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Personal Journal Entries – 10/14

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  • I learned a lot more from our sponsor. Waiting for the business plans and other documents to be sent to us. Waiting for his response and I learned to be more organized and start with the drafts. Even though I don’t have all the core information, I have a grasp on the project with my team.

  • I went to a Critical Design Review for my engineering group this week. Their project looks good in theory, but still has some issues within it. They haven’t done enough testing to come up with a solid basis for their claims, there is no current measurement standard, and their presentation is taking too long for the time period and is too technical for a general audience. I will have to work more closely with the team in making their presentation more for business and less for engineering.

  • I completed risk analysis assessment (made template in Excel). I participated in Monday meeting with two BAs and Danielle. I made notes on our BAs progress. I gave advice where to go for help (justinmind.com/support) on the web.

  • I was able to complete some of the required documentation that we have to complete for the project this week. I was able to complete the RACI and organization chart. I wasn’t able to make class this week but I plan on being there next week. Also I was able to find out how the BA’s did on their first test. While some of them didn’t do great on the first exam, my fellow p.m.’s and I said they still have plenty of time to bring that grade up.

  • I did work on the risk management, quality management, change management, and communication management documents. I have used several templates to create these documents. I feel good about the documents and plan to have them reviewed soon.

  • This week we met with three of the BA’s and went over JustinMind and discussed the project schedule(where they should be and what they should be doing this week), I completed the communication management plan, quality management plan, stakeholder list, org chart, and raci chart. On Monday we are meeting with Courtney where we plan to go over documentation.

  • This week I was tasked with following up with our BA’s and in charge of developing our project budget. At first, I had no idea how to approach developing our project budget until class this week. I addressed my concerns in front of class this week and received great feedback from both Tony and my classmates. Now, I have a better idea on how to approach it.

  • Was able to finally get a response to a BA, after I asked them if they were still in the course. I also asked them to upload the scope on the BA folder, which one of them said they would, but never did.

  • This week we kept in contact with our BAs. Our BAs decided that since they did not have any questions or concerns that we did not need to meet this week. Our PMs group is continuing to work on documentation and I continue to keep pushing our BAs to produce as much work as possible so that they can just review their documentation at the end of the semester instead of needing to create new content and prototype at the same time.

  • Had another meeting this week with the entire team. Went over the deliverable we are expecting from them next week and made a logical diagram of the prototype. Good week overall, but we as PMs catch up on our documentation.

  • Did not have to meet with our BAs, because they did not have any questions. I am currently working on the documents, and will get Courtney’s feedback this coming week. We talked to the BAs and also asked them to upload their revised scope, which they just got back from their professor.

  • Had another meeting with our entire team. Went over some of the main project deliverables and made sure everything was correct. Starting to gain more insight, and improving out documentation significantly. Decent week overall, but as PM’s we need to make sure we stay on top of our documentation.

  • Working with my fellow PMs has been great, however we seem to have very unmotivated BAs. Our last meeting with the PMs + BAs was unproductive. In future meetings I hope there will be more that comes out of it to benefit our projects. Other than that, my team is doing things on schedule, if not ahead of time. We will look to finish up a few more documents this week.

  • This week, we did not have lots progress. Our BAs seems doing well on progress and did not have questions. I reviewed the documents we have so far. Happily, Our project goes smooth. I will keep track our BAs’ work and see if there is anything I can help.

  • My entrepreneur doesn’t seem to have an idea yet on what he wants for his business in terms of the topics we’ve been discussing with him, so it has been difficult to get work done. Because of this, I am frustrated that my partner and I have not been able to make a lot of progress with the management plans we had hoped to have completed by now. I hope that we will have a better idea as to how to approach completing our deliverables after speaking with Doyle.

  • The difference between our PM and BA groups are massive. Our PM group is done all of the documents for the studio component to date and we have gelled into a high performing unit. Our BAs as I mentioned in class Thursday are a disaster. They are extremely unmotivated and if I were paid by the excuse I’d be as wealthy as Warren Buffett.

  • Working with my PM team has been great. We all know what we are doing and we all havee different experiences to share with our BAs which I think is very important. After our last meeting with our BAs I felt as though we were all on the same page PMs and BAs as a whole. I believe that we are currently laying out the project nicely for them and that they will do a good job.

  • This past week our PM group really saw the difference in motivations from ourselves and our BA’s. We are working on some action steps to move everyone forward together and will be discussing them on our Wednesday team meeting. We also got a lot more of our documents completed this week and plan on finishing up the rest of them at our Monday PM meeting.

  • I didn’t do much on the project this week because I was really sick. I plan to catch up next week with my team.

  • Not too much happened this week between us and the BAs. They did get their scope document back and plan on revising it. We plan on setting up a meeting next week that will regularly occur on a weekly basis now that the project is starting to become a focus of theirs.

  • This past week i met with the BAs to see how they’re doing. they seem to be really lost so i suggested them to just dive right into the project and get their feet wet. By doing so, they’ll maybe learn what is working and what is not working out for the and also get a better sense of what the project is about. Also had a discussion with my PMs about days that we’re available to meet on our own also. Every week is a new challenge with time i feel like because everyone one of us is a commuter with different schedule unlike a set 9-5 where will be able to meet within those time.

  • The past week was fairly successful because we were able to meet up with the BAs and go over the general pages that they would be setting up. However, I was not able to meet up with them to go over my previous project using just in minds pro tools. We are also planning on coordinating more meeting and communications earlier in the week between ourselves as PMs and also between the BAs as well.

  • This past week our team met with the BAs but I was unable to attend. We will be meeting with Courtney on Monday night to have our documents reviewed and then make appropriate alterations. Additionally, we are hoping to have a set schedule on when we can all meet with the BAs weekly, but it seems difficult to find a time that works for all of us.

  • As the project progresses, there are still some of the same issues present as there were at the start of the semester. Our team is having trouble communicating, and I relate that to all of our full-time work and class schedule. The scope of the project is huge, although we have defined it to present our deliverables in an appropriate manner. I do feel anxious about the project though, as it is hard to delegate time to work on it with rigid communication.

  • This week, we did not have a lot of progress. Our BAs seem to be doing well. This week they had their first draft of the scope document reviewed. So far everything is going smoothly. I am keeping an eye on our BAs progress and help them the best I can. I feel pretty confident about our project so far. The only part that worries me a little bit is the prototyping.

  • This week the other PM’s and I started catching up on documentation. I personally, started working on and fine tuning the project plan. We have split up all documentation and so far things have been running very smoothly. As far as our BA’s we have been keeping in contact with them through GroupMe and will be reviewing their first team scope draft in the upcoming week

  • We did not have much to do this week. We don’t have any updates on contacting our BAs. Our group has moved into the performing phase which is nice to see. I feel more confident after the status update presentations about our ability to complete the project well.

  • This week we meet with our sponsor and figured out what exactly is going to part of our schedule and project. It is all just phases of research. We completed our first draft of the WBS and RACI chart and revised some other documents. We will have the first draft of the schedule and budget completed next week.

  • My team and I meant to finalize our stakeholders, an org chart and RACI chart to be prepared to present to the class. We’ve set a appointment to meet with Courtney, to discuss our progress with the project. We also sent out reminder for the BA’s with update and to inforn them on our next meeting time.

  • This week we are not meeting with our engineering cause of personal appointments, but we are meeting as a team to go over logistics of the project. Other thatn that its been a quiet week with not much work to be done.

  • This week we were able to meet with BAs and start to discuss how they are going to approach starting their project in JIM. We were able to go through some brainstorming on what their project is going to look like and the problems that it is going to solve. Communication with the BAs has been great.

  • This week was slow but we finished drafts of the RACI chart, organizational chart, and list of stakeholders. We need to finish the start up budget soon so that our entrepreneur can look at it and do a critique. We have a meeting with Courtney today which will help us check if our deliverables have been done correctly.

  • This week I worked on the Risk registry report, the RACI chart, as well as the stakeholders list. I completed the first wave of these files.

  • This week was pretty slow compared to others. I’m working on finalizing the budget now that we have all the material prices and list as well as updating the Quality Management Plan.

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