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Personal Journal Entries – 9/23

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  • I have met my PM group but we have had no progress with receiving a team. It’s been quite frustrating since we need to get work done.

    Wilbert C Castillo

  • I have met my PM group and BAs Wednesday September the 21st. We have made progress on the scope, work-breakdown structure and charter, although I am not able to view some of these documents. I am confused as to which part of the project my group was assigned. Details to the charter need to be improved.

  • Our team made sure to meet with our BAs before their first interview and I also attended their first interview with them. Communication has already been established with our group and we anticipate work for the project to pick up after both classes take their first tests. Our PM team drafter a project charter, problem statement, and work breakdown structure. I plan to get feed back on these documents as I do not feel confident about the correctness of the documents.

  • I have tried to contact the BA’s with little to no success. Will try to connect with them next week because there is nothing getting done.

  • The group of PM’s that I am working with have been great teammates thus far. We have defined the scope of the project, met several times to discuss who is responsible for contacting specific team leads, and to discuss our deliverables and how they will be handled between two different sections. We are making steady progress thus far and communication has not been an issue. It also helps that our client, TFR, wants and needs our help to manage the disconnect in the organization. Although it is a lot to take in, we are making steady progress and we are confident in succeeding with this project. This is going better than I had expected for the time being; we have a defined scope and deliverable list for the final submission.

  • I’ve met my fellow Project managers and the business analysts that we will be working with this semester. When we first met the BA’s, we told them we would always be here to help them if they had any questions regarding the project. However, the BA’s don’t seem to communicate well with us. We are using group me which is a messaging app so everyone is able to reach one another. We don’t get responses from the BA’s when we ask them general questions about the project. This is frustrating so we told them that we are here for them and communication is key in order to be successful in this project. So hopefully communication will get better in the future.

  • Week 4- Personal Journal
    So far in this class I have met with my group of PM’s, Phil and Tony. We have been working very well together with a set day and time we meet to accomplish our tasks for the week. We also scheduled a call with Courtney and got her input on our Project Charter.
    Our BA’s have been a challenge for us. We met them once at the first interview however, other than this time we have not been able to contact them easily. We have to send multiple follow up emails and need to be very strict with a timeline to get them to engage.

    Other than the BA’s so far the project seems to be coming along well.
    Sara Monahan

  • Our team has been working together really well. We met our BA’s at the first interview, and got to know everyone more at our first meeting. Setting up a Group Me chat and collaborative drive has really enhanced communication in the team. In the first meeting we got to know everyone on the team, answered a lot of questions the business analysts had, concluded key points made in the first interview, and gave BA’s advice for success on the project. The BA’s seemed to be excited to be working with us and appreciated the tips we gave them and examples we showed them. I think spending this first week getting to know everyone on the team and setting up communication channels will help us work together effectively throughout the project.

  • My project management team clicked as soon as we met. For these past few classes, my team and I tackled the planning and organizing aspect of our project. We established a means of communication via GroupMe, scheduled weekly meetings, and addressed project assignments. Our team also met with our BA’s and discussed the general idea of their project assignment. After the first initial meeting with our BA’s, communication from the BA’s started to decrease. Since this project is a collaborative effort between both PM’s and BA’s, the lack of communication will negatively impact our project. We have already brought this to their attention and are currently working on this issue.

  • I have met with my partner from Doyle’s class and our entrepreneur multiple times and keep in contact with them on a regular basis. My partner and our entrepreneur are easy to get a hold of and have a quick response time. My entrepreneur makes meeting with us one of his priorities and works with us to accomplish our goals, which makes things easier. At first, my partner and I were confused as to what we could do that would help our entrepreneur with his goals, but as time passes and we discuss things in class and as a team during our meetings, it is becoming more clear. I think meeting with Courtney will also help a lot, so I am trying to work on a time where my partner and I can both meet with her to discuss the work we’ve been doing on our project.

  • Our team has been struggling to find a time that works for everyone. We are still all able to communicate well outside of class but meeting in person has been a problem. We have a very small time frame in which the 3 of the 4 PM’s can meet. We also are having a lot trouble to find a time to meet with all the BA’s at once as well. Only recently did we finally hear back from one of the BA’s after sending multiple emails. Aside from not being able to meet in person, we have not experienced any other problems. We have started working on the deliverables. We also have scheduled our first meeting with Courtney.

  • This week we had our first meeting with each other. There had been contact through email, but we were able to have a WebEx meeting on Tuesday to “meet” each other. We were able to figure out what our entrepreneur hoped to accomplish by December and where she was at this point in time. My partner and I decided to split up the documents that we needed to start working on. We also decided that we would switch off every other time meeting with Courtney.

  • I have met with the other Project Managers and the Business Analysts. We as Project Managers have set up a group chat, where we invite the BA’s to ask questions, and communicate with us. So far, they have been responsive and cooperative with messages and concerns. However, they still seem a little lost. I hope that after a few more meetings we can be on the same page as them.

  • I have met with my group of Project Managers consisting of Sara and Tony. Our PM group is working really well together establishing Google Docs for our deliverables and completing our Project Charter. Furthermore, we have established a time slot for our weekly meeting. Our BAs are a bit of a challenge not responding at all or in a timely manner to our emails. As I mentioned in class, I would like to be able to provide them an incentive other than escalation to their professor.

  • This week, I met with my PM group and have discussed the things we need to get done for next week, and divided the tasks for every PM. However, I have some concerns about the communication between PMs and BAs. I don’t think we have an effective communication with our BAs yet. So, I still have no idea about our BA group’s progress. To solve this issue, one of my co-PM (Casid) built a Groupme application group chat at late this week. I hope it could be a good start for our effective communication.

  • This week we had our kickoff meeting in which we spoke about where we should be within the project and how comfortable the BAs feel about their project. This week we also setup a group chat in which we all maintain constant communication with one another, allowing for free flowing conversations and discussions. Hopefully after the interview this Tuesday, the BAs and the PMs will come a little closer to a common middle ground for this project.

  • Met with our BA’s to make sure they knew what was expected of them with their documents. We created a folder on Google Drive and told them to upload their documents onto it so we could make sure they were on the right track. Agreed to meet every Friday to answer any questions they might have.

  • I’ve met with the other Project Manager and our Project Sponsor. Our sponsor is cooperative and we have weekly meetings with him every Tuesday. My partner and I have been working on all of the deliverable’s together and met with Courtney last week. For our project we are supposed to have a start-up budget by midterms and a five-year pro forma budget by finals.

  • I have met with the other Project Managers on my team (Phil and Sara) and have been working with them for a little over a week now. We seem to get along very well and have set up weekly meetings to discuss our tasks that we need to accomplish for the week. We also had our call with Courtney to discuss our project charter and other questions about our project. So far so good. The only challenge thus far has been with our BAs. Their communication with us has been very limited many emails go unanswered and this definitely needs to change. Hopefully our BAs will communicate more with us so that we can help with their project.

  • We have yet to meet with our BAs in person and they have not responded to any of our emails. We’re trying to establish another means for communication but need them to at least respond to one email. Our PM team does seem to communicate well between one another. We have our meeting with Courtney scheduled for this week and hope to discuss any tasks we have coming up.

  • This week we met with our BA’s for the first time to introduce ourselves and to answer any questions they had about their project. We also offered guidance about how to approach the project. In addition to all of this, we created a GroupMe to always keep in constant contact and also created a google drive for the BA’s to stay organized and to keep all of their project related documents in one place.

  • This past week, we met with our BA to plan out a day where we are all free to met. All the PM have made a group chat where we can all communicate so it can make things easier. We also decide to pick a day to meet as well.

  • Working with the group of PM’s has been a rewarding experience so far, and I’ve noticed that we work really well together. We have crafted our scope and determined the roles of each individual, but more than that we have really built a connection with our team that we are working to continuously improve. In our first meeting we were a little skeptical considering the lack of management on this project, but since stepping in, my co-project manager and I have really set a solid scope for this project. We have worked with our team to figure out exactly what they want for their vision, and how long it will take to accomplish. We have agreed to meet every Monday, and we continue to track our progress each week.

  • This week we were able to go over the general plan of communications with the BA and how to approach their lack of guidance. We will be meeting with the BAs this upcoming week to gain an understanding of what our BA’s are thinking for their approach of our project. The BA’s lack of understanding for the upcoming project/lack of communications have caused limited understanding for us as PM’s. This upcoming week should be beneficial for myself so I can properly introduce myself/ give them pointers on how to approach the project.

  • I had meeting with the ba. Me and my partner got things down already and trying to manage our own tasks and focus more on the BA ideas.

  • There was an email sent to me Friday, September 23rd stating that there was a possibility I would be transferred to a new team. Since my last client was not in need of PMs, I was transferred to the team assigned with the Temple Formula Racing team.

  • At this point I’ve met and communicated with all of the BAs on my team. I sent out an email September 22nd, requesting a team meeting on September 29th. So far three of my six BAs have responded and they’ve been pretty late in doing so. Our PM team has been doing well, we’ve met with Courtney via phone, and have made progress in documentation. The meeting with Courtney was good, but there wasn’t much to discuss yet given the early state the project is still in.

  • I talked to my pm group this week about setting up an appointment up with Courtney to see if our project is on track or not, we have gotten in contact with our BA’s, but we have not received much of a response yet, we hope that this will change this week.

  • We will be meeting our BA’s this upcoming Thursday. So far they seem to not understand the urgency that they will need to complete this project. They seem to provide us with only some times they would like to meet, not all the possible times they are available. Meeting this Thursday will help us understand what their thoughts are on what the approach will be for the project.

  • My group and I met with our BAs at their first interview and introduced ourselves. We also gathered their information in order to start a google doc and a GroupMe to share and collaborate on deliverables and have a easy way of communication. We also set up a kickoff meeting to go over their individual scope documents and answer any of their questions. We plan on meeting with them again during the second interview and at another group meeting.

  • I went to the stakeholder interview to support the BA’s and assured them our availability. After the interview we had a kick-off meetings, we explained them what will be a good approach to succeed in the project. I started working on the works break downs structure, but it’s kind hard to complete without the planning. We talk about that issue inside the team and very soon after the second interview we will have a clear idea about planning.

  • My team and I met to discuss role that each member will be taking during this project, we also went over upcoming assignments and how we can use technology to make life easier for us. Friday we met up with the BA’s to make sure they are comfortable reaching out to us and making sure they stay on schedule.

  • My team and I met with our engineers twice so far. We have successfully gathered some insight on what they do and received documentation on their project. Their documentation has helped our team put together the scope and charter. Everyone seems to be on par with each other and knows what needs to be done each week.

  • I met the BAs during the first interview with Joe Allegra and showed members the functionality of JustinMind. The PMs and BAs have been in nearly constant communication through GroupMe and are all seemingly on the same page. We met with them in person last week and began preliminary discussions on solutions. We shared with them our projects from last year to give them an idea of the work they will need to put into the project. They are open to suggestions and value our input, acknowledging we’ve been through this project before.

  • My team met with our engineers and have kept constant communications with them. We also have created a google drive spreadsheet that details all the work that has to be turned in at the end of the semester to Professor Doyle, these deliverables were divided into the three PM’s. We also decided that we would all help each other out on all the deliverables while everyone focuses on their specific deliverable as well. We plan on meeting with our engineers more often and maintaining communications as that is key for any successful project

  • This week, with my co PMs we discussed what needs to be done for next week and we split the tasks in the group. However, I am a little concerned about the communication between PMs and BAs. we haven’t officially met to do work yet. I believe the communication issue we are having is mostly due to the fcat that the BAs do not really know what to expect for that class yet. I have a little idea about our BAs part of the project which is the participation part, which I also did last year when I took the course. In an effort to solve the communication issue, I created a Groupeme group chat last week. I will be following up with this to make sure we have an effective communication within the group.

  • This week I met up with PMs and discuss how we should start the project. We talked about having a weekly meet up schedule and went over the paper work we did. We also talked about the interview and what we are going to to in preparation. Meeting with BAs is not going so well yet, there is poor communication overall and I’m trying to get them all to respond more.

  • My group met with two of our BA’s to go over the first scope they have worked on. We went over a big picture of how the semester will go and what area they will need to focus. I tried not to overwhelm them but give them direction. We created Groupme to allow discussion between all PM’s and BA’s. We also will share a Google Drive to share documents.

  • We initially got in touch with our team via email before the first interview. We exchanged contact information and agreed to keep the group updated there until we settled on a more efficient form of communication. The first interview went pretty well, I feel like we have a basic understanding of what the project should focus on. Getting requirements for the project in the next interviews will be crucial.

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