MIS 3581–Laurel Miller

Discussion Question #4: How do you do it all???

It’s hard to balance your schoolwork and your internship.  Tell us how you are handling it and what tips you have for keeping it all together.

2 Responses to Discussion Question #4: How do you do it all???

  • Google Calendar: I put everything on my calendar and assign different colors to each kind of task. For example, classes and academic-related items are blue, work is yellow, activities are red… This method helps me track the hours allocated to each category. I also sync it to my iPhone to receive notifications 10 mins prior to the event. This acts as a secretary to remind me what I have for the day and helps me countless times when I forgot my appointments.

  • I use my Outlook and Google Calendar for deadlines reminder. I also always try to get things done at least two days before the deadline to prevent stress and doing things last minute, which can affect the quality of my work.

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