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Weekly Progress Report – 11/18

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  • Team Sara, Tony, and Phil.
    Weekly Progress Report
    Accomplishments this week:
    Had a full team meeting with PMs and BAs. BA’s updated us with the use cases, scope document, scenarios, and personas. These all were looking very good and we made a couple of edits. they also updated us on the prototype that needs to be worked on before next weeks meeting.
    PM’s also met on Monday for possible one on one meetings with BA’s but none of them showed up for the meeting time.
    Plans for this week:
    Meet with PM’s on Monday to make a final pass on documents with the notes from Courtney and Tony
    Meet with our BAs in our team meeting to go over the documents and prototype in order to have them ready for their final presentation
    The BA’s continue to show that some members are pulling most of the weight while others are not putting much effort in.
    We need comments on the documents so that we can improve

  • Team Members: Stephanie Cheng, Jonathan Holland, Jacky Wong
    1. Met with Courtney and got more insight on our documents
    2. PMs met with each other so we could update more documentation
    3. PMs have been assigned separate documents to complete
    Goals for Next Week/break
    1. Finish up with documentation
    2. Go over and revise any documentation as needed
    3. Have documentation ready to be reviewed by Courtney
    1. Communication during break

  • From: Kevin Santoni, Andrew Fiss – Dairy Download
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: November 18, 2016
    Period: 11/14/2016-11/18/2016
    Hours: 2
    Hours to Date: 22
    1. Continued finalizing documents.
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Try to schedule a final meeting with Lauren.
    2. Finalize the rest of our documents, schedule, and budget.
    1. Lauren has stopped communicating and sending us updates.

  • This week we planned to meet with our BA team to discuss their project and continue refining our deliverables. We were successful with both.

    The BAs have successfully created their first iteration of their prototype. We discussed strategies that will help them create a higher quality solution to present.

    We also reviewed multiple documents, primarily focusing on the budget and risk management plan. Both documents are near ready to be turned. We will continue to refine our remain deliverables, primarily spending more time with the work breakdown structure and schedule.

  • Team: Ben, Gino, Alan
    1. Met with our BAs to discuss prototyping
    2. Continued to finalize documents
    1. Schedule meeting with Courtney
    2. Continue to finalize documents

  • Accomplishments:
    1. Met with Courtney
    2. Revised rough drafts and moved further into final deliverables
    1. Schedule another meeting with Courtney
    2. Finalize most if not all final deliverables
    3. Hold a team meeting to go over everything that has been finalized

  • From: Evan Chiao, Jeremy John, Jeff Craskey, Rob Higgins(Lavin Team F)
    To: Tony Messina, Mart Doyle
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – November 11th, 2016
    Period: 11/5/16 – 11/11/16
    Hours: 5
    Hours to Date: 36
    1. Finished an updated scope and went over more use cases
    2. Sent our drafts of documentation for our project
    1. Go over the final stages of the prototype
    2. Review the final deliverables of documentaiton
    3. Schedule a meeting with Courtney
    1. BAs didn’t progress in Just In Mind and are putting off the project.
    2. Certain BA’s aren’t responding to messages sent to them

  • From: Darpan Patel, Will Agentowicz
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – November 18th, 2016
    Period: 10/11/16 – 11/18/16
    Hours: 4
    Hours to Date: 28
    1. Finished several deliverables.
    2. Figured out future steps for our Project sponsor to take
    1. Finish up final touches on deliverables
    2. Make sure we have a solid future plan for our Project Sponsor to succeed with
    1. None

  • Team: Elijah Jamison, Robert Lesnick, Jerald Kahn
    1. All documents completed basically, except updates and revisions
    1. Last meeting iwth courtney monday
    2. QA session for prototype and docs
    3. Begin reviewing presentation

  • Team: Doyle21
    1. Draft of our 5 year pro forma
    1. Complete remaining deliverables
    2. Submit deliverables for review
    3. Meet with Courtney for a final review

  • From: Serena You, Casid Sohou, Brian Wallace
    To: Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: November 18, 2016
    Period: 11/11/2016-11/18/2016
    Hours: 4
    Hours to Date: 30
    1.Finished the majority of PM documentation, revisions required for schedule and budget.
    2. Discussed with BAs about their progress. Prototype is almost finished, just need some revisions.
    Goals for Next Week:
    1. Meet with BAs to help them finish prototype and prepare for presentation.
    2. Meet with Courtney
    3. Revise project schedule and budget.
    4. Put together our documentation into a binder.

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