Mart Doyle

Project Management Coach

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Hi All! I’m Courtney, your Project Management Coach for the semester. As a graduate of the MIS Program from Temple, I’ve always incorporated the skillset I’ve learned throughout my time in the program into my professional career. One class that always stuck with me was the MIS 3535 class and the ability of project management in the technology world. I immediately fell in love with the idea of leveraging technology to create better business solutions, and more importantly the ability to be able to bridge the two worlds in order to be successful. After I graduated, I worked at JP Morgan in New York City first as a business analyst and then as a Project Manager. I moved into the Media Tech world over a year ago, and am now a Project Manager at IPG MediaBrands.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned in project management, 95% of the role is proper communication and the other 5% is troubleshooting issues as they come. My role in this course is simple: to help you understand what it takes to be a project manager and to help your project succeed. I will be available throughout the semester for check ins, progress reports, risk assessments, and overall questions on how to keep a project on track and how to get a project back on track.

In order to accomplish this, we’re going to use regular virtual meetings (as described in the Team Project page on the class site) to meet and discuss the status of your project. To be prepared, please have your status report ready and emailed to me in advance. As the semester continues, I expect a somewhat formal agenda to be sent in addition to your status report as I’ll be looking at your communication skills as well as how the project is moving along.   Have any and all questions outlined so we can make the most of the 20-30 minutes we’ll spend in each meeting.

You’ll be able to book meetings here. Please note that, at a minimum, 50% of the PMs on your team must attend each meeting or the team will not receive credit for the meeting. Teams that are not adequately prepared for meetings will not receive credit for the meetings.  When I’m available on campus, I’ll also send out an email letting you know my availability to meet in person to discuss your projects.