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Weekly Progress Report – 10/7

15 Responses to Weekly Progress Report – 10/7

  • Planned work to be started this week:

    – Scope Document
    – Project Charter
    – Work Breakdown Report

    Works in Progress:

    – Scope Document
    – Project Charter
    – Work Breakdown Report
    – Engineer Work Schedule for the week of 10/10/2016

    This week’s meetings:

    – Monday meeting with full PM and Engineering team to clarify what work needs to be done.
    – Friday meeting with Tyler Urquhart (PM) and Oreoluwa Alonge (Engineering Team Lead) to discuss work breakdown and team roles.

    – PM was assigned to engineering team late and so we are starting on our assignments later than other teams.
    – No other issues, all documents on schedule for completion.

  • Team Members: Robert Gallagher, Kevin Vong, Michael Dennis
    To: Anthony Messina
    Period: 10/01/2016 – 10/07/2016

    1. Completed the first draft of our problem statement, project charter and work breakdown structure.
    2. Currently in the process of drafting our risk management plan using Project
    3. Started planning for completing communications plan, quality management plan and change management plan.

    Goals for next week:
    1. Schedule the rest of our meetings with Courtney.
    2. Finish drafting our project plans that are yet to be completed.
    3. Get feedback on our project plans that we completed so we can start revisions.

  • From: Brian Wallace, Serena You, Casid Sohou
    To: Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: October 7, 2016
    Period: 10/03/2016-10/07/2016
    Hours: 3
    Hours to Date: 7
    1. Completed the first drafts of our problem statement, project charter, WBS, risk management, communications, quality management, and change management plans.
    2. Created a Google Driver folder and GroupMe chat.
    3. Completed first revision of scope document.
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Meet with Courtney to discuss effective project management practices.
    2. Complete our first draft of the schedule and budget for the project.
    3. Revise our problem statement, project charter, and WBS.
    1. Not able to have a team meeting due to conflicting schedules.
    2. We need to guide the BAs towards creating a complete vision for the project.
    3. Figuring out who will be completing specific tasks.

  • Team Members: Jerald Kahn, Elijah Haas, Robert Lesnick
    1. Made updates to documents after receiving comments back from Courtney
    2. Booked second sppointment with Courtney for when she returns from vacation
    3. Jerald finalized our risk management plan
    4. Scheduled appointment with PMs for Monday

    1. Draft quality management plan, communication plan, and change management plan
    2.Discuss the BAs different roles in the project with them, see status of deliverable, review scope, and answer JIM prototyping questions

  • Accomplishments for October 7, 2016

    1) Met with all project leads to develop work breakdown structure.
    2) Followed up with the President and Vice President of TFR to better understand their expectations and clearly define our scope.
    3) Met with all project leads to establish a system to better organize the WBS and clearly establish document owners.
    4) Finalized charter and scope.

    Goals for October 14, 2016

    1) Complete risk, change, quality, and communication management documents by October 12.
    2) Follow up with all project leads regarding the duration of phases, hourly breakdown of tasks, and resources needed to complete each phase/task.
    3) Combine individual WBS into master project file along with resource needs and time constraints.
    4) Begin creating master project schedule to present to TFR at next project meeting.


    1) Found that there are sub-systems within each system. This creates a new, and more detailed understanding of the project.
    2) Overall project WBS not completed due to not having completed individual WBS.
    3) Didn’t establish project schedule because master WBS not completed.

  • From: Kevin Santoni, Andrew Fiss – Dairy Download
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: October 7, 2016
    Period: 10/03/2016-10/07/2016
    Hours: 2
    Hours to Date: 7
    1. Had a great meeting with Lauren to discuss the specifics of what her goals are for December.
    2. Andrew scheduled another meeting with Courtney.
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Try to schedule another meeting with Lauren.
    2. Revise the problem statement and project charter.
    3. Start working on the schedule and budget.
    4. Have the first scope draft completed.
    1. We have not been able to start the budget or schedule for our project as we are waiting for a detailed summary from Lauren to see what will need to be accomplished and when.

  • Team Sara Tony and Phil.
    Weekly Progress Report
    Accomplishments this week:
    Met with PM’s to complete the Risk plan and Communication Plan
    Met with BA’s and PM’s to go over the scope as well as the communication plans and future questions for the interview
    Scheduled more meetings with Courtney for every other week until the end of the semester
    Plans for this week:
    Meet with PM’s on Monday to go over more documents
    Meet with BA’s Wednesday for more questions they have as well as JustinMind help
    Complete scope document, budget and project schedule.
    Send Tony more documents to go over during studio.
    Our BA’s still seem confused on the project but that will get better over time.

  • From: Lavin Group D (Leor Capunitan, Thomas Lee, and Tyler Gaber)
    To: Anthony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – October 7th, 2016
    Period: 10/1/16 – 10/7/16
    Hours: 15 Hours to Date: 15

    Accomplishments for October 7th, 2016
    1) Finished Risk Management plan
    2) Finished Communications plan
    3) Began working on the quality management plan

    Goals for September 30th, 2016
    1) Finish quality management plan
    2) Submit the Risk Management plan for critique
    3) Regroup with BAs to see where they stand on the project

    1) Second half of the semester is beginning and BAs will need to pick up their pace
    2) PMs need to begin submitting completed documentation to professor for critique

  • We are still working on the WBS, scheduling, budgets, risk management plan, and change management plan. This week we completed our communications plan and quality management plan. We need to talk to Courtney again and have her check some of our documents that we have completed.

  • My partner and I have made progress on our risk management and change management plan. We have yet to start working on our communications and quality management plans, but hope to get a good start on them next week during our meeting with our entrepreneur. We also hope to further solidify our risk management and change management plans. My partner and I will then need to schedule a meeting with Courtney to discuss our progress.

  • -Met with Engineers on Wenesday
    -Hana created a list of tasks the engineers need to complete. We can finalize the schedule as soon as the engineers finalize the list.
    -It seems like the “storming” stage of our team’s development is ending. We were able to generate a cooperative relationship with one of the engineers. He gave us insight into his teammates’ work styles. They are all independent workers, and that is why it has been difficult for us to get everyone to work together. We are adjusting our strategy accordingly

    Next Week:
    -Hopefully have WBS fully completed now that we have new strategy
    -Meet with engineers for our weekly checkin with them to make sure they are on track and have not lost sight
    -Finish engineers Google Website
    -Finish Budget plan once engineers deliver pricing of materials

    -We only have one of five engineers on board with us being PM’s, the rest of the engineers either think their project will fail or that they do not need the help of PM’s and view us and the meeting as a waste of time

  • From: Evan Chiao, Jeremy John, Jeff Craskey, Rob Higgins
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – October 7th, 2016
    Period: 10/1/16 – 10/7/16
    Hours: 3
    Hours to Date: 9
    1.All of the project managers and business analyst were able to meet to conduct initial introductions
    2. Finalized the work schedule for the BAs to follow
    3. Discussed the scope documaent to try to establish set requirements and issues that they want to meet in the project
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Formaliz the risk and change managment plan
    2. Meet with the BA’s to see progress on solutions and if there are any difficulties in Just In Mind
    3. Review the BA’s edited scope document

  • Team: Adama Traore, DarioTrabucco and Michael

    1. Work breakdown structure done
    2. Scheduling done

    Goal for next week:
    1. Meeting with BAs to allocate different task
    2. Risk management plan
    3. Change management plan.

  • Team members: Ben, Gino, Alan

    1. risk management plan
    2. communications plan
    3. quality management plan
    4. change management plan

    1. turn in first set of deliverables for critiquing
    2. begin working on new deliverables
    3. establish more consistent communication with BAs

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