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Personal Journal Entries for Week Ending Friday, September 30

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  • This week my team met with the entire engineering team and we finalized our charter and scope. We roughed out a WBS and set up a schedule for us all to meet during the semester. We found out they had made progress with their materials, and they had lab dates in mind. They went to their advisor to set up a date for their Design Review in October. Some issues are that the materials are still not here yet and need to be here to start testing, which is the bulk of the work for this semester. We also need to get timeframes for all of the tasks that they gave us.The biggest issue is that their contingency is too low to be effective; we need to find a way to raise their budget to account for it.

  • This week we received an additional project manager on our team which has been extremely helpful in brainstorming ideas and diversifying the group. This week our entrepreneur also changed his idea of what he wants our help with so unfortunately we had to scrap all of our existing documents and are back at square one. We have more meetings set up with the sponsor to discuss the new idea and the direction he would like to take it in. The new idea has a set completion date for November 30th which will help us to create a work breakdown structure starting from that date and moving backwards.

  • At the start of the week, my team and I were able to meet with the entire engineering team. We discussed the progress that they have made with their project and what plans they have for the rest of the semester. We worked out the dates for several important milestones, such as the Design Review in October, and smaller milestones such as lab dates. During our meeting, the team was able to purchase the necessary materials going forward, however we expressed our concern, as the PMs, for their budget. We found that the remainder of their project focused on testing, however still need to come up with time-frames for the remaining tasks. Our project charter and scope were also finalized during the meeting, further aligning our progress with the milestones we’ve set.

  • This week I met the engineering team for the first time. We discussed the budget with the team and estimated the total labor hours it will take to complete the project. We discussed the progress of the project with the engineers and had to switch around some dates due to unavailable machinery. Our team came up with draft documents of the scope, budget, and project schedule. We also established a new method of communication to be used to at the end of each week so the engineers can report any issue to us and let us know how many hours were worked for the week. We plan on working on our scope and finalizing it with the project sponsor some time next week.

  • This week, we met with our project management coach to gain insights on the project scope and what to keep in mind as we move forward. I was involved with organizing the call with Courtney and the meeting with our project sponsor. I also helped refine the documents that we had previously developed, and created the project scope and schedule. We also met with our project sponsor today to preview the app prototype and help him better organize the pending tasks for this project – developing the blog for validation.

  • We met with our PMs again, added a new team member, who’s been doing very well since being introduced to the team so late. Our engineers are losing a part they need to test their apparatus for 2 weeks to the medical department, which may set out schedule back. I’ve been trying to let a little bit of control go for other PMs to do more work and feel more motivated and involved. I think this has done a lot of good. Some of the work, because of the different expectations between Doyle and Messina’s class, has been a little bit miscommunicated. I feel like doing a lot of the MS Project on my own has backfired, as I am now the only one completely in tune with it. The budget, risk plan, and communication plan, are all very simple though because of the straight forward nature of this project. Lastly, the engineers are very appreciative and helpful, and are understanding more what we need from them, so that is a silver lining.

  • We finally met the third manager from another section, we assigned different responsibilities. And our engineers now understand our roles and try to utilize us. We defined several other tasks, improve the WBS, and set up a schedule for the final report. And since the budget is limited, the original approach for the modeling is too risky, they came up with an alternative approach to prove the same functionality of their design. We are continuing working on the WBS to set up the tasks they need to accomplish and we can set up detailed schedule for the project.

  • This week, I mainly focused on drafting the Scope Document and editing the Communication Plan. It was difficult to write the Scope Document because each engineer understood their project differently. I had to ask a lot of questions in our GroupMe chat, which required a lot of time and gave few results. One issue with the GroupMe chat was that only one engineer regularly responded to my questions, and he understood the project completely differently from his team mates. Another engineer answered a couple of questions, but he did not provide much insight overall. The other two engineers hardly ever respond to the group chat. I’m not sure how to resolve this issue. When I reach out to all of the engineers on GroupMe, hardly anyone responds. When I try to get their attention during our in-person meetings, they are too focused on planning with each other. They still do not involve us PMs in their planning as much as they could. I have been able to meet some engineers individually, and we have been able to align with each other one-on-one. However, that understanding disappears once everyone gets together again. I am going to meet one of the engineers in-person on Monday. I want us align on the issues and create some concrete next steps. Hopefully, afterward he will go back to his teammates and vouch for us PMs. He may be able to establish our legitimacy better than we can.

  • This week our group met to flush out more of our WBS and scope. I primarily focused on the scope, trying to get more specific details from our engineers. We had everyone together for the first time so we got a better idea of everyone’s roles and everyone had input on the scope. I asked the engineers questions about the requirements, risks, etc. Generally it was too broad so I had to keep pushing to get them to be more specific. We figured that we will begin executing very soon but currently we are delayed since Temple was unable to purchase the resources and the engineers had to pay upfront. I offered to help build their website and clean it up since it is also part of the deliverables.

  • This week, we met as a group on Sunday to review the goals laid out in our work breakdown structure and agree as a team what we could feasibly do in the time we have. We assigned our entrepreneur the task of reaching out to schools that could be potentially interested in implementing his software when it’s completed. This week, I focused on putting the tasks into Project and creating a rough sequence for the semester. I also reached out to a potential funding connection and I am in the process of setting up a meeting with them for our entrepreneur.

  • This week I met with the engineering team and project sponsor to discuss current progress with the project. We went through a communication plan, work break down structure that was created in Project 2013, and a risk management plan. The team of PMs met with Courtney to discuss the project and in order to make sure that we are all breaking up work evenly. I offered to work on the master schedule and the risk management plan in order to continue to refine what we have now.

  • This week I have two small meeting with my team member, and a meeting with our sponsors. Our sponsor delivery the task that we gave them last week – the list of 30 artisans with their name, location and contact information. Our sponsors did a great job, they make a 31 artisans list with more detail. We delivery our new work breaking down structure to our sponsors. And the whole team prepare go to the next task, that is develop introduction PowerPoint. We argue some points about the PowerPoint during the meeting, some points our sponsors don’t like and refused them, then our Project manager group decide meet again that we can brainstorm together to offer more advices for Ka Bom Group.

  • Over the past week my co-PM Ling and I have been working more on the development of our WBS. We spent most of the time this week working on that and making sure that we have a good understanding of how the tasks will need to be scheduled, so we can begin making it in MS Project. We established a clear communications plan and it was agreed upon by the whole team. The first draft of our scope document was created with the input we have to date about the project, but it will still need a bit more work – hopefully this can be completed by next week. We had a great status update meeting with our sponsor, in which they shared work that we had assigned them to do over the past week. Ling and I were impressed with the work that they did and it is setting us up nicely for the next steps of the project. Over the next week I hope to be able to further develop the work breakdown structure and MS project file – as there is about 10 weeks left of the project and a lot of work to be done!

  • This past week, I sat down with my partner Ken and our Project sponsor Sal for our weekly meetings. During that time, we were finally able to sign our finalized project charter. We also discussed how we would tackle our drafts of the scope document and project schedule for class. We were also able to divide up the sections of the budgets we want to complete for each week. Over the next week, my partner and I are looking to complete our designated sections of the budget, as well as finalize a few other documents for the project.

  • This week we focused on drafting some of our deliverables. We recognized that one of our weakness as a team was communication so my partner spent time drafting a communications plan. We also realized that we need more information from our entrepreneur so I talked to her about drafting a more specific scope that outlines our project in the short term. Our main accomplishments this week were beginning drafts of most of our deliverables (including work breakdown structure), learning more about the Dairy download as a whole, and establishing a communications plan. Next week we need to continue to work on our communications plan, establish more specific goals, and work on our project charter.

  • This week we talked with project management coach to review previous documents and had a better understanding of those documents and made some changes. We also talked about the future plan of our project and how we can help our sponsor to achieve the goals by December. We also talked our sponsor that he already finished the prototype and we will meet again next week to talk about next steps that we are going to do.

  • This week, we met the whole group on Sunday to review previous goals we had decided on the WBS. We agreed and decided as a group of what would be feasibly possible to do and narrowed down very specific end goals. We then assigned Tyler, our entrepreneur, to reach out to the people who had interest of working with him about a year ago and touch base if they still wanted to. I checked in with Tyler to make sure he had done so and he said that he had very quick responses from them. We also decided that Tyler would be interested in putting his energy into doing the Be your own boss bowl.

  • This week I was unable to attend our weekly meeting with the team of engineers due to a scheduling conflict. My team of project managers quickly filled me in on what was discussed at the meeting so we can continue to move forward. I along with the other project managers met with Courtney to review some of our new documents and get a feel for how we are going to continue with the project. It was a successful meeting and Courtney has been a big help thus far. I particularly will be working on developing a communications plan in a well constructed format along with assisting in making any revisions with our existing documents as needed.

  • This week was highlighted by the addition of a fifth team member, Ben Shaffer. We were already in communication with Ben because he is the business lead for the Temple Formula Racing club. Now that Ben is an official member of our group, he can focus more time on the project. His knowledge in both project management and the SAE competition makes him an extremely valuable group member. We will figure out how to best utilize him in the coming weeks. This week our team focused on soliciting the work breakdown structure from the Temple Formula Racing system leads. Next week we will come together to form a master work breakdown structure, which we will then take to TFR for clarification. We also caught up on some of the documentation including the problem statement, charter, and scope document.

  • This week I orchestrated and attended the team meeting with our student members as well as the follow up meeting with out engineering advisor. I recorded meeting minutes and am formatting them to fit the engineering students’ required class format so that they can upload it to our project site. Our PM team has created drafts for all of our documents and are in the different phases of editing and revising due to our weekly team meetings, changes made, and our bi-weekly meetings with Courtney.

  • This week, I got in contact with a Temple professor in order to assist my entrepreneur with learning about what laws are relevant to our project. This will help because we cannot begin any development on the application without knowing if everything planned is allowed in regards to charities and their involvement. We were unable to meet with our entrepreneur this week because she was very busy with classes. Our project managers continued to work on various documents and post them for the team to see.

  • This week, I was unable to attend our regularly scheduled meeting. However, the group is making significant progress in completing the tasks that they were assigned in the prior weeks. Additionally, I have worked on completing the problem statement, project scope, quality management, risk management, and a general project timeline with the WBS on Microsoft Project. This upcoming week, the team will be working on their preliminary design review and presentation materials.

  • This week, I was able to finish the project charter template that our group will use when we get the final decision on the engineer’s project proposal. On Friday we had our regularly scheduled meeting with the engineers and they are making progress in completing the tasks and prep work that they need to in order to begin product development. This upcoming week is CDR prep week for our engineers so they will be focusing on getting their presentation ready for CDR week.

  • This week, we continued working with Project Documentation and completing what we could based off the knowledge that we have of the project. We assigned our entrepreneur some work to gather us some information based off of his spending habits and some of the people who work with him. Our primary objective right now is to find options to legalize his business in a way that works best for him while also ensuring that his marketing efforts and effective and expanding.

  • This week our team continued to work on additional documentation. We are slightly behind the class schedule and are working towards reducing that deficit. In the process, we completed the problem statement, project charter, scope document. I gathered my individual work breakdown structure for my division lead, however we are still working through how to reconcile all of the individual work breakdowns into a master that can be turned into a Microsoft Project 2013 file. We are spending that downtime working on internal deliverables like risk management, communication, and change management plans.

  • This past week I met with Tony, the lead responsible for the car’s body, ergonomics, intake, and exhaust systems. The meeting helped to increase my understanding of the work that he will be doing. Although the majority of the overall project work this semester is design and computer modeling, Tony’s systems are based on designs from last year and will only require some modification and improvement. As a result, he will be completing more actually fabrication before December than the other members, which may cause us to revise the scope of work to be done. I will be completing a work breakdown structure and then scheduling another meeting with Tony for clarification and to nail down a more specific timeline. I also met with Eric and Derek on 9/30 to work on project deliverables. We scheduled a meeting for all PMs (including Ben, who is new to our project management group but a longtime member of TFR) for next Friday to put together our individual WBS and schedules into a master file.

  • This week We spent time on preparing the documents for the project. We are scheduled to have an over the phone meeting with our Entrepreneur to discuss the budget and whether we are on the right track or not. Our primary goals as of now with the project is to legalize the business and help the entrepreneur decide what type of business he should declare it as.

  • Alex and I met with Zahmir to discuss how we would continue to progress throughout the upcoming weeks. Zahmir talked about potential investors and a prospective development team to be built so that he can begin working on his platform for the business Kwiqwork. Alex and I began exploring documents and examples to help go with our project. With the information that Zahmir provided, Alex began the project charter and problem statement. I researched templates and documentation that would help and also started work on the change & risk management plan. We need to solidify info and work out more kinks on communication and working together to actually be productive going forward. It’s still very difficult as Alex and I are not in the same class and Zahmir isn’t even taking classes this semester.

  • This week I met with my new teammates, Shannon and Bridget, and our entrepreneur, Tyler. My team caught me up on what the project was and what are finalized goals were. During this meeting, we discussed our WBS of the project. We also had Tyler reach out to a few of his old connections and see if they were interested. We also discussed his interest in participating in the BYOBB competition. I created the project scope and revised the project charter draft.

  • This week we met with Will to determine the steps he should take going forward. We advised him to focus more on the software aspect of his watch because it is a more realistic goal to accomplish by December. Will said that he is going to be reaching out to a boot camp to see if he can find any software developers willing to work with him. We also have Kevin join our team who came from a project that was dispersed. Kevin is going to be helping Will out with developing an Android app that can be used to record motion and do other things Will is envisioning. The outlook of the project is looking a lot better at this point.

  • This week I was given a new team. I’ll be working with Jonathan Plugaru and Rhea Prabhu. I went to a meeting with my new group and got acquainted with the project. The entrepreneur is seeking developers so I recommended he search Twitter for people attending App Academy, people going to a “coding bootcamp” learning to develop Android an iOS apps. I assume they would be most likely to be familiar with Android/iOS and be willing to work on something for free/close to free.

  • This week, Jonathan and I continued to get to learn Will’s company and tried to accomplish a list of goals for the end of the semester. We were able to better learn the role of Zach, Will’s partner in the venture, to be able to better grasp the delineation of responsibilities. Although we will technically be managing Zach as well, his role seems irrelevant to what we will be working on with Will. As a result, there is some uncertainty to his level of involvement, as the project applies to us (the PMs). Jonathan, who is an entrepreneur minor, will be speaking to Will’s professor, Carey, in order to make sure we have a proper understanding of the project requirements (Blackstone Launchpad) and don’t miss any deliverables for the class requirements and the project requirements.

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