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Personal Journal Entries – 11/18

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  • Finishing with the documents with my team. I learned that WBS ties together with budget. Also I will need make effort with microsoft project. Learned to have more control management and time management.

  • This week the PM’s attempted to meet with the BA’s individually which did not turn out very as we hoped. None of the BA’s came to us with any questions. We also had a call this week with Courtney where we requested that she looked over our documents so we can begin to finalized the project documents. Our team meeting went well. The use cases, scope, scenarios, and personas are coming along nicely. They just need to work on the prototype.

  • This week we continued to finalize our documents. Touched base with our BAs and answered their questions on how they should present their project. They decided to record half the part of their presentation regarding their prototype — we did warn them to ensure the timing of their delivery was perfect. We also answered questions related to the design of their prototype.

  • This week our BAs wanted to make a video for their presentation, they ran this idea to us and we agreed and have faith in them. We told them if they think they cant do a good job then don’t do the video. Our BAs are currently on task. I am currently still working on finalizing our documents.

  • Most of our documents are finished at this point and are only in need of minor editing. Engineers not completely finished the hand assembly. It was supposed to be done 2 days ago. Hopefully done by after Thanksgiving.

  • Finally finishing up documentation within the group. Looking forward to finalizing everything for review. We met today and assigned each other responsibilities which I thought was pretty good. Overall teamwork is synergizing really well. Also looking forward to the BAs prototype and helping them however we can.

  • This week my partner and I continued to finalize our documents so that we didn’t have any work to do over break and only a small amount after break. We have lost contact with Lauren and have been unable to re-establish any sort of communication with her. Luckily, we are able to easily fudge the schedule for her work as it is just research and have a couple weeks of data that we can use as an example.

  • I spent a lot of time working on the risk management plan this week. I’m starting to feel really confident about a lot of the deliverables we’ve been working on. All the work the team has put in is starting to show.

  • This week i finalized all of the PM documentation that i was responsible for. In particular, i finished the project schedule (critical tasks) and project charter. We will meet with our BA’s after break to see how their project progress is.

  • This week I have been working on completing the Quality Management plan and the Change Management plan. We have found that our BAs have started to slack a little and are now falling behind. We had an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss what needs to be completed during the break. I have just went over the Use-Case scenarios and found that 2 of the members who completed some of them did not really understand how to do a use-case. So I am hoping that they figure it out during break with the comments that I left for them.

  • We missed our meeting with Courtney this week. All 3 of our group members work so we’re having trouble finding times when 2/3 of us are available to meet with her. I’m concerned about losing participation for the project because we can’t do much about our work schedules.

  • This week, I started putting together all the deliverables for the final delivery. We were not able to meet with Courtney, however we met the BA’s for Q&A session about Justinmind. They successfully completed the used case scenarios. Next week will be very crucial for the project. Everyone will have to double effort so we can over all the deliverables to make sure we are offering the right solution for the project.

  • This week, we were suppose to meet up with Courtney, but something came up and we were not able to meet up with her. Gino was able to talk to the BAs and discuss with them the progress they have made and their prototype.

  • This week we attempted to meet with our BAs individually so we could further understand their team dynamics. However, they responded 5 minutes before our Monday PM meeting ended that they couldn’t attend (as if we hadn’t already figured that out). Tuesday we had a call with Courtney to discuss transitioning the project for delivery and any last feedback for improvements to our documents. Our full team meeting was alright, the BAs had a few more use cases and a revised scope that were good. The prototype is becoming stagnant with little being done over the past week.

  • Unfortunate this week, our BAs were not interested in meeting individually with us PMs. We did have our call with Courtney on Tuesday and basically just asked her to look over all of our documents so that we can get them ready for the final delivery. Our meeting with the BAs went ok with them having a couple more use cases and revised scope that was looked at by their professor. Their prototype definitely needs more work and hopefully the week break from school will give them free time to make a lot of progress on it.

  • This week I worked on the Project charter a little more to try to finish up this document. I also met with the BA’s and they showed me their progress on their JIM prototype, each member is working on a different part of the JIM product so their work is split up evenly.

  • During the week, our group met with Courtney to discuss our final documentation as well as drafting a continuation plan for the next round of PM’s taking over TFR. It was reassuring that Courtney and Professor Doyle were both confident in our group’s ability to close out strong with our written deliverables while adding value to TFR. I feel accomplished that more PM’s are going to be assigned to TFR, as our group was the guinea pig for a “real-life project setting”.

  • I spoke with Courtney about some of our more finalized documents and her feedback has been good. We still have some adjustments to make on our documentation before it is ready to turn in, but I think our progress is good so far. We have been doing everything over Google Drive and haven’t had a team meeting in a while, so I think we need to have one in order to properly talk about our finalized documents.

  • This week we were able to establish a game plan going into the break in order to ensure that the project remains on time. We met with the BAs and discussed their prototype as well as reviewed their use cases. In addition we also were able to hold a meeting with Courtney and review our docmentation.

  • This week i worked on the WBS, and organization chart to finish up some of the documents. I didnt get to meet up with the BA this week due to time conflict.

  • The past week we met with the BAs to go over the plan on what parts of the documentation and prototype should be progressed upon. The BAs divided up the work and we discussed how much work should be put in to progress the project. Goals for next week are to see the progression of the prototypes in addition to gathering documentation for multiple reviews.

  • This past week we met with our Project Sponsor and decided what else needed to be accomplished in order to set them off in the right note. Goals for the future are to make sure our Project Sponsor is ready to take her project into the real world, and she is able to do this with ease. Transition is key in our roles in the next few weeks.

  • This week I made sure we had all the documents complete and gathered remaining docs together from teammmates. Goal this week is to revise/update and do QA checks on BA docs and prototype.

  • This week our team finished all documentation related to our project. We hope to have Courtney review everything and make suggestions so we can improve upon our work. We will also meet with our group this coming week to see their progress and offer any help/suggestions we can.

  • This week my team is finishing up last minute project files to get them reviewed. We will be meeting with Courtney to see how we can improve our project.

  • This week we are finishing up the last minute project document to submit them for review. For our next meeting with Courtney we will discuss how to make the project deliverables better.

  • We didn’t have a meeting with our sponsor tyhis week but we are emailing him our draft of the 5 year pro forma budget. We still need to finish the deliverables we have put off. After we complete these deliverables we need to submit them for review.

  • This Week our team met before the break to make sure there aren’t any loose strings over the break. The BAs confirmed the work they would be doing and assured us progress would be made over the break. The goal for the week after break is to have made significant progress on our prototype and documentation.

  • This week, our team made our final revisions on our project deliverables. We are planning to have our project reviewed by Tony and Courtney in hopes of last minute feedback before we actually submit it.

  • This week the team met twice with the engineers to aid them in their progress, finishing up deliverables and getting them reviewed by the professors. We are unable to meet with Courtney this week as she was busy but will call her at the end of the week.

  • This week I met with the BAs, who are working on the prototype, multiple times throughout the week. They had some questions about functionality and creating formulas to connect content on the prototype. I was able to help them out showing them my old prototype and explaining to them how they have to balance between functionality and visual appeal in order to deliver a successful prototype for the presentation. I believe they are going to be set to work on the prototype during the break and provided them days where i will be available to meet if needed.

  • The BAs are basically done their prototype. The results look pretty good, and I think they stuck with their original vision very well. There still needs to be some fine tuning and then we can focus on preparing for the presentation. As for our PMs, we are nearly done all of our documentation, adjustments to the schedule and budget are required. We have our last meeting with Courtney this week.

  • This week was straight forward and to the point. There was not that much to talk about. The engineers finished all the machining and the only thing left to do is testing. Other than that, it was a very short meeting

  • Like last week, communication was at a minimum across our team. I tried to reach out to see where we were with deliverables we would give to the racing team and I didn’t receive a response. I’m worried about the overall timeline and submitting quality documentation because of the lack of communication.

  • Finished 1st draft of the project budget.

  • This week, our team finished all documents and planning to focus on revise them next. Also, we have a discussion with our BAs about their progress.

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