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FoxNet Research Assignment

FoxNet Research Assignment

This assignment will be due towards the end of the semester (see course schedule for actual due date). You are required to use FoxNet to search for jobs and/or internship opportunities. If you are an MIS major you must identify 10 MIS related jobs and/or internship opportunities between now and the due date. If you are not an MIS major, please find 10 jobs and/or internship opportunities that are related to your major instead but be sure to let me know what your major is. For each opportunity you identify you must list:

  1. Name of the employer
  2. Title of the position
  3. Short summary description of the position (2-3 sentences)
  4. Salary if listed
  5. Location if listed
  6. Industry if listed
  7. Short summary list the qualifications
  8. If you feel you are qualified for this position, explain how you met these requirements.       If you do not feel you are qualified for this position, explain why not. If you feel that your field of study will prepare you for this opportunity before graduation, let me know that too.

Partial credit for this assignment will NOT be given if the required number of opportunities is not identified. You will not be able to wait until the due date and then expect to find the required number of opportunities out on FoxNet; there are never that many out there at any point in time. Job opportunities posted to FoxNet change frequently so you will have to check FoxNet regularly (I suggest at least once per week) for job opportunities until you have completed this assignment.

If you have secured a full-time internship or a permanent position that is closely related to your major, you will not be required to complete this assignment. Please provide me with a copy of your offer letter and you will receive credit for this assignment. This must be for a job or internship that you have either worked in the last year or will be starting within the next year.

Failure to complete this assignment by the due date will result in a reduction of your final grade by one full letter grade.

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