aka Change Leadership Studio – Messina Sec002

CompTIA Project+ Challenge

Earning an industry recognized certification in Project Management is a great way of distinguishing yourself as a business professional who has clearly demonstrated knowledge of Project Management and has shown the initiative to focus time and energy on this subject outside of the classroom.  It demonstrates that you are passionate about this area which is in great demand in industry and can make you stand-out when applying for internships and jobs.  Having an industry recognized certification gives you a significant competitive advantage.

The department recognizes the value of these types of certifications and has introduced the CompTIA Project+ Challenge.  Participation in this challenge is optional and failing to participate in this challenge will have no impact on your final grade for the course.  As part of participating in this challenge students will be responsible for preparing for, paying for (currently $141 with our student discount) and taking the CompTIA Project+ exam.  If a student does not pass the CompTIA Project+ exam, they may take the exam again but will need to pay again to take the exam.

For students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Pass the CompTIA Project+ exam (currently scoring 710 out of 900) and earn the certification and
  2. Earn a “B+” as a final grade in MIS3535 and
  3. Meet the professional achievement point requirement for MIS3535

The department will reimburse the student $141 for taking the exam.  If the student took the exam more than once, the department will only reimburse the student $141 for the first time they took the exam.  In addition, any student that meets all of these requirements will earn extra credit in MIS3535 raising their final grade to an “A”.

To apply for reimbursement the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. The students must provide documentation showing that they did earn the certification
  2. Complete an I9 form for tax purposes
  3. Complete a Travel Expense statement (students will not be traveling but the Travel Expense process is the most efficient way of getting reimbursed)

With the exception of earning a final grade of “B+” in MIS3535, all requirements must be met by the last day of classes for the semester.  Requests for reimbursement will be processed after final grades are calculated.