The Design Mindset: Fall 2018

Learning Objectives

Below are the Four Principles of the Design Mindset process and the course level objectives and outcomes:

  1. Gathering of Data: Demonstrate an ability to approach complex problems utilizing Qualitative and Quantitative skills
    1. Functional analysis
    2. Precedent analysis
    3. Problem Identification
  2. Ideation: Develop Ideas (Relational Diagrams)
    1. Defining the concept
    2. Diagraming the Architecture
    3. Determine the core philosophy
    4. Select an appropriate form factor (e.g., mobile, virtual, device, desktop).
  3. Translation into Form: Think Visually
    1. Sketch the preliminary interface
    2. Storyboard
    3. Build the system: Use tools to visualize the method for constructing the system.
  4. Presentation: Communicating Concepts, Visualization and Analysis
    1. Final Model/Product/Deliverable
    2. Storytelling