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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, October 7

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  • This week, Mo and I spoke with Courtney about our project’s progress. I explained that progress has been slow and disjointed. Courtney told us to update our communication plan, and she suggested that we continue to stress that we are a valuable resource to our engineers. So far, only one engineer seems to appreciate our help. Hana and I met with 2 of the engineers. We both focused on getting the information we need to create a formal schedule. I helped them plan how to create the PowerPoint they need for their Critical Design Review.

  • This week, we talked over the phone with our Entrepreneur and discussed the budget for the project. He is going to update us on a firm budget once he gets all of his expenses together. Our next step is to do some research and update our Entrepreneur on opportunities that would help him market his product and service along with building a network. We are trying to gather all the documents together on which we worked on so far and have our Entrepreneur check them to ensure we are on the right path with this project.

  • This week, I got a chance to meet with our entreprenuer to discuss the progress of the project. He is well ahead of the intended schedule. The only major task that we will no assist him with is securing a development team and working out the budget for that. I will be helping him with branding (i.e., logo inception, branding guidelines, etc.) to promote and protect his app.

  • This week, my team had to rework our ideas because our sponsor changed his idea. We also had a few setbacks because our sponsor is having issues with their domain name. Our sponsor insists we cannot move forward until the first iteration of the website goes live. Aside from this, we have been able to begin scoping our project and begin creating a communications plan that our sponsor can share with the rest of his team. Another struggle we have been facing is that our sponsor does not really want his partners/team to be involved with us and our meetings but we find that we need necessary information from these individuals.

  • This week, we made a lot of progress on our schedule, narrowing the task packages down with more specifics. We met as a PM team and were able to make a lot of headway on finalizing a lot of our documents using information from our team meetings. The following day we had a full team meeting and were able to review these documents and overcome a few challenges that our engineers are facing with workload balance and team member participation. After a team review of my draft, I created a final version of our change management plan.

  • This week, we had our first meeting with the Engineers since we got to a late start. We had clear objectives of the meeting. We started working on the project charter, scope, schedule, and work breakdown structure. All of the project managers have also met as a team to discuss how we are going to divide up the work and to get feedback about work that has already been done.

  • This week, we were unable to meet with the engineering team due to conflicting schedules. During testing, the engineers broke their shaft which is a vital part to their project. They are unsure how much this will set them back on the schedule, so we are planning on adding an additional meeting to see what tasks will need to be moved around while the shaft issue is addressed. We communicated this week using Google Forms, in person meetings are definitely much more beneficial for communication. Our main goal this upcoming week will be to see what tasks need to be moved around and how much (if any) time we have been put behind schedule.

  • This week, our group of project managers met to make more headway on some of the documents we need for our project. Also, we discussed some of the difficulties we are having because our entrepreneur does not have much time to dedicate towards this project. We are also having problems with solidifying a scope and what is included in this application. We plan to address all of these problems at our next team meeting next week.

  • This week I was able to hone in on the project schedule and create a useful draft that the team could hold deadlines and track progress on. We had a project manager meeting on Wednesday where we were able to discuss the vision of our project and what documentation we had to continue to work on. On Thursday, we met with the engineers to go over progress and discuss what problems they were running into.

  • This week, we held a phone conference with our entrepreneur and discussed his business status as well as some additional objectives that we want to include within our project. We gathered some additional documents from him as well as discussed a budget and planning for incorporating this budget into the project. The project managers are continuing to conduct research to help our entrepreneur network his business as well as begin the legalization process. Our main priority is getting ourselves in order where all of our documents are in a central location so that we can start our execution process.

  • This week during testing, one of the parts needed for our engineers project broke. This will end up setting us back weeks but since we kind of set buffer deadline, this should be okay. We also could not meet in person this week, so we met remotely. I feel like getting our engineers to be very open and communicative when something happens has been a good thing, but I also feel like I haven’t been updating the MS Project as much as I should be, and I feel like maybe we do not meet enough to truly provide value for them. Will have to see how this goes going forward.

  • This week Kevin and I had a meeting with Lauren. We got some more detail about the scope of the project and are planning to make a more detailed comprehensive schedule and deadlines. Next week we need to finalize our scope document and project charter. After that we can work on completing the more detailed schedule and find out how else we can help Lauren with the project. Going forward I think we need to work harder on improving communication even more and getting on the same page as far as our short term goals. My main concern at this point is that our sponsor does not feel like we are providing enough value so going forward we need to better explain how we can help while continuing to narrow down our scope.

  • This week Alex and I worked further to form a communication system that would allow us to most effectively collaborate with Zahmir, since having to deal with commuting issues and unavailability for in person meetings. Other than text and e-mail to try to gain better ideas of Zahmir’s mission, I created a google drive folder and added the documents we have been working on thus far. This will obviously allow all three of us to edit as needed and add personal input. Next week we need to finalize a multitude of information with Zahmir as he hasn’t been very available the past two weeks to consult. We definitely need to finalize our scope, project charter, work breakdown structure, as well as further complete our change & risk management documents. Many ideas are up in the air but we hope to have the opportunity to a have an in-person, collaborative meeting next week to solidify tasks, scheduling, and concepts, or we will start to fall behind.

  • It feels good to have a project to actually manage, I guess the third times a charm! My group and I met with our project sponsor and our project management coach this week. Our sponsor wants us to manage his second iteration of his website. We are still held up because the 1st iteration of the website is still not released, so we cannot do a specific work breakdown structure (only a more generic WBS for now) for the 2nd iteration of the website. We also discussed the importance of a communication plan and are currently working that out.

  • This week my partner meet with our entrepreneur again. Due to conflict schedule, I did not make to the meeting. He is really passionate about the project. We have finished the prototype and moving to the next goal. The problem we are having is hard to find a development team. And I will be assisting him with landing page with all the resource I have.

  • We were able to clarify a lot of questions this week that have been stalling progress on our project schedule. TFR is a large project with really technical components, and creating a project schedule has required a lot of back and forth between the PMs and engineers. Ben has been a great addition to our official PM team because he’s been able to facilitate these discussions. We finally settled on a structure for our WBS so that we can lay out the tasks to be completed in each phase across all systems. I’m planning to meet with my system lead again on Monday to clarify information in preparation for a team meeting on Wednesday.

  • this week we unable meet with our sponsors, but our Project Manger Team got together and review the artisans list that is our first task for our sponsor. We give some advices and help search some information about those artisans. Besides, due to our communication management plan is done, our sponsors want meet us every two weeks. That’s not enough to follow all the tasks, so we give sponsor a weekly report and set a deadline for it.

  • This week we met with our engineers and figured out how long our tasks would take. We’ve started a rough draft of the project schedule and we let our engineers know the latest they have to get started on their first task. I assisted by asking questions about the dependency of tasks so that they could figure out what order tasks should be done to have the most buffer time. We figured there’s currently 2 paths they could take and will start as soon as they receive the last of their resource materials.

  • This week, my partner and I were able to hold our weekly meeting with our entrepreneur. We have been pretty fortunate to have a good line of communication and consistent meeting schedule up to this point. We were able to discuss/work on a few of the documents that we hoped to complete. We also discussed some difficulties that we had with research for our budget. We are hoping to get a lot of progress done between now and next meeting because there will be a week coming up that our entrepreneur cannot meet with us.

  • This week, we worked on refining our documents. I focused on the budget and the project schedule, making sure that the schedule included all aspects of our scope. We also checked in with our entrepreneur to see if he made any progress in reaching out to potentially interested schools for his software. He was able to contact one school, but no meeting has been set with them, and he set a meeting for this weekend with a contact from another school. We set a meeting for this Sunday to talk about the next steps in the conversations with the schools and what we need to do to prepare for the Be Your Own Boss Bowl.

  • At the beginning of the week our team met and discussed the time the required tasks would take. We talked about when the engineering team should get started on their work, however we are still waiting for all of the required materials to arrive before they can begin. A rough schedule was created using MS project to give us a glimpse of where we are and where we need to go from here. Some of the times aren’t very accurate and we hope to finalize them during our next meeting.

  • This week our team made great progress with our documentation. I specifically worked on our communications plan while other team members worked on their assigned documents. We then met as a team to review all document drafts and finalize any changes we thought needed to be made. Thursday we were able to meet with the engineers to go over our progress so far and discuss any challenges they were facing at the time.

  • This week was very hectic for all team members due to midterms. Ben was able to meet with TFR President Jon Petrina to gain a better understanding of expectations and confirm the project scope. We met as a team of five project managers on Friday to discuss progress and the work breakdown structure. We assigned responsibilities for the risk, change, quality, and communication management documents and set due dates for first drafts. We also agreed to have our individual work breakdown structures done by Wednesday in order to create a master WBS before confirming with system leads.

  • This week, we all worked individually on revamping our documents. I focused on the risk management plan and the communication plan. I wanted to take into consideration for the possibility that the original people he was working with may not be interested anymore. We also connected with our entrepreneur to see what his progress was in reaching out to possible interested schools for his software. We set a meeting for this Sunday to talk about continued steps, to share our revamped documents, and prepare for the Be Your Own Boss Bowl.

  • Our team was not able to accomplish much due to the busy exam schedule this week, but we did take care of some more deliverable revisions. Ling and I spent a couple hours reviewing our “Hook PowerPoint” – which is to be used as a first round email blast to all potential strategic partners. We felt that the PowerPoint our team created needed work, so we wrote down some things that the team may want to consider revising, and relayed the feedback to the rest of the team. Last week, we assigned a bit of work to be completed and we reviewed this also. Our team members were tasked with creating a list of roughly 30 potential strategic partners and provide some detail (mainly contact information). Ling and I spent a small amount of time looking over this list, and we were impressed. Over the next few weeks we plan to get this PowerPoint to a better position, and develop some presentation strategies so when we get interest from strategic partners we will be prepared to present our value proposition to them. Acquiring strategic partners remains the main focus of our project, so as the project managers we are looking to make sure that the team knows what needs to be done in order to accomplish this.

  • This week we were able to find out that the engineers had their submission approved by their advisor. This is significant because it allows us to move on with the project so we are currently on track with our project timeline. Since this week is their CDR preparation week, the engineers was focused primary on creating a presentation for their senior design project. Because of this, there was no tasks for this week other than preparing for the CDR review and presentation.

  • This past week we found out that our engineers’s submission was approved by their industry advisor. This is a very big accomplishment for our project because now we can continue with the schedule we had planned out as our “best plan”. In addition the engineers had to present this week so they did not have any other tasks.

  • This week I spent created the scope for our project and finalized the project charter. I am having a stronger understanding of the project and needs of the entrepreneur. We also reached out to the entrepreneur that week to discuss his progress in reaching out to his connections. This Sunday, we will compare documents to make sure they are all correct and also reach out to our entrepreneur to discuss the BYOBB competition preparation and further conversations with connections.

  • I was not able to attend the team meeting this week due to a work obligation. However, I did catch up with the other PMs to how the meeting went. I was pleased to hear that the engineer’s proposal was accepted by the industry advisor. This is a very significant accomplishment because it allows the rest of the project’s timeline to stay in tact and on schedule. Other than that the engineers have used this week preparing for CDR week, so their only task was to get their presentation ready for their senior design project.

  • This week was pretty productive for us, the project managers, because we were able to complete deliverables such as a tentative work breakdown structure, risk, quality, and communications documents. The reason why we have a tentative work breakdown structure is because Will, our entrepreneur, is uncertain what he wants to do with his company. We will be working with him to help guide him in the right direction for the end of the semester and beyond.

  • This week we created documents for our project including a work breakdown structure, risk management plan, quality management plan, and communications plan. Unfortunately many of these documents will most likely have to be revised. We’ve been struggling to define scope because there isn’t a clear path from where we are now to the end goal our entrepreneur continually reiterates to us.

  • This week, Jonathan and I worked on: risk, change, quality, and communication management plans as well as an outline for the work breakdown structure for the project. There are gaps in all of the documents, since a lot of the information still needs to be filled in based on Will’s project and the scope. Working with Will to identify a scope has been a bit difficult, because he takes meetings with multiple people and organizations and we don’t always know beforehand. The result of those meetings determines the overall progress of his projects because it secures potential funding/expenditure of budget (for example, Will constantly meets with students from Tyler and the engineering department to help with various components of his project). It will be challenging to get Will to let us know of all of his meetings beforehand so we can account for them.

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