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Personal Journal Entries – 10/28

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  • I have a more sense of the project now because the sponsor finally roll out Iteration 1 of the website. Now I need to focus more on the second iteration. Second iteration would be an update of the project. Need to build a scope for the second iteration.

  • The PM’s and myself spoke with the BA’s this week to clear up some confusion that has been going on within our meetings. We readjusted our expectations of each other and now have had a much more clear explanation of what we need to do. The took accountability this week and canceled our meeting in order to go for more Justinmind help and to discuss more about the project with their professor. We were very happy with them taking initiative and allowed them to move our meeting. They also created their own weekly meeting. Finally, we had a call with Courtney which was very quick to tell her about our meeting with the BA’s.

  • We have a meeting scheduled with the BAs for next week. The plan is to sketch out the prototype design and determine all the moving parts that will go into it. This will be the most important meeting so far, because this will really lay the foundation for a great project. As long as everyone leaves that meeting on the same page, we as PMs can get much more involved in the actual development of the application. Meetings with Courtney have been very helpful, and we apply a few best practices she tells us about after every meeting.

  • Personally met with a few of the BA’s to determine where they stand with the project. They have started mapping out their prototype as well as explained to me their whole plan and layout. They will begin prototyping this weekend. They seem to be right on track as far as their project progress. I also answered any questions they had about prototyping or documentation during this meeting.

  • This week I updated some of the deliverables and found a time for all the PMs and BAs to meet. I was able to update the risk management plan and change management plan by adding a risk registry and a change registry to document all risks, predicted and occurred risks, and occurred changes. My group has been having difficulties finding a time where the BAs and PMs can meet. Fortunately, we found an hour a week on Monday to meet so we can all be on the same page.

  • This week I was not able to make our weekly meeting with Lauren because I missed my train home. I reached out to Andrew and asked him if was okay conducting the meeting himself and we discussed what he should talk/ask Lauren about. I continued to work on our schedule and make revisions on the documents that I am accountable for. We should hopefully have most, if not all, of our documents completed by Thanksgiving break.

  • This week myself and Rob met with Courtney and discussed techniques for project executions (like ways to get the BAs to produce deliverables and check status). I’ve also been communicating with the BA’s through the GroupMe chat to give them advice for planning the final solution. I reviewed their Project Scope, and am making revision comments. I also reviewed 5 documents with Courtney this week and will be making changes to improve them.

  • Our team wasn’t able to meet with the BA’s this week due to scheduling conflicts but they’ve continued to communicate with us and posted the progress they made on the prototype to the Google Drive. The PM team however made a lot of progress on our documentation and have drafts for every required document.

  • This week, ive met with my BAs to get an update on their project process. They just took the second exam and they have all seem to be in well position. They will be creating user cases along with the prototype for the next week. They need to get started on working with the prototype. there still a lot of questions about how to go about it but it seems they have a lot more information about what their project consists of.

  • This week, my group and I scheduled the last couple meetings with Courtney to go over our deliverables. They just took their second exam this week so we plan on meeting with them next week to make sure they start the prototyping now. We are starting to revise our current drafts of our deliverables as well as completing others we haven’t completed yet.

  • Communication between PMs and BAs seems to be flowing, the BAs seem to realize the expectations we have of them. As for myself and the other PMs, the meeting in class with Courtney yesterday helped us understand some areas to improve when completing our documents. Feel good about the project at this point.

  • This week my team and I recieved great feedback on our draft documents from both Tony and Courtney. Courtney also provided great insight on how to format our Risk and Quality Management documents in class. Furthermore, we cleared up many questions we had about the Project Budget with Tony and Courtney. Our deliverables are getting stronger each week.

  • communication with the BAs are still a minimum, but we do have a source of communication with them. We are going to meet up with Courtney this week.

  • I talked with our BA’s about the project, they are still working on the JIM extra credits, so they are on pace with their project.
    Our PM group will also be talking to Courtney on Monday night to discuss our current project.

  • The studio portion of this weeks class provided a lot of clarity on some of the confusion points concerning binder. A lot of documents make more sense now and the fact the multiple drafts are needed to be turned in is also important. Using google docs can prevent those drafts from being created so looking out for that issue is important.

  • Had a meeting with the BAs, we will meet with Courtney this Monday to show her our risk register.

  • I have more confidence in our group since our last meeting. We have made a lot of progress on the super complex WBS in our large meeting with the project managers and the TFR team leads. We will discuss associated risks with the project and will keep updating them in the register. We still have to address our final binder full of deliverables but all of the deliverables that are needed are on time for completion. We have a meeting with Courtney this week to discuss pertinent information regarding our deliverables and our WBS.

  • I have more confidence in our group since our last meeting. We have made a lot of progress on the super complex WBS in our large meeting with the project managers and the TFR team leads. We will discuss associated risks with the project and will keep updating them in the register. We still have to address our final binder full of deliverables but all of the deliverables that are needed are on time for completion. We have a meeting with Courtney this week to discuss pertinent information regarding our deliverables and our WBS. I feel much more comfortable compared to prior meetings, which is a sigh of relief.

  • This week we met with our BAs and spoke about where they currently feel like they are within the project. They informed me that they felt a bit behind schedule but felt that they will be able to catch up by the due date. I informed them that although documentation is important, a prototype is the more important aspect in the current situation and to begin prototyping immediately. I feel as though they will listen as they have been cooperative through this entire semester.

  • This week we were not able to meet with our BAs due to issues with scheduling issues and the fact that they were more focused on their test. Hopefully we will meet with the BAs twice in order to gauge their understanding of Just In Mind and their initial draft of their prototypes. We will also have a meeting this coming week with Courtney and will share our documents in order to get them reviewed.

  • My partner and I continue to keep in communication and get work done even though it has been hard to meet in person the past couple weeks. Talking to Courtney and Doyle about our progress and concerns has been helpful. As we continue to go over things in class, I am feeling more confident about our project, though I still have some worries.

  • This week, our team succeed to catch up the schedule, and received helpful feedbacks about our documents from Courtney and Tony. The main goal of our team for next week is complete the project schedule and hleps our BAs working on project prototype. So far, I feel more confident about our project.

  • This week were unable to have a meeting with our BAs. They communicated well with us despite no meeting. They were able to continue to develop the prototype on their own and we have been able to review their progress on the google drive. We have planned for an additional meeting this week in order to get caught back up.

  • This week we had our bi-weekly meeting with Courtney, although sadly due to taking an exam for another class I was personally not present for the call. Our BAs cancelled our weekly full team meeting so they could leverage that time to receive tutoring on Justinmind. They supposedly had their first BA only meeting last Tuesday night so I am curious to see how that went and what they achieved! Lastly, Friday they met with Professor Lavin for another scope revision. In class our team presented our quality management plan and we received valuable feedback from Courtney.

  • This week our BA’s cancelled their weekly meeting with us to go meet with their TA for Justinmind help. The BAs also had their first team meeting which we will ask about in our upcoming meeting this week. We also had our call with Courtney which was very brief as we did not have much to talk about. We are on schedule and hopefully will edit some documents this week.

  • The BA’s seem to be on the right track in terms of working on their deliverables. They have reached out to us for help with Justinmind. Unfortunately I have been unable to meet with the BA’s due to my co-op position. I have communicated with my PM’s on ways I can contribute without being present for the face to face meetings.

  • This week we took it easy on our BAs since they had an upcoming exam and extra credit to work on and get more familiar with Justinmind. They are ahead of the plan so far, and have a lot done on the prototype. I feel confident were we are with our BAs. I do, however, feel like I need to alter some of my work as a PM that I have on our google drive currently. After last class I liked some of the other layouts for the documents we went over and I would like to use some of what other groups had layout wise.

  • This week we met on Google Hangout, and we got a few things cleared up with our Project Sponsor. We assisted her in exploring new options with developer companies, and we also assisted in reaching out to some of her potential non-profit organizations. We feel confident with out project sponsor now, and we feel like she is on the right track. Some of our documents need drastic alteration though, and we have began working on those documents. We reached out to some of the groups that presented in class to see how they developed their layouts, and have been working on figuring out how to use those for ourselves.

  • This week our team went over our risk plans and gameplanned what improvements we need to make. I met with the BAs last week during the third interview and helped one member with JustinMind and made plans to meet again to help them with Prototyping. Our schedules have been conflicting, but we hope to meet weekly from here on out to help review their prototype and give them advice on how to best utilize the software.

  • This week my team and I meant with Courtney on Wednesday to discuses our current project progress. We also meant with the BA’s to check their progress as well. Everything seem to be going in the right direction.

  • Our team met with the engineering team lead this week. We finally have a solid connection with the team and I feel that real progress can finally be made. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Engineer’s meeting with their faculty advisor.

  • This week I was able to finish the RACI matrix and the stakeholders register. We met with Courtney and she was satisfied with the team progress.. My next step is working on the quality management plan and the budget.

  • This week our team made a lot of headway as we met with the TFR system leads to construct an agreed upon WBS. We were able to meet for 3hrs on Sunday and I’m glad we’re all on the same page. I’m going to construct a WBS template and input all of our findings hopefully by EOD Wednesday so we can start making the Gantt Chart. Communication has gotten much better within our team as well.

  • Nothing new yet has happened for me. I’m holding off on doing the budget now because my group said to wait a week. We have a tentative meeting scheduled on the coming Friday.

  • This week we finished out draft of the star-up budget and showed it to our sponsor. He made edits and other suggestions to the budget for us to correct for our next meeting. We need to schedule another meeting with Courtney in the future for her to look at our deliverables. We also need to edit our our quality management plan because we did it incorrectly.

  • The team met up with Courtney and BAs. Currently, the project seems well and on track. BAs know what they have to do and have been delivering deliverables on time.

  • My team met with the engineers, unfortunately I was unable to attend cause of prior engagements. I will be informed of what they talked about in the near future and everything should still be going according to plan

  • This week, my team was able to catch up with the schedule, and got really helpful feedback from helpful from Courtney and Tony. The main focus for next week is to complete the project schedule and to help our BAs to start working on the prototype. Everything looks good so far.

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