The Design Mindset: Fall 2018

Case Study Questions

Case Study Assignment

The case is an integral component to achieving our course goals. You are expected to read the case with a particular focus on the set of questions listed below. These questions help integrate course concepts will also drive our in-class discussion. The “answers” to these questions can be found by reviewing the case reflecting on the broader concepts of our course materials.

My expectation is that you will develop an insightful analysis of the key issues using the questions to guide your thinking and be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

Case Study Questions

  1. What is the primary problem addressed by Drinks-Up! and what are the proposed digital innovations?
  2. What are the key challenges facing Drinks-Up?
  3. Consider the Bar’s current systems thinking approach what are the impacts of Drinks-Up! system model?
  4. The team received an offer from an Angel Investor. As a member of the Drinks-Up! team, should you recommend that the team accept the offer? What would you advise, why?
Design Thinking – Healthcare
  1. What Design Thinking Strategies were utilized?
  2. How did the Patient Journey inform the Design Process and approach?
Patient-first Thinking
  1. What is Patient first thinking and why does it matter?
  2. How did the hospital apply the design concepts we discussed?
  3. What design thinking strategies were used?
  4. What other industries did they look to for ideas?

You should draw on the other readings, videos, activities and our studio sessions to inform and support your analysis. Consider using evidence from beyond the course, such as outside research too.