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Personal Journal Entries – 12/2

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  • Glad to know that the sponsor knows that we are almost in the end of the semester. My partners are finishing the documentation and I will have all done. Hope that everything is in good shape.

  • Our project sponsor is happy to see the progress we have made in the past few weeks, and she feels prepared to take her project to the next level. We are completing our final touches on the deliverables, and my partner and I are meeting with Courtney one last time. We are finalizing many things to make sure our Project Sponsor is on her way to succeed.

  • Our project with the engineers has a been a solid ride with little issues here and there. We are in the midst of finishing everything and are now waiting for results of all required testing. We also have a practice presentation with other groups to prep our team for their final presentation.

  • Revised budget and risk management. I made a summary and changed colors in the risk managment. I missed the last two journal entries due to health issues.

  • I made a summary and changed colors in the risk management. I missed the last two journal entries due to health issues.

  • Our team is putting the final touches on our documents, and we will meet with our BAs once more next week, but other than that things look good as the semester is coming to an end.

  • I am currently working on the close out document. I made a summary and changed colors in the risk management. I missed the last two journal entries due to health issues.

  • hello everyone

  • This week the PMs all worked separately for our Monday meeting to look over the documents we have completed and edited them accordingly. We did meet with our full team on Wednesday to go over the prototype, use cases, and scope. The BA’s seem stressed and even said they now understand why we stressed to start the project as soon as possible but their work does look good. One BA has come to me to discuss some personal matters that have impaired him from being a solid member of the group, our meeting is next Wednesday.

  • Plan to meet with our BAs one last time before their presentation. They have developed a solid prototype and are working on their PowerPoint. Will meet with Courtney one last time and finalize our documents shortly after.

  • hello world

  • Our team had another call with Courtney to discuss the transition process with next year’s group of PMs working with the racing team, as well as final critical documentation we will need to submit. Following our meeting with Courtney I created a document list with documentation owners to give us a better idea where we are during the home stretch. Because of added documents I think we’re a little behind, but we should be OK.

  • This week we started putting together our binder after finalizing our documents. I started to write our explanations for each document we are including and deciding the order of everything in our binder. We haven’t heard from Lauren in over a month now, so we have no idea if she completed anything she had wanted to.

  • This week, our team put efforts on documents revising, and we schedule a meeting with Courtney on 12/7, hopes to get last minutes feedback about our project deliverable after the meeting.

  • We completed finalizing all of our documents. We are turning in our project for review in hopes of some last minute feedback before the due date.

  • We met with the BAs for one last time and they are nearly done. As for us, we have finished all paperwork and are ready for the final turn in. I will attend the BAs presentation on Thursday as neither Tom nor Leor are able to make it. I am very proud of them as they have worked extremely hard on the project and their prototype looks very professional.

  • We met with the BAs multiple times this week to go over the prototype, presentation, and documentation. There should have been more progress but the BAs didn’t go through Just In Mind enough and didn’t communicate well with each other. On our end, we are going through the final stages of reviewing our documents and plan to get more feedback.

  • We just need to add all our documents together. We are having a hard time putting them all together, due to formatting issues. We will be meeting with Courtney tomorrow for the last time, and ask her questions on the best way to combine all of our documents.

  • We were able to finalize all the deliverable. However, we are having some formatting issues. Next week, I will review and edit them before the due date. Also, the BA’s are doing great progress on their prototype. This upcoming week will be very crucial as we approach the project closing.

  • This week we had our PM call with Courtney to discuss who to deliver the project and that she wants us to create an additional transition report. Wednesday we had our full team meeting where the BAs made nice progress on the prototype and documents over the break. We had an interesting development at the end of the meeting where a BA divulged they were having some personal struggles and would talk to Sara more about them. I had to email Tony regarding to missing class Thursday due to a bad migraine that left not feeling up to leave my apartment.

  • This week the PMs worked on our documents individually instead of having a physical team meeting. I had to miss the call with Courtney for personal reasons, however Phil and Sara were able to make it. We had our meeting with the BAs on Wednesday and they seemed stress and realized in hindsight that they should have listened to us when we told them to stay ahead of things. They are still making great progress however; they want to present to us on Wednesday before their actual presentation on Thursday for any last minute feedback. One of our BAs is going to talk to Sara this upcoming week regarding his participation in this project so far.

  • As our documentation is being revised and finalized, it is looking better. I think we still have a little ways to go before I would feel confident about handing it in though, which worries me a little bit. However, it isn’t anything that is impossible to accomplish. I am looking forward to hearing Courtney’s opinions on our finalized documents so that we can fix anything that needs it before turning everything in.

  • This week we’ve really finalized up our documents and work on our documents individually. I think we are on track to finish and it’s looking pretty good. We also worked with BAs and help them out with finalizing their justinmind project. I just have a few more documents to work on myself and hope to complete it by tomorrow. After that I hope to meet up with PMs one last time and finish the project completely.

  • I was unable to attend class this week, but our group received feedback on our documentation. We agreed to improve a lot of documentation and allocated the work accordingly. I will be greatly changing our change management plan, as Courtney told us it was done incorrectly. We are on track to be finished everything for our upcoming class.

  • This past week i met with the BAs for the last time before their presentation. The presentation is on thursday so we might just meet up again to simply go over their presentations. I met with the PM to finish up the documentation and everything should be done and finalized by this week.

  • This past week, we had our last meeting with Courtney. She cleared up all of our confusion about the change management plan. With that being said, we need to change our risk management plan and make the final minor changes to the rest of our documentation. We are on track to have everything finalized on time by the project due date.

  • We’re on track to have everything complete by the due date.

  • The engineers did not have a meeting last Wednesday. Instead they were working on the hand, they have been unresponsive recently and it is hard to get any updates. I feel that I could be contributing more to the group though, I worked on some of the documents, namely the Risk Register and RACI chart but I feel I could contribute more.

  • This past week, I met with the BAs to go over their presentation slides and how they plan on going through their prototype. Their deliverables are all up to date and have enough content for each one. I hope to meet with them once before their presentation and be there for their presentation as well.

  • I reviewed the BAs documents they shared on the Google Drive. I provided feedback and so far they are looking good. I was unable to physically meet up with them but the other BAs in the group will do so.

  • This week we met frequently with our BAs to answer any last minute questions they may have had. I feel as though our PM team did well in communication but our BAs grew complacent and didn’t take the time to learn JustinMind which led to this last minute scramble.

  • This week we were in constant communication with the BA’s. We had trouble getting them motivated to produce the prototype and as a result dealt with some last minute issues. However, for the most part our BA’s were responsive and active in the remaining days before the presentation. We have just about finished up what is remaining of our documentation.

  • The BAs made their presentation yesterday. Leading up to their presentation I helped review their prototype and final documentation. I think their project turned out well, they ended up being a pretty easy group to manage. All the BAs were contributing and just getting their part done on time throughout the semester. Our team is finalizing our binder, all documents are ready to go except for the close-out report.

  • Went over the project with the BAs before they presented. We are trying to finish getting our deliverables ready and we went over and revised each one.

  • This week came down to crunch time as we finished up the remainder work we had for our project, as well as help the BAs out with their presentation and their Just in mind. We are ready to wrap this project up and see where it goes.

  • Our group had a call with Courtney this week and talked about how we are going to transition the project to the next set of PM’s. She added a few documents into our portfolio, which is a little overwhelming. I still have the utmost confidence in my team in the home stretch with editing and completing all of the deliverables.

  • We finished all of our deliverables and met with Courtney. Just have to add finishing touches and hand in the project.

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