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Personal Journal Entries – 10/7

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  • I started playing with the balls on my feet and got the WBS draft done. I will continue with my engine on and all the work assigned to me, I hopefully will do it better and not laid back. I talked to the Sponsor and other project managers and we got good feedback about the project.

  • I have tried to be a mentor to the BA team, especially with what to expect with their tests and extra credit assignments. I am hoping that this will gain their trust and make them more likely to participate with our PM group later on down the stretch.

  • All documentations are currently in progress. They are a little late due to team being assigned late, but we set our own schedule for things to be done everything is set on time. Met with Engineers and cooperation is not a problem. Will be attending Engineer’s presentation of their prototype on Wednesday, all should go well.

  • The project assigned to our group is very wholesome and confusing. It’s pretty frustrating to try and balance work projects along with school projects, even though I think I am delegating the workload pretty fairly. I am extremely confident in my team and our future performance carrying out the project. I am still very interested in “getting my hands dirty” with TFR in the coming weeks dealing with fabrication. In our next group meeting being held tomorrow, I am confident that we will draft a master WBS due to our determination, familiarity, and expertise on the subject.

  • I got farmiliar with microsoft project through lynda videos. Worked on Project charter. We have a group meeting Tuesday at 2pm tentatively. Our group made budget and schedule and revised some of our documents.

  • I finally was able to meet all the BAs after class Thursday night, and was able to see where their heads were for the upcoming project. Also I was able to be briefed on how far they are in the class right now. We talked to them about which of us is the best to ask about each part of the project since we all worked on something different in our BA projects last semester. We broke down which of them should be in charge on what goals thus far and matched them with a PM to ask questions if they need help.

  • I was able to meet up with most of my BA’s Monday to see how their doing with the project. We also talked about my experience with the tests from last year since their test was on Tuesday. I also spent more time using Microsoft project. I haven’t had much experience with it but playing around with it is helping me understand it more.

  • My BA’s and I met up right before their exam to discuss the status of their project. We went over some of their project ideas and explained how they can implement their ideas in Justinmind. Furthermore, we gave them samples of our previous prototypes to show them what is expected. Communication between BA’s and PM’s is also getting better. So far, so good.

  • This past week our meeting schedule really started coming together. We had a very successful PM meeting and all the BA’s attended their BA meeting. We bought the BA’s coffee to incentivize them but I still feel like they have no vision for what their prototype is going to be. We want to help them with the deliverables but because they cant see what they want to make it is challenging. The PMs all contribute to the project really well, we all take accountability, people take on work if others cant make it, and we communicate really well. I feel that we are working well and it can only get better.

  • We are attempting to make our way out of the storming phase regarding team formation. I think we’ll be norming in another week, two tops. I was persistent with reaching out to the BAs and finally started getting responses. The scope document is coming along nicely, and we will be meeting for the first time this weekend. We’d like to try and get a project vision out of the business analysts during that meeting. Another priority is identifying who will be the primary user of the Justinmind prototyper, as this will take up a huge chunk of project time.

  • Met with one of the BAs to touch base and see how their documentations were coming along. Scheduled a meeting with Courtney when she returns from vacation. Continued to work on our own documentation with group.

  • I met with the President and Vice President of TFR to gain a better understanding of our scope and their expectations. The meeting proved to be pretty useful now that we have more clarity. Our team met today to discuss the layout for the WBS and it seems like everyone is on the same page. It’s difficult explaining the ins and outs of building a formula racing car to people that don’t have any experience, but I’m working with a team of great individuals and I’m confident in our success. I will be tasked with completely a draft of the Communication Plan and the Quality Management Plan for Doyle’s class on Wednesday.

  • Still haven’t met with BAs, but we as the PMs are going to start meeting, which we are happy about. I feel at this point we should move on without the BAs.

  • This week I did not get as much work done as anticipated, as I was not feeling well. I booked us an appointment for Courtney when she returns from vacation. I also got advice back from Courtney on our documentation this far. I also made changes to the documents. We scheduled a meeting to meet with the PM’s on Monday. This weekend I plan on working on the communication plan and quality management plan. I would like to have this to review with Courtney at our next meeting.

  • This week I did not get as much work done as anticipated, as I was not feeling well. I booked us an appointment for Courtney when she returns from vacation. I also got advice back from Courtney on our documentation this far. I also made changes to the documents. We scheduled a meeting to meet with the PM’s on Monday. This weekend I plan on working on the communication plan and quality management plan. I would like to have this to review with Courtney at our next meeting.

  • This week we were able to have a meeting with Lauren to try and discuss what exactly she is doing right now and what she wants to have accomplished by December. I get the feeling that she doesn’t exactly know what she wants to have accomplished by then because she doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of time to work on Dairy Download right now, she seems very busy. We asked to send us what she views as a rough guideline on what she has accomplished from September til now and what her goals are for the next two months with details about each goal so that we can understand it all.
    My partner and I are falling behind on documentation, but we should be able to easily catch up once we have the information that we need.

  • The BA team did not have any questions for this week, so no meeting was required. Currently still working on the documents, and planning to meet with Courtney this coming Wednesday.

  • This week both the PMs and the BAs were too busy to meet. Also it was very hard to find a common time where everyone was available. On top of meeting, the PMs has decided to create google docs so that way we dont all have to meet to actually get work done. we are all going to chip in whenever then deicide to meet to discuss the updates we’ve made.

  • My group of PMs and BAs seem to be getting along very well so far. However, I think there is a lack of direction on where they want to go with their prototype. Hopefully the last interview will give them some insight on what direction they want to head in. Communication from the BAs has definitely improved which is a plus. Everything seems to be going well so far.

  • This week I felt that we met the goals we set out initially for the week. All the PMs were able to meet with all the BAs this week and we formalized a schedule as well as milestones on what to do. We share our general ideas on how their scope was and what the general requirements would be
    I was able to share my previous project to give the Ba’s a better idea on how to approach just in mind. We should be able to work together on the upcoming week

  • For this week we cancelled our normal Friday meeting as there were no questions that needed to be answered in person and the PMs were unavailable for meeting time. Leor and Tom are working hard on documentation while I continue to make sure the BAs are taken care of and the documentation is both correct and being submitted in the correct folders. We are beginning to finish out documents and just need to begin having these documents reviewed.

  • I found the past weeks class very interesting. I had thought that bonuses were a positive incentive, but the slides and Tony’s firsthand experience has given me a new viewpoint to consider. That said, our PM group is giving our BAs incentives and they have responded with quality work. For last Wednesdays joint PM and BA meeting we got our BAs coffee since they did a great job on their team scope.

  • This week we had more progress with our deliverables and have a better idea of what everything we need to know about picking a location to build the school. This will help us find all of the expenses we need and also complete the budget. This week we will complete more of the documents and have another meeting with our sponsor. We also need to schedule a meeting with Courtney sometime in the future.

  • This week was good. All of the team was able to meet Thursday night and we were able to finish the agenda I had set for the meeting in a reasonable amount of time. I created a schedule for the team over the next 10 weeks with set milestones to keep them busy and make sure no one falls behind. We created a core requirements list as well during the meeting to try and begin forming a concrete idea of what MS DIM need from the project and also started to assign roles to each BA. Overall a good week for the team.

  • My partner and I have had better communication this week than last week. However, our entrepreneur told us that, due to his busy schedule, he would rather keep most of our communication through email instead of meeting in person. This worries me because I find that it’s a lot harder to work with someone and get things done when we can’t meet or discuss things in person. Despite this, I did manage to set up a meeting with him next week to work on the various documents my partner and I have been focusing on. I’m hoping that he will continue to want to meet in person in the future.

  • Project deliverables are currently being worked on. We had a meeting this week with the engineers and formed a better relationship with one of them which will hopefully be to our advantage. I unfortunately was at work during this meeting but still managed to FaceTime into the meeting and participate.

  • I did not hear much from the BA’s this week. We will be following up with them this week to see how things are going and how we can help.

  • Our team plans on meeting with Courtney when she returns from break. We also have a meeting with the BAs on Monday, although I will be unable to attend as I’ll be at work. Revising our deliverables, then hope to have Courtney look through them to suggest how we can improve upon them. Hoping to start meeting weekly with the BAs, as I anticipate their work load will start ramping up very shortly. I told them I would walk them through JustinMind whenever they need help with it.

  • I am almost done with the WBS and the scheduling. I didn’t meet with the BAs this week, hopefully we will meet them next week to go over their next deliverables. The upcoming week I will be working on the communication plan and the change management plan.

  • We’ve begun having our weekly team meetings which is helping us get into more of a rhythm as a team. I still think not having any contact with our BAs is really setting us back from the other groups. think its frustrating that its our responsibility to go out of our way to track down people from a separate class for a group project just to try and establish communication.

  • This week, I re-organized our google drive folder, and divided documents into different categories to make those documents easy to look up when needed. Our group has more effective communication this week than before. This Sunday (Oct. 9), we made a virtual meeting with our BA team via Google Hangout. During the meeting, I shared my personal experience of MIS3504/3506 class with BAs to help them get a general idea about what are they suppose to produce (team project) during this semester. Also, I finished the 1st draft of risk management plan for our project. Everything seems becoming good. For next week, we are planning to make a schedule with Courtney to review the documents we have so far.

  • This week went well. We were able to meet with all of the BA’s and establish milestones for their project deliverables. I was able to offer feedback on their first scope draft. We also were able to have a small brainstorming session on possible ideas for their project.

  • This week we ran into a problem. Our engineers broke a shaft that was part of the final design. This is going to push back our schedule. We are meeting before the actually team meeting to discuss options on which direction we should go.

  • This week we continued to work on documentation and guide our BA’s through the beginning steps of learning JustInMind. We also set up a meeting with them next week in order to help them on a more personal level. We also scheduled a second meeting with Courtney so that we can stay ahead and get constant feedback on out deliverables.

  • We held another meeting with our BA’s in order to start guiding them through the process of learning just in mind. We also helped them with their scope and other deliverables that they were working on. We also scheduled out second meeting with Courtney to make sure we stay on track with all of our documentation and project as a whole.

  • This week I completed drafts for the deliverables we worked on last week and I started an outline for a risk log and change log to document any risks and changes that occur throughout the project and see how we handle each risk/change. We didn’t contact the BAs because they are still waiting to get their scope document back and are just starting to use JustInMind.

  • Our group had a more effective communication this week. Since we couldn’t find a time that worked out for everyone, we had a virtual meeting with our BA team on Sunday (Oct 9th). During the meeting, I shared my personal experience of MIS3504/3506 with the BAs, and also answered any questions they had about the project to help them know what is expected from them for this project. We also tried identifying who is doing what, especially who would be the primary user of the Justinmind prototyper, as this will take a big amount of the project time. I completed the 1st draft of the Communications plan and a rough draft of the wBS. So far everything seems to be on track. Our plan for next week is to schedule an appointment with Courtney to review the Deliverables we have so far.

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