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Personal Journal Entries – 11/11

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  • I started to get more focus in the project. Getting the documents done. Having the sponsor to help us with the project. He knew that we are almost done in the semester, he gave us more detailed in the project. Making double progress.

  • Met with one of the BAs and went over what they had so far of the prototype. From what I saw, he seemed to understand Justinmind well. As for our documents, we plan to finalize them this week.

  • Progress for our team has been stagnant over the past week. Our team plans to hold a conference call this Saturday in order to agree on the next course of action. Over the next two weeks I hope to have a draft Gantt chart to submit to the racing team.

  • This week we were not able to contact Lauren as she did not respond to our texts, so we are unsure of what she accomplished this week or what is going on. I continued to work on documents and finalize them. We should be done our documentation before break.

  • This week I spent a lot of time updating and making revisions to documents with feedback from Courtney and notes I took during the studio portion of class. I also tried to make a consistent format and design across frameworks. Were almost done the project on our end, just waiting for deliverables from BAs.

  • This week, I spent some time redoing the work breakdown structure. I plan on making more revisions. I am looking forward to meeting with my BA’s next week in order to see how their prototype is coming along and to help answer any questions they have.

  • This week I started finalizing our project deliverables with the feedback provided from Courtney. We have a meeting scheduled with our BAs on Monday to discuss and go over their Prototype. We are still on track with our project, but I suspect there will be issues with prototying because of the learning curve with Justinmind.

  • This week we met with our BAs to communicate the closing process of the presentation and to check in to see where the project currently lies. The BAs truly surprised us this time, showing a very clean and functioning prototype along with having most documentation complete and ready for submission. It was a pleasure to tell them just to continue on the current pace they set and to finish the semester strong.

  • This week we didn’t meet with our Project Sponsor, and this is because she was quite busy in working with companies regarding development. We have a meeting scheduled with Courtney this Wednesday at 6pm, and we will be discussing our finishing touches on all of our deliverables. We are on time with our project, but there may be issues for our Project Sponsor in getting everything developed in time due to the price and experience factors.

  • This week we met with our BAs and are on task. Their documents and prototype are well created.

  • This week our BA’s started working on their personas and the prototype. Monday we are going to assist them for the final touch. I am seeing a lot of progress from the team, I think we are on the right track. We have meeting coming with Courtney next week. I plan to put together all the deliverable and submit to Prof. Messina for review before final delivery.

  • This week i spent time updating and finalizing the charter, scope and schedule. As a team, we scheduled the our 2 remaining meetings with Courtney. Our part of the project is looking good and documentation will all be finalized soon.

  • This week we had a message back and forth about the BAs and the comments that were given to them. Some of them were not happy about the comments they received, and I was specifically was singled out by one of the BAs, when I did not leave any comment. I think we were able to get passed this and get a better focus on the project. Hopefully, we can have better communication on what is happening going forward.

  • This week we moved forward along with the BA’s and have finally set a set time to meet each week with the BA’s, I will be meeting with the BA’s every Tuesday or Thursday right after their 3506 class gets over.

  • This past week I met with the BAs separately on Tuesday to go over things to do to progress in Just in Mind as well as holding a meeting on Friday where all the PMs met. The PMs also met at 5. We are having issues with the PMs progressing in Just In Mind but they are holding their own separate meetings in order to try and create ideas. We have shared our documents and are progressing through working on the BAs’ documnets.

  • Over the past week we had a full team meeting with both PM and BA teams attending. The BAs had a nice start on their prototype and another use case for us to review. Next week we hope to see them continue to make good progress. As mentioned in class, we want to have quick PM team on 1 BA meetings to further understand their team inner workings.

  • This week the PMs and myself worked on updating our schedule and including a specific schedule for the BA assignment. We also had our full team meeting with updated documents and a working prototype. This was a more productive meeting than in the past. We are thinking of doing individual meetings with the BAs in order to check the team dynamic.

  • This week my group updated our schedule and also included a schedule for our BAs. We also had our weekly meeting with the BAs that was a lot more productive than previous meetings which was a good relief. They had documents finished and also a bits and pieces of a prototype. Overall, I think the BAs are making good process and I am looking forward to this next meeting to see their progress.

  • This week my partner and I were both busy with work, so we weren’t able to get as much work done as we had hoped. However, we plan to make up for it next week to lessen the amount that might have to be done over break. I’m a little worried about some of our documentation, so I’m hoping to clear up any doubts when I meet with Courtney next week.

  • This week our group assessed current status and progress of our project, and figured out we should start to refine and complete all documents we had and needed since there is not much time remain this semester. Also, our BAs currently is working on project prototype. We’re planning to schedule a full team meeting next week to go over cases and prototype.

  • This past week I have looked over the project deliverables for the group. Everything is progressing in the right direction. The other PMs in my group I have been able to get face time with the BAs. I have expressed to them to let me know what needs to be looked over since I cannot meet them in person.

  • This week the PMs allocated the remaining work to be completed for next week’s class. By Thursday we hope to have a first draft done of all documentation, and start getting it reviewed and perfected from there on out. The BAs have reported everything is going along fine on their end. Hope to meet up with them one day this week and see their prototype in action and give some tips and recommendations.

  • This past week we got together to figure out what else we wanted to update and if we’re on track according to the schedule. We met up with the BAs so see if theyre up to date. The PM got together so we know that who will be in charge of what items or updates so that we can accomplish the project.

  • This past week I met with the BAs during our regularly scheduled weekly meeting. I was able to provide the BAs with feedback on their deliverables and answer questions they had on their use cases. I also met up with one of the BAs in charge of working on the prototype. I was one of the main JustInMind users for my prototype and was able to help the BA with functionality and formula implementation. The PMs discussed after the last class and we agreed to have a draft of all of our deliverables before the last week in order to get feedback from Tony. Hopefully we will be able to set up some time soon.

  • Progress on our project has been extremely slow and communication is still not up to par. Although I am not worried about the deliverables getting done on time, I am more concerned with how we can actually benefit TFR with our Gantt Chart utilization. Overall, progress needs to speed up rapidly in order for us to benefit TFR.

  • This week we were able to establish how we are going to break down the remaining documentation among the PMs. We were able to meet with the BA’s and offer feedback on their most up-to-date prototype. We also were able to review some of their Use Cases. We were able to establish due dates for their remaining documentation in order to stay on schedule.

  • The week I setup meeting time with Courtney to go over project documents and see what needed to be changed or not. I was unable to meet with the BA’s so the other PM’s meant and went over the project with them to answer any questions needed.

  • Met with engineers and Faculty Advisor this week. Fully assembled hand should be done by Wednesday. Nervous about assembly and time is running out. Should be good though.

  • We set up meeting with courtney and our BAs. We hit a bit of a rough patch with our BAs last week when they believed we were too hard on them in our midterm progress reports. We smoothed things over and will be working with them this week.

  • We have a meeting with Courtney tomorrow and we had a meeting with our sponsor about the assembly of the 5 year pro forma budget. We still need to finish the deliverables we have put off.

  • Our team is busy reevaluating our project budget, risk management plan, and schedule. There has been a lot of fluctuation with scheduling lately because the BAs are fully focused on prototyping. We have a meeting with Courtney tonight, so we should come away with some good advice on completing the documents I mentioned as well as keeping the BAs on schedule.

  • Our meeting this week went well. There wasn’t much to talk about other than what needed to be done over break. Our meetings are becoming shorter and shorter as there is not that much stuff left to do.

  • This week our team met and went over the work everyone has to do. The roles we assigned weren’t sticking to the BA’s and not much progress was being made in the JustinMind Prototype, so we assigned new roles to give more accountability to all the BAs. We really want to get across to the BA’s that crunch time is now and they need to start making significant progress on all of their work.

  • This week we assessed the current status and progress of our project. We figured out we need to refine and review all documents we needed as there is not much time left till the end of the semester. Our BAs are pretty far on working on the prototype. We’re planning a meeting with the full team meeting soon.

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