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Personal Journal Entries – 11/4

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  • This week our group did not accomplish much as we were both preoccupied with our exam. We were able to get another update from Lauren about her research which is good, but we didn’t have an actual meeting this week. We are going to start finalizing our documents over the next few weeks before break.

  • I feel as if our group is now progressing at a more constant and positive rate, which is good for the overall project. We had a consolidated meeting last week with all of the project’s leads, getting a breakdown of what their actual work entails. We are retrieving specific hourly phase and task times to translate into a budget plan in the coming weeks. All of the deliverables seem to be on time and within scope, and as the project progresses I feel more confident about finishing on time. There are some issues with communication, however the meeting with Courtney should help propel our project forward even more.

  • I did not meet up with our BAs this week, but our groups were in contact. The BAs are starting to schedule more and more meetings, which is a positive and allows for more opportunities for us to get involved. One of the BAs who has done pretty much nothing thus far announced his return to the group, which I found strange, as we never knew he left the group, we just thought he didn’t care. He didn’t give a reason for being MIA for the first half and it’s hard to trust that he won’t just do the same again.

  • This week we were in contact with our BA’s, and they had a few work sessions. It seems as though they are finally starting to work on deliverables and producing a prototype. We have a meeting schedule with Courtney on Monday. I would like to block out some time on Sunday to improve some more documentation. The team is working well together for the most part, aside from a few stray team members. However, the group is big enough to handle the work load and not be affected by poor performing team mates. One BA went missing for months now and thought it would be funny to send us all a meme saying he is “back again”.

  • Our BAs have started their prototyping. We plan to meet with them to answer any questions they have regarding the Justinmind program. Received feedback on our Risk Register from Courtney and plan to make revisions to it along with other documents this weekend.

  • This week I was able to meet the BAs to discuss their current progress on the project. If I had to place their project in one of the stages in the Tuckman Model, it would the norming stage. They are started to take their ideas and are now making decisions and taking action on their prototype. They all decided to have a part with the prototype and plan on meeting with some of them next week to help with JustInMind.

  • Didn’t complete anything new this week. will plan to revise risk analysis chart the coming week and gather information on BA teem meeting this Friday.

  • This week I completed drafting our Project Budget and created a portfolio to put our deliverables in. We are still waiting on our drafts to be reviewed by Tony and Courtney. Our team can then start finalizing our project based on the feedback that we receive from them. Furthermore, our BA’s are currently in the norming phase of prototyping.

  • I have met with Courtney and had more insight on the project itself. Learned that the length of the project is not important and quality should persevere in our project. Also I understood the way that the sponsor wanted us to focus on and give him the project ready for him to start with the update of the website.

  • We talked to Courtney and gave her an update on our project. She told us we need to meet up with her 2 more times. I also fee like our group has no idea what is happening with the project.

  • This week we had a successful meeting. We got a better understanding of everything else thats going on. We also have our documents in order and making progress towards our goals

  • This week I did not work on any deliverables, I spent most of my time reviewing my notes for the exam. However as a team, we were able to meet with the BA’s and give them head ups about Justinmind. They decided that everyone will work on one part of the prototype which is a good idea for the team all of them will learn a valuable tool. I am starting to be optimistic about the success of the project.

  • This week our PM team had our weekly Monday meeting where we revised our deliverables for the final project binder further. I studied during the week for the exam we took Thursday night. We had our full squad meeting on my Wednesday, but due to the Septa strike i joined the meeting via phone. Our BAs had a meeting Tuesday and developed some decent use cases. Thursday night was the exam that I felt i performed well on. However, due to Septa Transit Workers Union strike the “issue” I had with the exam was the 450% surcharge I paid to be physically present on campus.

  • This week we talked with Courtney, it looks like our project is still on track. I also talked with our BAs and they are on track as well, they will be looking into their prototype quite soon.

  • This week we continued to review our documentation and speak with the BAs about their prototypes. This week was fairly light as we were preoccupied on the test Thursday. This upcoming week we will begin to push for further prototyping along with more documentation as we have our documentation reviewed by Prof. Messina.

  • This week we had not that much progress due to the exam, however we continued to keep in touch with the BAs about their prototypes. We will also see how they are doing with their prototypes this week as well.

  • This week we met with Courtney to give an update on the project. I was able to meet with the leader of our BA team to go over issues within the team and project. The team met on Friday to go over the data schema, updated, prototype, and updated scope. We should be meeting more often next week with the BAs as we are progressing towards Thanksgiving break.

  • We did not complete much this week because we were focused on the exam. We need to schedule a meeting with Courtney and start revising the deliverables we have completed. We will not have a meeting with our sponsor this week because he is away for the week.

  • This week our group did not have much progress, but have a discussion and review the documents we have so far. Also, we scheduled a meeting with Courtney on 11/16 and hope to get some suggestions about new progress and make sure we are on the right track.

  • My group did some revising of our final documents this week and also had our weekly meeting with the BAs. I’m getting much better vibes from our BAs and they seemed to be heading in the right direction after having deliverables such as use cases to show us this past week. Moving forward I would like to see them get more work done on the prototype and revise their documents.

  • Since I am unable to meet in person with the BAs I have been reviewing the docs they share with us on Google Drive. This week I reviewed their first use case. I will be reviewing more of their project as the time comes.

  • This week my team and I had to disuse reevaluation of certain team member role due to the fact of lack of participation. Other than to team focus on studying for exam 2.

  • This week us as pm got together to discuss about the documentations that needs update but we couldnt update much because we’re kind of backedup. Met up with the BAs and they showed us our persona.

  • This week we were unable to meet on our normal time and we decided to change the day and time that we will meet from now on. So for this week we met Friday, but I was working while the time everyone else was available. I will have to go over what I missed in the meeting tonight with my group members.

  • This week my partner and I made a lot of progress with our deliverables and the discussions we have had in class to clarify our project deliverables have been helpful. This week was good and I didn’t have any problems arise while completing any of my work.

  • This past week was very successful in our full team meeting. The BAs came to our meeting with a new scope, use cases, and questions about their prototype. I thought this was a huge improvement from the past few weeks that they haven’t brought any new information. The PMs are all still working very well. We updated the budget and our quality management plan this week. We have all our meetings scheduled for next week.

  • Due to the Septa Strike it was difficult to get to the meetings and I instead called in. The Engineering team seems to be in good shape and tests are on time. I feel good about the project. We didn’t meet last week but our chats are telling me that we are in good standing for the project.

  • I spent most of the past week focusing on the exam. We met with Courtney and continued to review documents. I am worried about the level of familiarity our BAs might have working with JustInMind has they begin to enter the prototyping phase

  • This week we were able to hold a meeting with Courtney and give her update on where we are with the project. We have been struggling recently to have meetings in which all the BA’s and PM’s could attend. As a result, we have set up a new meeting system in which we are having shorter more frequent meetings. We are no longer having everyone together at once but instead are accommodating to what works best for everyone’s schedule. We did get go through the most recent prototype, scope, and data schema.

  • We did not hold a meeting with the BA’s this week since they are now starting to really crank away at the project. They have been communicating well and finally all BA’s of the team seem to be contributing. This was a problem, as one BA was not in regular attendance for class and was not contributing to the project. As far as the PM’s, we all have the deliverables that we are responsible for. Personally, i will be finalizing the project charter and project schedule in the next coming weeks.

  • We met with our Project Sponsor earlier this week, and discussed many things with her. We reiterated the idea of communicating with more companies for production, and we can say that we’ve made progress in that area. Also, we met with Courtney and she helped us decide which way to go in regards to all this information. Overall, this was a productive week, and we have seen significant progress in the project.

  • Overall, our team is on schedule to submit deliverables for this class. The meeting last week with the racing team was very beneficial and cleared up a lot of things for our team. However, since that meeting, our team hasn’t met or hasn’t been in communication with each other. I’m struggling to believe that we’ll deliver the Gantt chart to the team in a timely manor.

  • Our meeting with Courtney went well. There wasn’t much progress this week on the project because both classes were focused more on upcoming exams. The prototyping is getting under way very soon, so the vision is a very big focus right now. As long as we get the vision right at the start, we can find a way to get there.

  • Out meeting this week was short and simple. We went over the last minute adjustments to the design and overall project. We came to a conclusion that we are still on track with some minor set backs that are no threat, so we are still in good shape.

  • This week my group did not make much progress, but we reviewed the documents we have so far. We have an upcoming meeting with courtney where we are going to discuss some of the documents and hopefully get some suggestions. So far I feel pretty comfortable as we have all of the required documents. They only thing left now would be just reviewing them again and again until the due date.

  • This week my group did not make much progress, but we reviewed the documents we have so far. We have an upcoming meeting with Courtney where we are going to discuss some of the documents and hopefully get some suggestions. So far I feel pretty comfortable as we have all of the required documents. The only thing left now would be just reviewing them again and again until the due date.

  • This week our team met two times. Once with all the BAs present and all the PMs, and once with the BA leader to go over the progress of the project. We also met with Courtney to go over strategies for meetings and documentation.

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