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Professional achievement requirement

Department Professional Achievement Requirement

The MIS department has instituted a professional achievement requirement for MIS majors. We have found that our most successful students are not only engaged inside the classroom but also with the department and our Student Professional Organization, AIS. Students will be required to create a portfolio which documents their achievements in the classroom, with the department, and within AIS. For each addition to their portfolio, a student will earn some number of “professional achievement points”. Students will be required to accumulate 1,000 points to meet this graduation requirement.

MIS3535 will serve as a checkpoint to ensure that students are focused on this requirement and on track to earn their 1,000 points by graduation. Students who do not earn a minimum of 700 points by the end of the semester will receive an “Incomplete” for this course regardless of performance on exams or class participation!

You are STRONGLY encouraged to, at a minimum, do the following to earn professional achievement points:

  1. Create an e-Portfolio and have it listed with the department.
  2. Become an active member of AIS and participate in professional development activities.
  3. Attend the IT Awards Reception (spring semester only) and the MIS Department’s Career Fair.
  4. Volunteer your time for department sponsored events.
  5. Discuss opportunities to earn points for projects with your MIS instructors.

For more information on the portfolio requirement, please see

The project that you and your class partner will manage throughout the semester will be a systems analysis and design project. It will not include the development and implementation phases of a more comprehensive project. Towards the beginning of the semester you will create a collection of preliminary project management documents which will be refined through the semester as your team executes on the analysis and design portions of the project.

You may earn 50 MIS professional achievement points for compiling a collection of preliminary project management documents for a proposed development and implementation project which could be used to follow your team project for this semester. To earn these points, you must complete this extra assignment as an individual; you may not work with your partner on this extra project. Your work must meet the criteria to earn 75% as described in the “Team Project” section (above) to earn portfolio points.

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