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Personal Journal Entries – 9/30

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  • I have finally met with all four of my BA’s by coincidence. I ran into one at the tech center and he told me they were about to write their scope document. I sat in with their group and helped them out to form the scope of this project. Along with that Ben and had a face-time meeting with Courtney to discuss our project and to see if we were on the right track.

    • First meeting with Courtney went well besides tech issues with sound. She made notes on are documents. I was confused as to the goal and scope of our project , but I cleared it up with one of our BAs. The charter will have to be modified to reflect actual goals and scope of our project.

  • Finally met with my engineer team. They are working on a prosthetic hand. PM’s are working on the scheduling that we will provide to the Engineers.

  • Because I started with this team late, I set up a status meeting with two individuals to learn where they are in their process. All of the team members have set meetings with division leads and most have already met with them to start a draft of the WBS. Since I have been involved with TFR for two years now, I will be able to provide a more in-depth prospective.

  • This week there was no meeting because we could not find a common time among the three of us. Andrew and I continued to work on our documents and split up the next three documents (scope, budget, schedule). After Andrew meets with Courtney on Friday and gets some feedback we will be able to revise some of our first drafts hopefully.

  • This week our BA’s had their second interview and it went pretty good. My team reviewed the scopes provided by our BA’s and gave them recommendations on how to create a better scope. This included quantifying their objectives, structuring material, and etc.

  • This week, our BA”s had better communication with my group. We are getting answers from them more often. Overall their doing well. We went over their team scope document and gave them advice on how to make it better. My group and I plan on meeting up with them next week to check on their progress.

  • This week had a meeting with the project sponsor and with other project manager. New member entered our team, supposed to be meeting them on Thursday. I missed the chance on meeting him. On the project sponsor part, we had a change on the project idea and redoing all the work.

  • This week our BA’s kicked it into high gear and used our GroupMe chat for a lot of communication in preparation for the interview, deliverables, and our first meeting. We had the meeting Thursday where we went over the scope of the project and some other objectives for clarity’s sake. The meeting with Courtney also went well, just not much to go over considering it was Monday and things only began rolling around Tuesday. Overall communication has vastly improved from last week.

  • This week we had a short meeting with our sponsor just to talk about what we need to include for the scope document, budget and project schedule. We also had our sponsor sign the project charter we created for the project. We will meet our sponsor again next Tuesday afternoon.

  • Our team is currently working on their scope document. We are trying to monitor this task closely because it will ensure that everyone is on the same page. We need to get together and discuss the process of completing tasks and who does what. There are still two more interviews, so at this point we are doing what we can with the information available about the project. Establishing requirements will be very important in the coming interviews, and will help us structure a more effective WBS.

  • This week we met with Courtney via WebEx and went over how are project was doing and reviewed the project charter. We also sent over Courtney our Project Charter, WBS, and risk management plan for feedback. She gave us some great feedback to revise our documents. We did not meet with the BA’s this week, because we were all focused on the exam. We have been in communication with the BA’s in the GroupMe chat, and plan to meet as a team again next week.

  • This week we were able to finally coordinate meetings through Group me. I was able to meet up with the BA to go over the project deliverables as well as get a sense of their scope for their project. We gave recommendations on how to break down the work for the project as well as begin brainstorming ideas. We also wanted them to make sure they understand their project fully understand their scope. We will be having weekly meetings from now on so communication should be more productive.

  • I still have not had any contact with the BAs. I know from Gino that they are working on their scope and we have created folders in google drive so we can see their work. Gino and Ben also met with Courtney to discuss what we should do moving forward with the lack of communication with the BAs.

  • My partner and I have maintained some communication with each other for our project, however our project sponsor is becoming more difficult to contact or meet up with. We haven’t yet acquired the necessary information we need from him in order to complete our project documents and are waiting for his response to set up a meeting to discuss things further. Because of this, we seem to be in a situation where we can’t complete any more work until he responds back to us.

  • We have been in contact with our BA’s in our group chat. They always respond back quickly to our questions, and are never shy to ask for help. They have completed their team scope for the project as well, and it is structured well. This week we also had our first meeting with Courtney, it went by really quick, but she was able to point us to the right direction and how to perform a better role as a Project Manager.

  • There was no meeting with the BA’s this week due to the due date of their scope. We didnt really start on anything yet but we do have constant communication within the BAs and the PMs. The BA did share the scope document with us for us to review over it.

  • This week I went to the second stakeholder interview and take relevant notes regarding the project requirements. Also, I have met with the BA’s to work on their final scope. They successfully complete the project scope and deliver it on Thursday. The next step for me is to work on the project scheduling which I plan to strike this week.

  • This week we continued to have the BAs focus on the 2nd interview and submit the answers in which they received through Google Drive. We also me with half the group for our weekly meeting to go over where they currently stand on the project and how to prepare for their up coming test. We also spoke about how the group needs to begin the prototyping process ASAP and take their scope document to their professor as many times as possible. Overall, I believe that we are beginning to get on track for this project, slowly but surely.

  • This week our BA’s held their second interview session. We had one PM attend the session. We will be planning to meet with them next week to make sure they are on track and see what they have done so far.

  • As PM’s we had our first meeting with Courtney, where she reviewed and helped us with our deliverables. We also supported the BA’s with their second interview and will be meeting with them next week to go over the next steps for the upcoming weeks.

  • This week the BAs had their second interview. Our BAs collaborated on the questions they plan on asking during the interview. We had one PM attend the second interview. Our group plans on scheduling a meeting sometime next week to help with the next deliverables and answer any questions.

  • This week we all agreed on a time to meet with Courtney for the second time, this will be my first time meeting with Courtney as I couldn’t attend the first meeting because of my internship. We plan on meeting again this week along with our engineers.

  • This week we met as a group of PM’s to discuss some risk plan ideas as well as a communication plan for our BA’s. We also went to the second interview with the second SME. Finally, we meet with three of the BA’s later in the week to discuss their ideas and go over their team scope. We helped them with the scope and let them know about our new methods of communication and how important it will be throughout the semester.

  • This week my team of PMs met up to discuss the risk management plan and also how we are going to communicate with our BA’s. 2 of my group members attended the second interview which I heard went well. We set up a weekly meeting time with our BAs so that everyone can be on the same page. Our BAs uploaded their individual and team scopes for us to look over. We were also able to meet with our BAs this past week and stressed how important communication is.

  • This week my PM group worked on the risk and communications plans. Sara and I attended the second SME interview and obtained further information to assist our BAs. We had an excellent meeting with out BAs to help them with their team scope draft. Lastly, the PMs and BAs focused on communication to ensure we have a great semester working together.

  • This week our team met with Courtney, who helped look over our deliverables. She gave us suggestions on how to improve them and make them clearer. We hadn’t met with our BAs this week, but plan to this coming week. We plan to give them a general outline on how to proceed from here, as we are already coming close to being halfway done the semester.

  • This week our team met with Courtney and disused future steps to take until our organizing documents. We’ve also had a meeting with BA’ and PM’s to make sure everyone the project was moving smoothly .

  • This week we had no meeting because we could not find a common time among us the PMS and the BAs. However my teammates and I continued to work on our documents and split up the work among each other. We are still trying to find a time that works out for everyone or the majority of us, and also meet with Courtney to get some feedback on our first drafts.

  • This week, our team had a group meeting where we are constructing a master WBS while creating a general outline so deadlines can be met throughout the semester. We have a new group member, Ben, who will be able to provide us with vital information due to his constant work with TFR over the past two years.

  • This week we had no meeting with our team because the engineering student is having difficulty finding a time to meet. We keep reaching out to her to set up different times, but it is becoming quite difficult. Regardless we edited our WBS and Project Charter to improve it, and we have started on some of the other deliverables. We also met with Courtney this week and she was very helpful in guiding us in the right direction. We have many obstacles that we are facing, but we’re trying to get through it by being patient and completing the work.

  • This week we had a team meeting with a new member. She is a great addition to the team. We then had our usual Wednesday meetings with our engineers to discuss where the team is in regards to our project schedule. Most things are on schedule except for a couple a set backs that were unforeseen.

  • Our BAs have really been communicative as of late and seem to have a handle on what their project is now. They really seem to be prepared and ready to work. They have mostly figured out what their roles will be within the group as well. This has been a great improvement from the last journal entry.

  • This week we met with our BAs for the first time which was good progress. Consistent contact will be needed moving forward. We also had our meeting with Courtney which was more helpful than I initially thought it would be and we were able to clear up some confusion we had on the project and alleviate some stress related to our deliverables. We feel slightly behind schedule but now that we’ve had a little more information abut the deliverables and contact with our BAs our team doesn’t seem as worried as we did before.

  • This week our team was still struggling with settle a group meeting since we couldn’t find an appropriate time works for most of us. It ‘s not a good new for managing a project. In order to keep our project smoothly as possible as I can, I exchanged our (PM team’s) progress with our BA teams through email. I hope we can meet and discuss our project in person successfully.

  • Met with Courtney to touch base with where we were on the project and how the dynamic between our BAs was. Had our 2nd weekly meeting with BAs to discuss any questions they had.

  • We have been able to schedule our first meeting in which all BAs and PMs are present at the same time. The BAs have been very active in communicating with us in regards to what is going on in the project and what they are doing specifically. We had our first meeting with Courtney and were able to talk with the BAs on how to go about starting their project scope.

  • This week the group is having trouble meeting up and ended up canceling the meeting. Hopefully things start to pick up when we meet with courtney and plan meetings better. Not sure how the group will be like next week because I won’t be able to meet up but hopefully other pms will show up.

  • Since our first test was this week and the BA’s have there first test next Tuesday, we all focused on studying primarily. We will continue to clean up the rough form deliverables in the follow weeks. I plan on getting feed back on deliverable drafts in the near future.

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