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Weekly Progress Report – 10/21

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  • Team: Ben, Gino, Alan

    This week:
    1. Our team finally made contact with our BAs
    2. BAs completed and uploaded scope
    3. Sent requested documents to Messina for review

    Next week:
    1. Revise documents
    2. Meet with BAs
    3. Work with BAs on JustInMind as they move towards the prototyping phase

    None currently

  • This week, my team planned to meet with Courtney, refine our deliverables, and attend the final BA interview. Our meeting with Courtney went well because she indicated that we are on track to complete our work on time and she gave us some helpful advice for some of our more challenging deliverables. All of our documents are at least drafted and we are now in the process of getting feedback and refining those documents. I was able to attend the interview on Thursday and we are now looking forward to helping the BAs design their prototype.

  • From: Kevin Santoni, Andrew Fiss – Dairy Download
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: October 21, 2016
    Period: 10/17/2016-10/21/2016
    Hours: 3
    Hours to Date: 14
    1. Was able to complete most of our Charter now that we understand that our project will mostly focus on research.
    2. Started our schedule in MS Project.
    3. Revised the WBS.
    4. Andrew met with Courtney.
    5. Received our first document from Lauren that showed what research she had completed this week.
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Schedule a meeting with Lauren since we were not able to meet this week.
    2. Try to complete the schedule in MS Project.
    3. Revise any documents that we feel need to be revised.
    1. Lauren was not able to make our WebEx meeting time, so the meeting was postponed til next week.
    2. Charter is still not completed.
    3. Our MS Project file needs to have its settings refined to more accurately display our work time/hours.

  • Team Sara Tony and Phil.
    Weekly Progress Report
    Accomplishments this week:
    Had weekly PM meeting to complete the organization chart, the budget, and the updated communication matrix.
    Met with BA’s to discuss the status of their project and go over the team scope that they got back from Lavin last week. We also talked about our expectations for each other and our team.
    We had our bi-weekly meeting with Courtney as well as shared our google drive with her.
    Phil went to the third and final interview for the BA’s
    Plans for this week:
    Meet with PM’s on Monday to begin to revise our documents with the help of the comments from Tony and Courtney
    Weekly meeting on Wednesday with BA’s to work on the prototype as well as business rules and use cases which are coming up in their class schedule
    Send Tony more documents to go over during studio.
    Connect with Courtney on her review of our documents.
    Our BA’s motivation level is lacking but we have high hopes for the coming week

  • Team: Temple Formula Racing
    Team Member: Jon Kerin.

    Accomplishments for October 7, 2016:
    1) Met with the systems leads as a team to discuss the work breakdown structure and schedule
    2) Created RACI chart, organizational chart, and list of stakeholders

    Goals for October 28, 2016:
    1) Meet with systems leads as a team again to finalize the hierarchy and structure of the WBS and schedule
    2) Schedule meetings with systems leads individually to gather deliverables, tasks, resources, and dependencies
    3) Create a revised budget

    1) The meeting with the engineers did not seem too productive since we did not decide on anything concrete, but it was a conversation that needed to be had. Figuring out how to structure the WBS and schedule is difficult since the project is so complex. We will meet next week for 2–3 hours with as many key stakeholders as possible to finalize these decisions.

  • From: Brian Wallace, Serena You, Casid Sohou
    To: Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: October 21, 2016
    Period: 10/17/2016-10/21/2016
    Hours: 3
    Hours to Date: 20
    1. Met with Courtney via Google Hangout, and got suggestions for our issues of last week.
    2. Discussed the status of project with BA, and got review for first draft of scope document from BAs’ class (Prof. Lavin)
    3. Located the problem we currently have.
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Have a discuss with BAs about 3rd interview.
    2. Schedule a meeting with BAs to discuss project execution, and list the stakeholders of our project.
    3. assign the role as PM during this phase of project
    2. Create project schedule, budget, org. chart, and RACI chart.
    1. Do not have effective communication with BA. Lack of motivation.

  • From: Lavin Group D (Leor Capunitan, Thomas Lee, and Tyler Gaber)
    To: Anthony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – October 21st, 2016
    Period: 10/15/16 – 10/21/16
    Hours: 25 Hours to Date: 25

    Accomplishments for October 21st, 2016
    1) Submitted project charter to professor for review
    2) Continued work on project budget
    3) Continued work on project schedule

    Goals for September 30th, 2016
    1) Finish project schedule for review
    2) Finish project budget for review
    3) Review BA’s project prototype for critique

    1) BAs are just starting the prototyping process and need to push themselves to finish on time
    2) Project schedule and project budget are difficult documents as they are mostly fabricated rather than based in fact

  • From: Adama Traore, Dario and Michael ( Group B)
    To: Anthony Messina

    1. Project charter , submitted to the Professor
    2. Meet with Ba’s and gave them insight about Justinmind
    3. Communication matrix and Change Management Pan drafted
    Next Week:
    1. Weekly meeting with the Ba’s
    2. Meeting with Courtney
    3. Submitted WBS, Communication matrix and Change Management plan to the Professor for review.

    Currently everything is going smoothly, we don’t have any major issue.

  • Team : Piezoelectric Pace Maker
    1. Phone call with Courtney
    2. Meet with one Engineer and PM team
    3. Submitted Project Charter to professor for review
    4. Finished Risk Management Plan
    Next Week:
    1. Weekly BA Meeting / Courtney
    2. Try and get more budget detail from engineers to finish Budget Plan

  • My partner and I completed the rough draft of our change management plan, started the risk management plan, and are working on finding templates and competing the rest of the plans. Our goal for next week is to complete the risk management and communications plan and start work on the scope, budget, and project schedule. We also plan on meeting with Courtney.

  • Team: Doyle 21

    1. Meeting with Courtney
    2. Working on budget

    Goals for next week:
    1.Finish budget draft for sponsors approval
    2.Work on the WBS, risk and change management plans, and schedule
    3.Finalize some of the deliverables
    4.Meeting with Courtney

  • From: Evan Chiao, Jeremy John, Jeff Craskey, Rob Higgins
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – October 7th, 2016
    Period: 10/1/16 – 10/7/16
    Hours: 4
    Hours to Date: 17
    1. Met with Team and went over BA’s first prototype iteration.
    2. Looked over and edited BA’s scope document.
    3. Talked about what the next steps are for BA’s in coming weeks to meet set milestones.
    4. Met with Courtney and discussed Team’s progression.
    1. Finish drafts for all PM documentation.
    2. BA’s deliver next Prototype iteration next week
    1. BA’s aren’t arriving to meeting on time due to schedules.

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