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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, October 28

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  • Our project has been on hold for the entire semester because our sponsor wants us to manage the second iteration of his website, all the while the first one was not launched (it was supposed to be launched by Labor Day). Well, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, just yesterday, our project sponsor emailed us informing us that the first iteration went live. We now need to meet with him in order to revise the schedule because we now only have a month or so left of the class. We need to set some milestones and work to make them happen.

  • Our project so far seems to be tentatively on schedule — testing is underway and the shakiness from a couple weeks ago seems to have settled out. Team is feeling good about their progress and are about halfway through testing. We got final signoff from all the advisors, so hopefully no surprises are ahead of us from advisors anymore. Still have used all of our buffer, so we have no breathing room anymore. We are keeping a close eye on the progress of the project.

  • Our project is going very well so far with regards to the schedule. We are working hard to complete the frame on time and we have started creating the final design document. We are feeling good about our position in the schedule and our buffers are working perfectly. One thing that I have been working on week-to-week has been the overall work schedule on Microsoft Project which helps us keep the team on track.

  • Our project is going good. This week the engineers machined their piston shaft which was the part that broke a few weeks back. We spoke to the engineers about having another team of engineers help them practice their presentation. They thought it was a good idea and now our job is to find another team with willing engineers to work with them. Continuing on with the project, the engineers have to finish up some documents and the major part for the engineers will be the redesign of the final two components. Right now the only up in the air thing is if the component needed for testing will be available.

  • Earlier this week, our project sponsor finally announced that the first iteration of the website has gone live. That being said, we are now planning to meet as project managers to discuss how to move forward. Additionally, we will begin setting up our milestones now that the sponsor will be willing to share information with us on how he would like to proceed.

  • My group and I met up with Will, our entrepreneur who was able to achieve a lot this week. He filed paperwork for his LLC and obtained a domain for his website. He is going to be working on the software of his watch in the upcoming week as well as the content for the website. He is split on trying to achieve a lot because he is working on hardware and software. So far, things seem to be on track and that what is in our scope is going in the right direction.

  • My partner and I met with our entrepreneur and discussed furthering his legal process for his business and continued to go over the pros and cons of each legalization option. I want to further the research of the legal business set ups before fully moving forward and we can reconvene at our next meeting with updated and additional information. We also discussed a potential budget with our entrepreneur and he provided us with a figurehead for us to work around based on what we expect his monthly and annual costs will be as he continues to grow.

  • This week we met with the lead engineer to smooth some issues out we were having. He was very helpful in giving us the information we needed. We also brought up doing mock presentations with other engineering groups and project managers and he agreed it was a good idea and that they would be interested in it. The project managers met twice this week as a group to really go over what we still need to complete and to go over some documents. One of our project managers will be sitting in on the engineers group meeting next week since we were unable to this week.

  • Upon meeting with the entrepreneur this week, we were informed the name of the app was changed from ‘Xavi’ to ‘Vibe’. Therefore, I revised the first version of the logo and sent it to the entrepreneur for review. Additionally, we followed up with him to see the status on the development team as well as price range that we can work with to set the budget. The development team has been found, now he is in works of negotiating the pricing deal with them. Thereafter, we will adjust the budget and finalize it for the remainder of the project.

  • This week Ling and I as the PM’s tried to keep our project on schedule, although there was some resistance from our entrepreneurs. As a whole our team has been having some issues communicating because of our entrepreneur availability. We have been pushing them to work on a website prototype because we think that it can greatly improve the likelihood of achieving our end goal – and it is in the WBS we agreed upon in the beginning of the semester – but we may have to revisit our scope. As our project is falling behind schedule, we will need to reevaluate expectations and revisit the scope and make sure that we can achieve more realistic goals by December.

  • Our project is going well thus far, despite a small issue regarding the size of the 3D printed hand (its too small for Nitinol components), but it is a minor issue as now they have a test hand for temperature tests. 2/5ths of all testing is complete, and 3/5ths should be by next week, putting the group on schedule for completion by December. I volunteered to sit on the engineers weekly group meeting next Monday to make up for the fact that none of the PMs were able to make the meeting with their faculty adviser this week. I have also (finally) completed a rough draft of the work breakdown structure and project schedule, and hope I can work with the engineers to implement it into the final month of their project.

  • Not much progress has been made this past week for our project. We expressed our concerns to our entrepreneur about how expensive the developer is, which she ended up agreeing with. We are in the process of finding another developer that has more experience and isn’t going to cost as much. We aim to set up meetings with more developers for next week. On the bright side, we are almost ready to officially form an LLC. We have found a suitable partner and just need to file the articles of organization, which can be done by our lawyer.

  • Our project is continuing to (slowly) improve. We finally have gotten our entrepreneur to provide us with weekly updates that tell us how much time she is spending working toward our research objectives. We can now start creating a budget. Our goal for next week will be to continue to get more information and hopefully begin to set up some metrics so that we can track the progress of our research and complete our project charter. I think we might able to do this using time just like we are with the budget.

  • This week we did not get chance meet with our entrepreneurs. last week we have a not good communication between each other. entrepreneurs don’t trust us, and they also don’t want to listen our advices. they agree with the work breaking structure we made, but now they don’t want follow it, and they have their own plan and start doing their plan without asking for our help. They are keep working is a great thing, hope they will add us to their new plan in the future. We will try our best to reach out with them and give useful advices to win the trust.

  • This week, I helped draft our project budget. I found an app that the engineers are now using to track their hours. They can export their hours at the end of each week. This way, we can better gauge what the engineers are doing and how much time they are spending on the project. This data can help us with scheduling in the future. I also attended our weekly meeting and discussed the Project Charter and Scope Document. I now have the information I need to complete those documents. I also helped Hana create the engineers’ schedule for next week.

  • This week we had another meeting with our entrepreneur. We were informed that he secured the development team and is negotiating the price and trying to set up a contract with them. As the project moving on, we are going to revise our budgets and WBS next week. Besides approved the logo for the app that was designed by Mohit Patel. Now he is waiting for the other person’s design of the logo and chose one form them.

  • This week we didn’t get to meet up due to conflicting schedules. Our team has begun to make samples but said it was different than our original plan. There is a bit of confusion about where we are exactly because of our inability to meet up. We are also a bit behind on documentations because our main priority was trying to make sure the project was still on track and approved. We plan to meet up next week to catch up on documents. Afterwards, we will meet up with our engineers and work to revise our schedule.

  • Our project is going surprisingly well and we are within our schedule. We have had a few issues, but have been able to meet up and resolve them as a team, only having to bring the advisor in a few times. We’re in the final stages of our build and hope to remain on track.

  • After the turbulence of previous weeks our team has managed to get mostly back on track. We lost all of our buffer and are working on a tight schedule. We were not able to meet this week due to scheduling conflicts which has resulted from the start of testing for the engineering team. We will be using this weekend to catch up on the required documents that we have yet to complete. We will attempt to resume meetings next week and finalize a revised schedule to make sure that the project remains on track.

  • This week we were not able to meet due to conflicting schedules. Despite this, we were able to receive updates on the progress of the project and it appears that we are still on track to complete the project ahead of schedule. This extra time will be used for more testing and documentation work before the project is submitted and presented to the advisor.

  • We made significant headway on our project by having all of the PMs and Leads in a room together to hash out the WBS + dependencies. We worked with the engineers through this process so that they find the structure and breakdown useful. They also taught us what is important to them as far as status, dependencies, and progress goes. I spent most of the meeting documenting the pilot WBS for Suspension + Chassis, which are highly interdependent. We then translated that template to the other systems. Next steps are translating this into a project file with resources, duration, and effort.

  • This week we were able to get updates from our entrepreneur, Tyler. He told us he met with his connect, Russell, who also connected him with a women from the HSM school (potential investor). He will shadow and further conversations with this women sometime next week. They are all very excited about his product. We also went over goals and our scope with him to make sure everything was still aligned with both PMs and entrepreneur. At the end of our meeting, we decided to send Tyler a list of tasks and deadlines to complete by our meeting next week. Hopefully this method will work better by creating a sense of urgency.

  • This week we put deadlines in place for our entrepreneur’s upcoming goals to keep him on track for the project deadline. We met with him to talk get updates on his meetings with the schools that are interested in his technology and refined our scope to reflect the new developments. We also set up an introduction for our entrepreneur with a former BYOBB winner to help him get a better understanding of what the BYOBB process is like and what he should expect.

  • This week the entrepreneur my group is working with gave us the plans for his website several days ahead of schedule so that was very good. I passed along the proposal to the web developer who will be making the site and it was well received. Otherwise, there were lots of developments on the business side of things. Most of it was outside of our project scope but we’re now well on the way to forming an LLC which also represents progress. I’m also building a small piece of software for the project and that is also on schedule.

  • This week we are still trying to find a Web Developer to create and maintain our web page. After finding out our partners prefer not to use the developer that created our landing page, we are trying to find another resource still.
    We have not been able to obtain the quoted $50, 000 in funding yet but we have identified possible investors and channels for grants. These relationships have not yet been confirmed yet because we are waiting for our partners to go over the list.
    This week we received noticed that we may have meeting with a product manufacture who created a prototype for our product. This is a milestone for our team because we did not have a product to sell to our clients. This will allow us to focus on converting awareness into possible paying clients.

  • We have a meeting scheduled from 12-3 on Sunday. All 5 PMs will attend, and 5 of 6 leads should also be there. Our progress really stalled this week because until we make decisions about organization and structure, we can’t continue working on the WBS and project schedule, which pushes back the rest of our deliverables.

  • On Sunday we had a very productive meeting where all PMs and Systems Leads were in attendance. We finally agreed on how to set up the Work Breakdown structure and project schedule while also gathering dependencies. The next step is to gather the resources and time estimates.

  • This week we were able to accomplish a lot. The two main tasks we accomplished were getting updates from our entrepreneur and putting more deadlines in place.He told us he met with different people he had connections with and possibly a potential investor. The connects are interested in his project. We also connected him with someone familiar with BYOBB so he could better absorb the whole process. The meeting closed with sending our entrepreneur a list of goals and deadlines to complete by our next meeting.

  • This week, we met with our project sponsor and are preparing to present our rough draft of the start up budget next week. We held a meeting with Courtney, who gave us some pretty good feedback on our draft so far, and also offered to give us another resource for our research.

  • Our project is continuing to move along well. The team is looking to complete the construction of the frame, which should be done by the deadline we set for that task. So far we are on track with our schedule and look forward to continue making progress in the coming weeks.

  • This week we were able to reorganize and zero in on acquiring business licensing and drawing up application requirements and plans for what our Entrepreneur will begin to build. He is still working on securing licensing and trying to map out exactly what is needed for him to move forward. We hope to gain some ground with these goals in the coming week.

  • This week me and my partner discussed the pros and cons of different types of businesses. We are more leaning towards the LLC type due to it securing personal assets of Josh in case the business goes bankrupt. We discussed a budget for the project as well along with the initial cost Josh started the business since we were not involved in the project when the business started. Josh made an effort to reach out to a bookstore in Brooklyn, NY and place his product there. One of the issue we faced this week was the Tuesday meeting did not take place and had to reschedule it which delayed one of the task.

  • Our group was not able to meet due to conflicting schedules. However, we did speak to the engineers through our commication channels and we are in agreement that we are still on pace to finish ahead of schedule. The extra time that we have will be used for additional testing and documentation efforts.

  • Our group was not able to meet due to conflicting schedules. However, we did speak to the engineers through our communication channels and we are in agreement that we are still on pace to finish ahead of schedule. The extra time that we have will be used for additional testing and documentation efforts.

  • During our meeting with the entire project team, we were updated to a lot of progress. Will completed filing his paperwork for registering as a LLC. In addition, he was able to secure a domain name, for which we had allotted a budget and recorded accordingly. We were also able to come up with a roundabout to the requirement in his class to either (1) obtain a patent or (2) having funding income. We thought that if Will were to file for a patent, knowing that it would be denied after having been told so by law students at Beasely, he would buy time for the semester to pass. As a result, he would have met the requirement for having a patent, since it would be denied after the semester had already ended. Kevin was able to speak to this requirement, and doing so, I believe helped Will to trust our judgement more.

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