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Team Project

Team Project

For the studio portion of this class, you and a classmate will be assigned to a team of MIS3504 students and you will play the role of project manager for their project. As a team, you will assemble and manage a project plan and you will be responsible for the execution of the team project.

Team Project Grading

The final deliverable will be a binder that presents your project plan in a well-organized manner. You and your partner will need to determine the documents which are included in this binder and well as the final format for all of these documents.

Grades will be assigned as follows:

100% – The assignment consistently exceeds expectations. It demonstrates originality of thought and creativity throughout. Beyond completing all of the required elements, new concepts and ideas are detailed that transcend general discussions along similar topic areas. There are few mechanical, grammatical or organizational issues that detract from the presented ideas.

85% – The assignment consistently meets and in some cases, exceeds expectations. It demonstrates mastery of the subject matter and some level of originality of thought and creativity. There are few mechanical, grammatical or organizational issues that detract from the presented ideas.

75% – The assignment consistently meets expectations. It contains all the information prescribed for the assignment and demonstrates a command of the subject matter. There is sufficient detail to cover the subject completely but not too much as to be distracting. There may be some procedural issues, such as grammar or organizational challenges, but these do not significantly detract from the intended assignment goals.

65% – The assignment fails to consistently meet expectations. That is, the assignment is complete but contains problems that detract from the intended goals. These issues may be relating to content detail, be grammatical, or be a general lack of clarity. Other problems might include not fully following assignment directions.

55% – The assignment constantly fails to meet expectations. It is incomplete or in some other way consistently fails to demonstrate a firm grasp of the assigned material.

Weekly Progress Reports and Journal Entries

Starting in week four of the semester, each team will create a weekly progress report (template will be provided by your instructor) which documents the progress your team has made in the past week. Your instructor will create an area to post these progress reports out on the class blog.

Starting in week four of the semester each student will create a weekly journal entry which highlights their individual contributions to the team project. This journal entry will document the things that you did which had a positive impact on the team project as well as those things which didn’t really seem to help your team project. For the items which didn’t help your team project, please reflect on and document what you should have done differently to have a positive impact on the team project. Your instructor will create an area to post these journal entries out on the class blog.

Meetings with Project Management Coach

Starting in the third week of the semester, each team will meet with our Project Management coach at least once every two weeks.  While most meetings will be held virtually, based on the availability of the Project Management Coach, some meetings will be face-to-face.  At a minimum 50% of the project managers on your team must attend each meeting in order to receive credit for the meeting.  Teams that are not adequately prepared for each meeting will not receive credit for the meeting.  For each meeting missed in each two week period, teams will lose 5 points off their final team project grade.  Please see the “Project Management Coach” page for information about preparing for these meetings and scheduling time with our Project Management Coach.

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