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Weekly Progress Report – 9/23

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  • I have no project to report at the moment.

    Wilbert C Castillo

  • Team: Danielle Buerger, Robert Lesnick, Elijah Jamison, Jerald Kahn

    This week we met the team at the first interview, held the first meeting, and set the business analysts up to begin the project. Elijah met the team at the first interview and sat with them through the first interview. We all met as a team on Wednesday, and discussed key findings from the first interview, shared examples of our projects with the business analysts, and gave them advice for success in the project. To set the business analysts up for success on the project, I set up a group me chat to streamline communication. Additionally, I set up a shared drive with organized folders to collaborate on deliverables.

    Next week we plan on:
    1. meeting with Courtney
    2. holding a second team meeting
    3. reviewing the business analysts scope that they have due next week
    4. attending the second interview
    5. revising our project charter and WBS
    6. beginning our deliverables due next week (risk management, quality management, etc)

  • Our team has been focused on narrowing the scope of the TFR project, which we have managed successfully. Thus far, we have broken down each specific segment related to building the car among the PM’s. In addition, we have been revising our problem statement and work charter. Although we are behind on the WBS, we are contacting the team leads in order to refine what work needs to be done, and by when. This includes creating a revised, deadline driven schedule, while being in constant communication with the various team leads. We will be meeting with Courtney almost every week to further refine our charter, WBS, and problem statement. No further progress can be made until the individual team leads gives us a general breakdown of their work structure. We will coordinate with them to finalize deadlines to finish the project in a timely manner.

  • Team Sara Monahan, Philip Tocci, and Anthony Vu
    This week we met as a team for our weekly meeting to get the Project Charter started, went to the first interview with Joe, and met with our BA’s for a few minutes after to dsicuss upcoming events. Phil also sent a follow up email reaching out to the BA’s to get to know them a little more. I sent out a doodle poll to find a time where the most of us can meet at once to create a full team weekly meeting in order for everyone to stay included and up to date. On Monday the PM’s met to finalize the Charter. On Wednesday Phil and Tony were on a call with Courtney that I set up to introduce ourselves and go over the Charter. I also set up two google drives. One is for the PM’s so we can easily access our charter and other documents. I also set a drive up for the PM’s and BA’s so we can help them with anything they need.
    Next week we plan on:
    1. Having our second PM meeting Monday
    2. Attend second interview
    3. Pick time and day for a full team meeting each week
    4. Revise our Project Charter
    5. Begin/finish our risk management plan, communications plan, quality management plan and change management plan.
    6. Go over some documents with Courtney or Tony

  • My partner and I have met with our entrepreneur several times and have been keeping in contact with him on a regular basis. We also met with his COO and discussed their current standing with their venture. We were provided with their business plan documents, which were useful in creating the problem statement and rough draft of our project charter. We are currently working on revising the project charter as well as completing a rough WBS. We are looking to have these done by Monday (9/26). Our plan is to holding a meeting again sometime early next week to discuss the risk management plan, communications plan, quality management plan, and change management plan. My partner and I are also working on scheduling a time to talk with Courtney to discuss our current progress.

  • Our teams plan was to draft a project charter, problem statement, and work breakdown structure. We were successful in drafting all three. Now we will focus on getting feed back on our drafts, providing feedback to our BAs on their first team scope document, and working on the next round of deliverables. -Mike Dennis, Kevin Vong, Rob Gallagher

  • Team: Jeremy John, Evan Chiao, Rob Higgins, Jeff Craskey
    This week we were able to work through our first rough draft of the problem statement, project charter, and the WBS. Evan was able to attend the first interview and had the chance to meet all of our BA’s. Currently, we are trying to coordinate a time in which all the BA’s and PM’s can meet. We have set up our first meeting with Courtney in order to inform her on where we are in regards to the project and also introduce ourselves. We have created a GroupMe in order to make communication with the BA’s more efficient since we have been having trouble with email. We have also started a google drive in order to share our work as we progress through the project. We are working on being added into the BA’s google drive so that we can overlook their work as they progress and offer feedback as well.
    Goals for the following week:
    1. Have our first PM meeting outside of class to discuss what needs to be done.
    2. Have our first meeting with the BA’s.
    3. Revise the project charter, problem statement, WBS, and risk management plan.
    4. Start the quality management plan, change management plan, and communications plan.
    5. Confirm a second meeting with Courtney.

  • From: Kevin Santoni, Andrew Fiss – Dairy Download
    To: Mart Doyle, Tony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report
    Date: September 24, 2016

    Period: 09/16/2016-09/23/2016
    Hours: 2
    Hours to Date: 2

    Accomplishments: This week we were finally able to setup a WebEx meeting with our entrepreneur, Lauren, to talk about her start-up, Dairy Download. This helped us iron out exactly what we needed to accomplish by December and what needed to be done. After the meeting we were able to start working on the documents that we needed to start.

    Goals for Next Week: For next week we need to finish the WBS and meet with Lauren again. Andrew also has a meeting with Courtney for next week.

    Issues: Schedules for the 3 of us are tight and limited, we also cannot meet in-person with our entrepreneur easily.

  • This week we met up and had our kick-off meeting. Went through introductions and as well the project basis. We worked collaboratively on the questions for the next interview and as well as the scope of the project. Afterwards, we planned out our meetings for the rest of the semester and discussed what is to be expected of the project. By next week, BAs should have a completed draft of scope and as well as an idea for what stakeholders are looking for.

  • From: Lavin Group D (Leor Capunitan, Thomas Lee, and Tyler Gaber)
    To: Anthony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – September 23rd, 2016
    Period: 9/5/23 – 9/23/16
    Hours: 5 Hours to Date: 5

    Accomplishments for September 23rd, 2016
    1) Sent out introduction email, introducing all BAs to the PMs and informing everyone how we will communicate through the semester
    2) Created Google Drive folder in which to use to upload all documents from BAs and PMs – Shared permissions with all
    3) Had a group kickoff meeting in which we performed introductions along with attempting to have all BAs and PMs begin continuous communication along with continuous synchronization of documents among both groups

    Goals for September 30th, 2016
    1) Begin to “nail down” dates for the project schedule
    2) Begin to edit communications plan along with change management plan
    3) Begin a weekly scheduled email with the BAs, letting them know where they should be in the process of their project

    1) BAs do not yet know when they will want to complete which documents
    2) Due to a lack of direction, the BAs are finding it hard to begin the prototyping process

  • My partner and I have met our project sponsor and have been working well. We have a charter and problem statement complete and currently working on a WBS and risk analysis. My partner has already met with Courtney and said she would help us out since her husband is doing a similar project right now.

  • Team: Ben Bucceri, Gino Tartaglione, Alan Sung Kim

    1.) Reached out to our BAs to establish a line of communication
    2.) Created a google drive for our PM team as well as one between ourselves and our BAs
    3.) Drafted a problem statement, project charter, and WBS

    Goals to Accomplish for Next Progress Report
    1.) Meet with Courtney Minich (scheduled for Wednesday)
    2.) Draft a Risk management plan
    3.) Start drafting our risk management plan, communications plan, quality management plan and change management plan

    1.) Our lack of communication with our BAs is concerning. They do not respond to any of our emails and seem to show a lack of interest or urgency in completing the project.
    2.) We feel our team is struggling with a lack of direction on the project.

  • From: Darpan Patel, William Agentowicz – BetYou
    To: Anthony Messina
    Subject: Weekly Progress Report – September 23, 2016

    Period: 09/16/16-09/23/16
    Hours: 2 Hours to Date: 2

    Accomplishments for Month Day, 2016

    1) Meet with project sponsor to kick off project and get understanding of the business plan
    2) Completed first draft of problem statement and project charter
    3) Began brainstorming tasks for work breakdown structure

    Goals for Month Day, 2016

    1) Finish first draft of work breakdown structure
    2) Complete research regarding charity donations and its feasibility
    3) Begin creating a document with all specifications of the application


    1) Project sponsor doesn’t seem to understand the goal we have as the project managers
    2) Project sponsor has limited time to work on project along with her classes and work schedule

  • Team: Zirui You, Brian Wallace, Mahugnon Sohou

    This week our team created the draft document of problem statement, project charter, and WBS for our project. To well manage our project and effective team communication, we set up a group chat at GroupMe and shared a Google Drive for project deliverables. Next step, we will working on the risk management plan, communications plan, quality management plan and change management plan for our project. Also, we will make a time with Courtney to review and discussing our progress.

  • Team: Jeremy John, Evan Chiao, Jeffery Craskey, Robert Higgins
    This week our team created the initial drafts of our project charter, WBS, problem statement, risk management plan, communications plan, and quality management plan.
    We were able to communicate with all the BA’s for initial steps on how we will communicate throughout the semester.
    We have created a group me and a google drive for the PM’s and the BA’s to communicate questions and share materials.
    Goals for the coming week include meeting with BA’s for the second interview, begin to understand their plan for the project schedule, and have our initial weekly meting for the process through the project.

  • I have just been reassigned to the team managing Temple Formula Racing. I have scheduled a status meeting to get brought up to speed with the rest of the team. As Jon Kerin has mentioned above, the team is behind on the WBS, however, it was just brought to my attention that one of our team members has a draft and will be presenting it during the status meeting.

  • Team Members: Dario Trabucco, Michael Ingram, Adama Traore
    To: Anthony Messina
    Period: 09/16/2016 – 09/23/2016
    1) the project charter is complete along with the problem statement
    2) we are currently in the process of starting/working on the WBS
    3) we have started to work on other deliverables like the quality management plan, communication plan, change management plan, and risk management plan
    4) we have developed a change management log and risk management log to record any changes that have/will be made during this project and record any risk that have/may occur during this project
    1) we are having trouble with Microsoft project and how to use it. Adama is in the process of learning it in order to complete the WBS
    2) we are also have trouble meeting with all of our BAs at once

  • My team met with out engineers today and have been meeting constantly either with the whole engineering team as a whole or just with specific specialists. Today we informed the engineers of the urgency for them to provide us with a solid schedule for their project. Since the engineers are still very early in the development of their project, they do not have clear dates for their project deliverables. Highlighting this urgency made the engineers give us an extremely rough estimate on their basic level deliverables due dates, which was a good accomplishment this week. We also worked on their Weekly Logs together while PM Alex (Doyles Class) drafted a template for them to go off of. I am also aiding the engineers with their website as they have very little knowledge of HTML and how to work Google Sites.

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