making plans for next steps. We have a scheduled team call for this Sunday so we will make that sure we discuss the new scope (and WBS) changes, and are all on the same page moving forward with our new project schedule

  • This week, our team had a meeting where we re-established some more realistic goals for the end of the semester. Although it is disappointing to not accomplish everything we initially planned to, we are able to spend more time to make sure we can reach our adjusted goals. Also, our entrepreneur had a meeting with a lawyer this week to determine if she actually has to incorporate in order to sign documents that allow the development of the application to begin. This will be brought up at our meeting early next week. Finally, our group edited various documents to reflect our shift in goals for the semester.

  • We didn’t have a team meeting this week although we were in communication with our entrepreneur via instant message. Our project seems to be mostly on the right track, we’ve settled on using hours as the metric for tracking the progress of our research. Our entrepreneur is going to send us another research update so that we can continue to budget time and make sure that the research is coming along well. Next week I’m hoping to get our risk management plan mostly done and have another team meeting. Other than that my only real concern is that our schedule is still pretty simple, but if our entrepreneur is satisfied with how the research is going I guess that’s okay.

  • This week we finally got to meet up with our team again. We talked about the changes that have been made and how it affects our schedule. I updated the project schedule for the team and now all we have to do is do weekly testing. I also decided to try my best to find all the information we had on our actuals. For the most part, we have all the actuals but they’re just scattered through our emails and group text messages. Our main risk looking forward is guaranteeing lab time.

  • This week we met with our project sponsor to go over the rough draft of the budget. We seem to be in good shape, and noted a few more aspects we need to cover before turning it into the final version. we will not be able to meet in person next week due to travel, but we hope to move on to our next objectives.

  • This week we are starting to worry a little about the availability/time that our welder has (he is the president of the race car club and has been very busy). We have been looking for a backup welder but have had no luck. Our frame is ready to go, but we cannot move on to assembling the final prototype without welding the last bits to the frame. Since we are not welding certified, we are not able to weld. We still have two weeks left in our buffer before our schedule is compromised, so we are putting more pressure on our welder and getting everything else done that we can. We met with Courtney and she had some good strategy ideas.

  • This week the PMs met to start integrating our budget within Microsoft Project. We worked on that while also going over what else needed to be completed or revised in regards to our documentation. Our team had some concern about the welding that still needed to be completed. The welder who has been working with our team has other obligations so his time is limited. We still have buffer time in our schedule so we do not need to panic yet, however we will continue to press the issue to ensure the welder is aware of our deadlines.

  • This week, I began reading through the documentation the Engineers have completed so far. I am using their documentation to create our Scope Document. Hana and I were unable to work with the Engineers during their initial design planning, so now I am creating our Scope Document based off of the decisions they made earlier in the semester. It would have been interesting to participate in the Engineers’ scope planning, but unfortunately, that did not happen. I also began helping the Engineers edit their documentation this week. I am editing their documents for grammatical mistakes and ambiguous wording. Even though helping the Engineers edit their documentation is not our responsibility, I have decided to help them nonetheless. This way, I can learn more about the Engineers’ project.

  • This week we did not make much progress. Our entrepreneur had to schedule the meeting with development team. And we are now still working on the list of bars that will be included in the mvp. However, we are looking good on the goals that need to be accomplished by December. And we are planning to update our documents with the current status of the project.

  • This week we did not meet with our entrepreneurs, but we have a phone meeting on this Sunday, discuses some problems about webpage prototype. We have a big movement this week, our entrepreneurs reset our goal on December based the time we still left. So we need reschedule our WBS and redo some work. Well, this week our entrepreneurs work hard and delivery 30 more artisans list on time, makes me very happy.

  • Our schedules have been conflicting. We are having challenges to get everyone together on the same day, so Andi was able to meet with our partners to communicate what criteria will satisfy development needs. We were able to establish an amount to allocate for development. We were able to gather a list of requirements that our developer should have to satisfy expectations. Now we are creating a new list of Freelancer Web-Developers to complete our site.
    In addition, we are trying to get a product manufactured to sell to our customers. This has been challenging and requires many meetings for our partners. Our December deadline is quickly approaching and we are concerned about finding $50, 000 in funding to produce, manufacture and distribute the first product.

  • This week our meeting was very brief. We learned from the engineers that they were able to get the industry sponsor to talk with their advisor and was able to get them both on the same page in terms of deliverable expectations. This is very good news because earlier in the semester, there were conflicts regarding what is expected as the final deliverable. As a result of this, we will be able to understand how to better allocate our resources until the end of semester.

  • This week we had a very short meeting. We discussed and scheduled tasks for this week. We also took a look at the remaining time and laid out our tasks so we will complete on time. In addition, we spoke with the advisors to discuss a miscommunication in deliverables and overall project goal. Now that this is straightened out we are nearing completion.

  • We have not made any progress since last week since our entrepreneur has not responded to our last two emails.

  • Our project is in the midst of testing, with only one minor issue causing concerns. This week I continued to revise project documents, specifically the project schedule and Work Breakdown structure as I (slowly) receive more information regarding tasks and assignments from the engineer group leader. So far the project appears to on schedule and should be complete well before the deadline, leaving time to refine and practice the final presentation.

  • This week was pretty slow. Will did not accomplish too much of the deliverables. Will said that his project did not win the Innovation Idea Competition and that he will be spending this coming week on the website and JustInMind prototype.

  • This week we were not able to complete much. Our entrepreneur has not responded to any of the emails we have sent him.

  • Last week, we continued updating documentation to accurately reflect our project demands. Our entrepreneur was able to gain some shelf space at a local New York Bookstore where he will be allowed to store and sell some of his work. This is giving him a large market exposure outside of Philadelphia and will hopefully bring in future potential authors and customers. He also came to an agreement with us based on what type of business he wants to legalize as. We are leaning towards an LLC to avoid some of the risks associated with a sole proprietorship. We missed our weekly meeting last week due to scheduling conflicts but we plan to have a meeting early in the coming week.

  • Last week, the team continued along the critical path of the project and we have been updating documents along the way. It was a very slow week but we have been making progress with regards to the completion date.

  • Not much happened for our Entrepreneur this week and Alex and I are still working on drawing up proper templates for documentation and filling in as needed with our updated goals and tasks. We still need to develop a better schedule in order for our Entrepreneur to accomplish his goals more effectively.

  • This week we got the results from the innovative idea competition. Our project didn’t win but we learned that the entrepreneur we’re working with was going to receive feedback on his submission, so this will give us something interesting to consider as we continue into the final weeks of the project and help Will prepare for the Be Your Own Boss Bowl.

  • This week me and my partner expanded the project’s budget to account for Josh’s expected growth with the number that he would like to spend. Josh also was successful in getting a shelf space in the bookstore in Brooklyn, NY. We also finalized on the type of business Josh would like to legalize as: LLC. Our goal for next week is to make changes to the WBS as Josh mentioned couple minor changes to the project in the weekly update meeting over the phone. One of the issues we are facing is the we do not have enough information in order to apply for the legalization of the business. We recommended Josh to gather all the required documents and we will help him through the process of applying.

  • We had a brief discussion in our meeting this week. The engineers informed us that they were able to get the industry sponsor to talk with their advisor in order to reconcile final deliverable expectations. This took care of an earlier problem that we encountered during the project where the two stakeholders had differing opinions of what the final presentation should accomplish. Now that we are all on the same page we know what the engineers need to focus on as we wrap up the project.

  • This week’s meeting helped shed insight on to the BYOBB phase of our three phase project scope. Will got feedback on his submission to the competition and we will use that feedback when preparing the business plan template and subsequent business plan for Temple BYOBB. The storyboard and canvas for the BYOBB is something we need to get a head start on. We must find a way to somehow make Will more accountable for some of the deliverables we put on the scope.

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