MIS 3581–Laurel Miller

Discussion Question #3: What is the most important…………?

What are the most important skills (business/technical) and people that you have discovered in your internship?  Is there a skill that you didn’t have before but realize that you absolutely need?  Is there a person that you discovered that you definitely want on your side (besides your boss of course)?

2 Responses to Discussion Question #3: What is the most important…………?

  • My internship focuses on geographical analysis so being familiar with key concepts is important. Recently, I have been working with an operation associate to help me with GIS (geographical information systems), so having specialists is helpful

  • One of the most important skills for a PM I needed to develop was conflict management skill. Conflicts within teams are unavoidable, and they will not go away on their own when ignored. I learned from my boss that it is best to confront and discuss upfront any possible disagreement and not to take things personally.

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