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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, October 21

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  • My group is unable to move forward with the majority of our project. Our project sponsor still will not allow us to help him or even talk to us about what he wants our help with until the first iteration of the website goes live. It had an original go live date of labor day, and has had 5 more unsuccessful go live dates since then. We are unable to do most of our documents and at this point have to begin the one page summaries for our binder as opposed to actually working on the project.

  • My team overcame an obstacle when the advisors started infighting over how to do the testing for our project. We have now smoothed out the kinks and the advisors (tentatively) agree that there should be some changes to our testing, but nothing that pushes the testing back. We still have to finalize these changes with the head advisor, but we found out some of the things he said during our preliminary design review were only to look good in front of the independent advisor. Not sure what that means…we are also behind on paperwork because we were frantically working to correct our testing procedures so close to the last day we could start. We have to play catch-up now, which will be hard.

  • This week our group had our first meeting with Courtney (since she was off last week) and our group got off to a late start. The meeting went very well and I think she will be a big help to our group. We also met with the lead engineer and got some useful information from him along with clearing up some previous issues. One of our project managers went to the engineers weekly meeting. Our project managers also met as a group and discussed what needs to be done.

  • This week we met with our team of our engineers and discussed their critical design review. They said that the need to do more calculations on the damper. They are not going to order the clamp because the price was out of their budget. Instead of running a test flow of simulations they are going to do the calculations by hand. Machining the new piston shaft is currently underway and should be complete by this weekend. Right now the most important thing that needs to happen is the review of the design of center sleeve housing. Once this design is given the go, the machining of the sleeve will not take long. The engineers are bringing their sleeve design to their professor to review this Friday (today) and we should know later how it goes. Once the sleeve is done the project will continue to progress on schedule.

  • This week, our group encountered our first big bump in the road. Our entrepreneur was going sign a contract with a development company to start making our website. But after talking to a lawyer, she found out it would be illegal because she is not a US citizen. Instead, we have to form an LLC with a partner who is an American citizen. This shouldn’t be a problem for long, we just need to hammer out some technicalities with our potential partner. This should only delay us a week or two. Also, our entrepreneur is now unsure is she wants to continue with the original development company because they are so expensive, are inexperienced, and take almost 5 months to complete it. We have made some suggestions, but are waiting for our entrepreneur to make a decision.

  • This week I met with Courtney and discussed the layout of our project and we seem to be moving at a good pace. A goal that we had was to set up a standard meeting time the reoccurs each week to ensure that we have a weekly meeting that works with everyone’s schedule. My partner and I updated a lot of our documentation in our central location and began sharing it with our entrepreneur so that he can see our progress and provide his input. Our entrepreneur is making great progress in marketing his name and our goal is to get the business legalization process initiated to ensure that he runs into no issues as his growth accelerates.

  • Unfortunately Lauren was not able to make it to our scheduled meeting this week, however we were able to make some progress on the project charter. We also completed the RACI chart. Next week we need to meet with Lauren so that we can gather the information that we need to complete the charter and insure that the project is on track. I am also planning to revise our scope document next week. Finally we need to start working on our budget. There is no money involved in our project at this point because our entrepreneur is in such an early phase of her idea, so we are going to focus on budgeting time.

  • We are making progress on our vehicle and staying within schedule. We had a successful team meeting this week and also met with our engineering advisor. Two of our engineers do not speak english as their first language so we were able to edit their design document (that they had a large part in writing) before they submitted it. We were also able to help fill out some class documents (charter, etc) that our engineers needed to submit for class.

  • This past week was pretty smooth regarding our project. We held our weekly meeting with the project sponsor, where we were all able to get up to date on the standing of the project. We addressed all areas regarding the budget that we were concerned about, and we are working to finalize our rough draft of the budget which we want done in two weeks. My partner and I also held a meeting with Courtney, which was nice because my partner wasn’t able to join on the last call. Courtney was able to give us some better direction on our work and we are now waiting to hear back from her with some feedback on a few documents we sent to her.

  • This week our team hit its first major issue. The entrepreneurs on our team (who do this project as a side job) told us they were unable to do any work this week because they were too busy with other things such as work and classes. No work was done on their end this week so any buffer time we may have had I believe is gone now. Ling and I worked on some of the class deliverables such as the RACI chart – and we also began working on the website prototype in their absence. Next week we hope to hold a face to face meeting with the whole team and introduce new tasks and next steps of the project.

    Ling and I also came up with the idea of splitting the project into 2 sub-projects and taking things from there. Each entrepreneur will be assigned to one of the sub-projects and then one PM will be assigned to manage each of the sub-projects respectively. We think this will help get the execution moving quickly and more efficient. – also make it easier to hold entrepreneurs accountable for their tasks. Keeping an open communication channel between the team will be vital for this to succeed.

  • This week our group met with the engineer systems leads as a team to discuss the hierarchy of the WBS and schedule. The meeting may not have seemed too productive since we did not decide on anything concrete, but it was a conversation that needed to be had. We will meet again next week for 2 to 3 hours with as many key stakeholders as possible in order to finalize decisions. We will then meet with our individual systems leads to gather deliverables, tasks, resources, and dependencies.

  • We have had a lot of progress this week but are at a bit of a stand still currently. Our entrepreneur has hinted to us that he has made a lot of progress and we reached out to him to meet with us and fill us in on everything. He hasn’t confirmed a time for us yet but we know that he has had a lot of important meetings this week so we are excited to hear the updates on his goals.

  • After our huge setback from the prior week, we met up later this week to give our team the time to talk to the direct advisor and clear things up. We are switching our design to meet the feedback we got from the design review. Currently, we are waiting for the final ok on the design. If our new design gets approval then we will still be on time and have the resources we need, but we will have no buffers left.

  • My group is unable to move forward with the majority of our project. Our project sponsor does not want us to work on anything until the first iteration of his website goes live. We have now been waiting week to week since his original go live date of Labor Day. We are therefore at a standstill, and have been since the start of the class. We are still trying to create a sense of urgency in getting him to get his website up so we can plan the second iteration for him. For now, all we can do is work on the summaries for what deliverables we have.

  • This week we got some updates from our entrepreneur. The app name changed for Xavi app to Vibe. And our entrepreneur found a great developing team. The developing team say they need about 3-4 months to get the app ready. But our entrepreneur still needs to talk to the developing team to determine the contract and costs for them doing it. We are planning to meet our entrepreneur again next week to talk about the updates and next steps.

  • my group is unable to move forward due to the miscommunication with our sponsor. it’s hard to reach out with them due to they are super busy. So Nick and I decided doing something for them. we working on some delivery like RACI chart and stakeholder chart. the most important thing is we build a webpage prototype. hope the prototype can give them more understanding about how the prototype can help.

  • This week we had to shift our meeting day from Monday to Wednesday, giving the engineering team time to talk with their adviser about the current state of the project. We found out that the extent of the apparent set-backs from the previous week was better than we initially thought, however we are still waiting for their adviser to give the “Ok” for their modified proposal. If it gets approved, then we will be able to get back on track; though because of our current predicament we lost much of the buffer time we had set up.

  • Our project is making great progress so far. We had our weekly meeting with the engineers where we went over some documents with them that they needed to complete. We also met with the advisor for our group where the team discussed some changes that needed to be made within the project. The project managers are continuing to work and revise our necessary documents.

  • This week, Hana and I spoke with Courtney. We discussed some issues we’ve been experiencing with the engineers, namely that we created a schedule with them, and then they didn’t follow through with it. I planned to meet all of the engineers on Monday to discuss the scope document, project charter, etc., but only one of them showed up. Then I tried to work with the engineers on the same documents this (Friday) afternoon, and they completely ignored me and started lecturing about project milestones. They failed to recognize that Hana and I have been trying to discuss their project milestones and much more with them during this whole project. I feel very disrespected, to be quite honest. They don’t appreciate how much work we’ve done to try to help them, and they don’t understand that this project is about more than their final grade. It’s about our final grade, too.

  • Last week, we set up the weekly schedule for engineers and check the progress this week. We asked what they want to achieve and organized as schedule. However, when we had meeting this week, we figured out that engineers over estimated what they could achieve, so they couldn’t follow the schedule they came up with.
    We then scheduled an extra meeting on friday and decided to set even smaller schedule, so they can follow and we can manage efficiently.

  • This week, I was not able to spend too much time working on the project; however, I did follow-up with Mateo and Will regarding their specific tasks for the week. Mateo made progress by finding a development team that has given an estimated time frame of 3-4 months. Additionally, after getting several opinions, he has decided to rename that app to Vibe. Will got a chance to speak to Courtney regarding the state of our project. He also was responsible for working on the few documents. I have started to slightly refine the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) as we move further into the project.

  • This week we got our engineers back on track and started looking to finalize some documents. We finally got the hang of balancing responsibilities and I think communicating when things go wrong and also when we were not able to meet was key in that. Still worried about how the Gantt chart looks because a lot of the scheduling and tasks are volatile.

  • This week our landing page for the company website was up but not functioning. The complexity of expected functionality is creating challenges. Our partners have been working on funding relationships and have not been available to meet face to face. We have been corresponding via email and phone calls to communicate with them. Not having a product is a barrier that we need to address. The goal is to attract awareness to their social media platform, transfer those followers to the web-site and then convert those clients into paying customers. Again, the challenge we are faced with is that there is no tangible product to sell. We are providing industry information to capture attention on social media.

  • This week we had a pivotal meeting with the lead engineers. We worked with them to clarify some difficulties we were having with the work breakdown structure. While we made some progress, we were all struggling which I believe was a good experience for our engineers to see a little bit into our process. I ran the meeting along with Ben Shaffer and Eric Koeck. We will be following up with individual leads to further populate the phases and activities.

  • This week our entrepreneur has expressed to us that he has made great progress. He had dinner with two of his connections, one from HSM (potential investor). He expressed it went well, but our group has experienced a delayed response with him. We will continue to reach out to him and hopefully discuss his progress this weekend.

  • This week we met with the engineers to discuss the plan from now until the end of the semester. We were able to see that they were ahead of schedule in terms of the development of routing schemes. The majority of the project now consists of testing and running metrics to ensure it works and documentation. As the project managers, we helped the group with establishing project timeline and the milestones for their documentation. Additionally, we will be reviewing the documents that is written to see if it is clear and concise.

  • In the team meeting this week we went over the schedule for the rest of the semester. We discovered that we are ahead of schedule in regards to the development of routing schemes. The remaining focus will be on testing, getting metrics, and documentation. Our engineers have asked us to review some of their documentation so as they focus on testing and getting metrics this week we will be reviewing and making suggestions to their documents.

  • This past week our team worked to clear some of remaining hurdles to the project. I started to work on a rough draft of the work breakdown structure and project schedule after finally receiving the necessary information.

  • This week as a pretty good week because the project managers met up with Will and presented a proposition to him regarding focusing on the software application for his watch. Our scope consists of the software as opposed to the hardware and we want to be effective project managers. We recommended that he should have a bare-bones application, website, and documentation necessary to enter the Temple Be Your Own Boss Bowl (BYOBB). We were also able to establish a consistent time and place for meetings on a weekly basis.

  • This week the team nailed down a project scope. Previously we struggled to define scope because the project our entrepreneur is working on is huge. We also set up a more rigid schedule as far as meeting and introduced Trello as a complement for Microsoft Project. Trello will allow everyone to see tasks in a digital format, provide a platform for the entrepreneur to track progress, and introduce a process for requesting changes in scheduling.

  • On Thursday, Ben, Eric, and Derek met with the systems leads to discuss organization for the WBS and schedule. They didn’t reach a final consensus, but the meeting was helpful to highlight the fact that the engineers also struggle with the best way to organize everything. We will be setting up a long meeting with as many PMs and engineers as possible to finally make some decisions and regain some momentum.

  • After presenting to Will, he agreed to our suggestions. As a result, we sent him a finalized scope, which he signed off on. We were also able to establish a finalized work breakdown structure that reflects the new goals we established. The PMs also began using Trello to keep track of progress on different tasks.

  • This week my team met with Courtney for an update on the project. She recommended us to consider having weekly update meetings with Josh (Entrepreneur) in order to accomplish set goals by end of the semester. We updated some documents for the project and uploaded them on the google drive along with sharing them with Josh. Our goals for next week are to continue updating the documents and give Josh the advice regarding legalizing his business. One of the issue we are facing this week is timing for the weekly update meetings with Josh. All three of us do not have time to meet each other at the same time so we are considering phone meetings.

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