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Weekly Progress Report – 11/4

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  • From: Kevin Santoni, Andrew Fiss – Dairy Download
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: November 4, 2016
    Period: 10/31/2016-11/4/2016
    Hours: 2
    Hours to Date: 18
    1. Received another research update from Lauren.
    2. Made minor changes to certain documents.
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Schedule a meeting with Lauren.
    2. Continue to revise documents.
    3. Start to finalize any documents that we can before break.
    1. Due to our second exam this week, we forgot to schedule a meeting with Lauren.
    2. Also, due to our exam there was no work done on finishing the schedule.

  • Team Members: Robert Lesnick, Elijah Jamison, Jerald Kahn
    1. Rob revised the BA’s scope document
    2. I updated some documents according to changes from Courtney and last class’s workshop
    3. Did not make much progress this week, because we were all focused on the exam
    1. Attend meeting schedule with Courtney on Monday
    2. Improve documentation, and do written sections of risk management plan and quality management plan
    3. Schedule meetings with BAs for QA assurance on prototype and docs

  • Team Members: Dario Trabucco, Michael Ingram, Adama Traore
    To: Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: 11/4/16
    Period: 10/31/16
    Hours: 3
    Total Hours: 28
    – Made a set date and time with the BAs to meet on a weekly basis
    – Started to work with Excel to update and complete WBS
    – having trouble with MS Project and are switching to Excel for the WBS
    – Start putting together the binder and work on the binder’s organization

  • Gallagher, Kevin Vong, Michael Dennis
    To: Anthony Messina
    Period: 10/31/2016 – 11/04/2016
    1. Created portfolio for our deliverables.
    2. Made changes to the Quality Management Plan and Risk Register.
    3. Completed drafting Project Budget with the feedback from Tony and Courtney.
    4. Met with Courtney. The meeting was cut short due to our exam.
    Goals for next week:
    1. Meet with Courtney. Schedule the rest of our meetings.
    2. Get feedback on our documents to start revisions. (Pending)
    3. Meet with BA’s to discuss their prototyping strategy.

  • Team: Ben, Gino, Alan
    1.) Met with Courtney
    2.) Sent Courtney documents for revision
    3.) Not much accomplished this week, focused primarily on exam

    Upcoming Goals:
    1.) Continue to revise documents
    2.) Contact BAs and consult on a prototyping strategy

  • Team Sara Tony and Phil.
    Weekly Progress Report
    Accomplishments this week:
    We had our weekly Monday PM meeting where we further revised our final project binder deliverables .
    During Thursday night’s class we took exam 2 and hopefully our team al performed well.
    Plans for this week:
    Possibly have a weekly PM meeting if we determine we need to make further revisions to our documents.
    Be available to our BAs to assist with any issues prior to the full squad meeting Wednesday (assuming the BAs do not cancel the meeting like they did 2 weeks ago).
    Weekly meeting on Wednesday with BA’s to see how their prototype the started on 11/3 is coming along.
    Our BA’s motivational level to continue to have their own weekly meetings and continued progress independently of us.
    Septa strike can have a negative impact on PMs and BAs being able to attend meetings in person.

  • From: Lavin Group D (Leor Capunitan, Thomas Lee, and Tyler Gaber)
    To: Anthony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – November 4th, 2016
    Period: 10/29/16 – 11/4/16
    Hours: 45 Hours to Date: 45

    Accomplishments for November 4th, 2016
    1) BAs submitted their first version of their prototype
    2) Reviewed BA documents and offered feedback

    Goals for November 11th, 2016
    1) Finish project schedule for review
    2) Finish project budget for review
    Both of these are the same as we continue to work towards finishing the project

    1) BAs have just begun the prototyping process and need to truly push this aspect to meet their deadlines
    2) The end of the semester is quickly approaching and we still need both a budget and a schedule for the project

  • From: Evan Chiao, Jeremy John, Jeff Craskey, Rob Higgins(Lavin Team F)
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – November 4th, 2016
    Period: 10/29/16 – 11/4/16
    Hours: 5
    Hours to Date: 27
    1. Team gathered together to discuss future plans for the project outlook and ongoing communications
    2. Got to go over the progression of the prototype, scope, and data schema.
    1. PMs will meet with the BAs and the according times throughout the week
    2. Go over the use cases and other changes in documentation with BAs
    3. Have increased communications between the BAs and PMs
    1. BAs may not be progressing enough in Just In Mind
    2. BA team isn’t communicating well with each other

  • Team: Doyle 21
    1. Meeting with our sponsor for edits and other suggestions for the budget
    Goals for next week:
    1. Make changes to our budget
    2. Work on the WBS, risk and change management plans, and schedule
    3. Redo the quality management plan
    4. Schedule a meeting with Courtney to review what we have

  • My partner and I completed drafting the management plans and are now working on completing our first drafts of the project scope, RACI chart and budget by the end of next week. We also need to contact Courtney again to update her on our progress and schedule a meeting with our entrepreneur.

  • From: Darpan Patel, Will Agentowicz
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – November 4th, 2016
    Period: 10/29/16 – 11/04/16
    Hours: 4
    Hours to Date: 24
    1. Finished several deliverables including all Communications Plan.
    2. Found charities for our project, and are starting to reach out to them
    3. Researched legal aspects for our project
    1. Reach out to charities
    2. Verify all legal research and begin conducting application
    3. Follw up with Crystal Fruit company in regards to coding
    1. Engineering student still doesn’t take us very seriously, and she is very confused about her own vision and project.

  • From: Brian Wallace, Serena You, Casid Sohou
    To: Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: November 4th, 2016
    Period: 10/31/2016-11/04/2016
    Hours: 3
    Hours to Date: 27
    1. Our Team gathered to discuss future plans for the project and specific documents to be submitted to Courtney for review. (Project Budget and Risk Register)
    2. Discussed on the progression of the prototype with BAs who are just about to start prototyping and expect to run into few issues.

    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Meet up with BAs to discuss their first Ideas and vision for the prototype (what it will look like and do).
    2. Meet with Courtney to discuss the Project Budget and Risk Register review
    1. No current issues. Right now we are more concerned with future setbacks in the prototyping process.

  • From: Jon Kerin, Ben Shaffer
    To: Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – November 4th, 2016
    Period: 10/29/2016-11/4/2016
    Hours: 3 Hours to Date: 68
    1. Generated cross-system schedule, WBS, and mapped out dependencies amongst systems
    2. Established process for tracking resources hours to create budget
    Goals for November 11, 2016
    1. Update MS Project file with new schedule while continuing to edit WBS based on dependencies
    2. Collect duration, resources, and effort needs for project ASAP
    3. Outline critical path based on project schedule and dependencies; need to know duration of tasks
    1. Communication amongst the PM’s has gotten better, yet could still be more fluid. The engineer’s want us to help and see how we can add value to their organization.
    2. Everything seems very sporadic, almost as if there is no defined schedule. Information is being collected, but at random times. We need to solidify the data collection process to smooth out inefficiencies in the project. This would lead to more effective utilization of time during our meetings.

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