MIS 3581–Laurel Miller

Discussion Question #2

I hope everyone is learning a lot in your internship.  Here is question #2.  Please comment on this and feel free to respond to other’s comments as well.

What are some of the important things that you had to find out on your own–having to do with the company culture and/or things you wouldn’t normally think you have to ask for…finding the bathroom, finding where to get coffee in the morning, etc?


2 Responses to Discussion Question #2

  • I found out other departments through an org chart that I accidentally clicked on. Since goPuff hasn’t developed a proper training process, I had to seek the answers by asking my boss or colleagues!

  • I used to past by my colleagues having a Facebook tab open on their computer, which I found a little bit strange in a corporate setting, but it was not big deal. Later, I found that it was not Facebook; it was actually Workplace – the enterprise version of Facebook for company-wide communication!

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