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Personal Journal Entries – 10/21

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    • This is my progress report.
      For personal report: I have a better insight for the sponsor’s project. Need more information from him and still need more attention to the documents due date. I need to create a calendar to work on this and more time to get things out of sponsor’s ideas

  • This week i really havent learn much but i have noticed its been really hard keeping up with everyone so that the project is a aligned with the schedule. Everyone’s schedule is colliding and its hard to have all of us to meet.

  • I thought our meeting with Courtney last night went really well. We have most of our deliverables drafted so all we have left is fine tuning. I am really happy with were we are right now.

  • W.C. here.

    I attended the engineer’s meeting yesterday, seems that it got their attention. Their leader asked for a meeting with the PM’s (first time that’s happened, we’re usually begging them for a meeting) so we can get to know exactly who is doing what role in the group, my intention is to be the point of contact for the PM and the Engineer group by going to the Engineer’s weekly meetings. Don’t know if they’re annoyed or glad, don’t really care, if that’s what it takes to finally get some sort of significant progress on this project then so be it.

    [Close entry]

  • We finally made contact with our BAs(!!!) We established a line of communication through GroupMe app and they have been consistently responding in it. They uploaded documents and began to show initiative moving forward in the project. Not much happened on the the PM side this week, I hope to meet next week and figure out where were at. Feel good about the project at this point.

  • Eric, Derek and I met with the Formula Racing Team toady to present ideas on the WBS. I didn’t feel like we we were prepared and accomplished anything from the meeting except that we need to set a time to meet next week. Except for Jon, communication across our group has been sparse and items get finalized at the last minute. Overall, I think we’re ahead of schedule for submitting documents for this class but behind in deliverables for the racing team.

  • I was able to start my team’s schedule in MS Project after creating a rough version of it in Excel, I don’t like MS Project at all. Other than that, my partner was able to complete most of the charter now that we understand that our project will be totally about our entrepreneur completing weekly research. We had been hesitant to creating documents that were that “simple.” So, now we are able to move forward and revise our documents and complete them with the proper project direction.

  • I’m currently starting to work on the project budget. I need to meet up with one of the BAs to go over each deliverable and anything I may have missed in the budget.

  • Our Ba’s finally reached back to us, they created a GroupMe and added us in it. This is a big step for us for we now broke the ice with the BA’s.
    This week I worked on revising the Risk, RACI, and the work breakdown structures.

  • This week the PM’s an myself completed the documents we needed to do as well as had a conference call with Courtney. We discussed options for motivating our BA group. On Wednesday we had our full team meeting and discussed the team scope as well as expectations for the BAs and the PMs and finally us as a team. They seemed receptive so we are looking forward to next week.

  • Finally got in contact with the BAs after emailing them multiple times. Got a group me started with them and they have shared their scope.

  • This week I completed drafting our team’s project budget. I am hoping to get it reviewed before next week’s class and get some feedback on it. Our team also had our second meeting with Courtney to discuss and review our project deliverables. Our group is pretty much on schedule with our project.

  • This week, I was able to send my groups deliverables to Courtney for feedback. I hope to get feedback to make corrections on our work. My group had our second meeting with Courtney and it went well. From what we told her she was impressed on what we accomplished and looked forward to reviewing our work.

  • This week, I sent Courtney our group deliverables, and will get feedback from her. I always attended the last interview with the BAs and helped them ask the correct questions. The BAs wanted to not meet this week, so I told Tyler to hold off the meeting for next week because they had to prepare for their exam. Overall, our project is going on schedule.

  • This week, I shared our project progress and all documents we have so far with Courtney, and set up a Google Hangout meeting with Courtney for my group. Had a discussion with Casid about our progress and issues we need to fix. Also, I noticed that we are currently a little bit behind the schedule of project, and still not have effective communication among whole group (PMs and BAs). Hope we could do better next week.

  • This week has been a struggle as we think that we are a little behind on having the deliverables completed for TFR. Communication has been lacking besides with Ben, but I can see why as we all have a lot of work to delegate. We need to straighten things out with the WBS and the deliverables should be ready to go. I am still feeling anxious about the whole project, but it is a great learning experience.

  • This week I offered another meeting to the BAs but was informed that they would prefer to meet 10/28 instead as they are attempting to prepare for their exam. I am attempting to push them to prototype their project as the end of the semester is beginning to creep up on all of us. We will meet Friday and go over everything they have so far and where they need to be within the project schedule.

  • During this week, I went to the interview with the Project’s sponsor and took a lot of notes. I also followed up with the Ba’s about their next deliverable. Our team planned to meet with Project coach in the upcoming week to have some insight on the WBS, change management plan and the budget structure. I am feeling optimistic about the project and I think we can overcome the different challenges.

  • This week my group had our call with Courtney and we mainly discussed how we were going to motivate our BAs. We had our meeting with them on Wednesday and they seemed pretty receptive of our talk. They did well on their final interview and seem to be motivated for the next step of the project. As PMs we have been keeping ahead of the schedule and will revise our documents this upcoming week.

  • This week communication has been at an all time low since the engineers have midterms and have not been responding to our messages. We set up a meeting with the engineers on Wednesday but unfortunately only one person showed up. The engineers seem to have started to gain traction with their project and narrowing down exactly what they are expecting from this project.

  • My partner and I are having a hard time finding the right templates for each document that fit with our project, which has been worrying me. However, Doyle’s aid and our entrepreneur’s support has been a help to us. I have also been getting frustrated that my partner is in a different class than mine because I can’t meet and discuss things with him during our in class studio sessions.

  • During this week I havent had that much contact with the BA’s. Due to my full time internship, I am unable to meetup with them here on campus. I am trying to contribute to the group in other ways. As for our PM”s we will be meeting up with Courtney within the week to get a better feel on what else we need to do.

  • The week started with our weekly PM meeting where we completed our first draft of all of the documents required for the binder. We had a call with Courtney Tuesday evening and we are now waiting for her feedback on all of our documents. Wednesday we had a full squad meeting with BAs and PMs where we focused primarily on the BA’s lack of motivation. We gently laid the hammer down on them to get them moving forward. So far this has been successful as they worked well revising their team scope and they did much better asking questions during the third interview. I did help them out by prioritizing the question order during the interview on the google doc and they did a great job delegating the tasks of asking Amy questions and documenting the answers.

  • This week was a great week towards the final prototype. Our BAs have gone over and above what was expected of them in Just In Mind. The other PMs and I helped the BAs work on the wording of their scope. When they got it back they realized they submitted an earlier revision of it not the actual one they wanted to submit. So we went over the one they meant to submit and helped with wording for the entire document. They will be going over this revised version today with their professor.

  • This week i drafted my teams first version of the project schedule. We set up a meeting with Courtney for next week to look over the project schedule and other documentation that my team has been working on. Our BA’s have divided up the work for their portion of the project and i will me mentoring those in charge of the documentation deliverables that they are responsible for the project.

  • This week I had a good amount of meetings. I met with my BA team and they showed us their first prototype iteration which is a great step, and Jeremy and I met with Courtney over the phone and discussed team communication which we haven’t had any issues with. Our PM team also met and made drafts of all the documentation we needed. Another good week with a lot of progress made.

  • This week we were able to look through our BA’s first iteration of the prototype. We were able to provide feedback and help them with their next steps in order to move forward. In addition to this, we also were able to provide feedback on their scope as well. We had a very successful meeting this week.

  • This week was the last interview of the semester. I was unable to attend, but my PM group did represent. I haven’t had too much interaction between the BAs this week. We were able to figure out a weekly date where we would all be able to meet and work on the project. We hope to get the BAs on the right track in order for them to complete their project on time.

  • This week we had a meeting with Courtney and will hopefully give us feedback soon. We are closing up our start-up budget so that next week our sponsor will get to see our draft. We are also setting up another meeting with Courtney this week so that we get our credit for this cycle and ask some questions. My partner and I have been working nicely.

  • This week my team and I missed our meeting with Courtney so we reschedule it for next Wednesday. We are currently reviewing and restructuring our project document making all the necessary changes. We will finish the budget this week.

  • This week we got our engineers back on track and started looking to finalize some documents. We finally got the hang of balancing responsibilities and I think communicating when things go wrong and also when we were not able to meet was key in that.

  • This week, we shared all of our documents with Courtney as well as our project progress. We also met u with her via Google Hangout. I talked with Serena from my group about what’s left to do and what issues needed to be fix. We are a little behind schedule on the project, and need to manage our communication more effectively between PMs and BAs.

  • This past week we were able to meet with Courtney as well as meeting with our BA’s. It was a successful progression through our BA’s just in mind project. I was also able to meet up with them after our weekly meeting to explain certain just in mind tips that will hopefully increase their progression in the project. We look forward to seeing where they will have gotten in the documentation as well as the prototyping. There still needs to be a considerable amount of communication between the BA’s themselves, because they are not properly delegating work between each other.

  • This past week we met with Courtney and we really got a great insight into our project. It was a very successful week for us, and we really progressed in terms of our quality assurance plan and risk register. We were able to meet with our sponsor twice this week and she really gave us an insight into what we wanted for our project plans. She is really moving along with her project, and she is really taking advantage of the issues we have been helping her solve.

  • This week I noticed a slight dip in activity from the BAs. I’m assuming this is because they had an exam, but still it would have been nice to keep communication a bit stronger. We’ve had a lot of success using Slack for communicating, especially when it comes to sharing documents. They are supposed to be concentrating on the prototype from here to the end of the semester, so I would really like to drive home the point that it will take multiple times longer than they anticipate.

  • My last post didn’t go through. Revised risk management plan. Group is working well together.

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