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Question #1: Internship Discussion

I hope everyone is off to a good start at your internships.  We have a bunch of students doing internships and participating in this forum.   Please feel free to respond to one another here if you have questions or comments.

The first question is easy: Where will you be working/worked?  What will you be doing/did?

Please post a comment to this post and share with everyone what some of your responsibilities will be/were.  Others may have questions or may be doing the same types of things.

Please be sure that your user ID is your name and not your TU email alias and also that you have an avatoar.  We want to know who is posting.



19 Responses to Question #1: Internship Discussion

  • Walter Hodge

    Good afternoon everyone, my name is Walt and I work for General Electric under the Industrial Solutions business unit as a Process Quality Engineer. I transitioned into the role from the relationships that developed while I was a IT support analyst onsite as a contractor; where I performed pc data migrations during for pc refresh schedules on leased assets, hardware/software support, and hands/feet services on all network related issues. Now as a PQE I leverage the experience I have in IT to efficiently manage quality concerns, in addition, have secondary responsibilities that still relate to support. My main responsibility revolves around metrics, reporting out cost of quality related to warranty escapes, rework, or supplier non-conformances. One project I’ve worked on to help with job traceability was our calibration database. Our site originally had a master spreadsheet listing of all the measuring and test equipment that required annual calibration certifications. I was able to successfully migrate the information into an Access database that was easy to update and pull reports from. Now we can track by vendor calibration schedules, cost, and tools showing as “out of tolerance”.

    Lately, I’ve been working closely with management on our digitalization efforts, we are trying to convert our excel/word documents, e.g. standard plans, working instructions, and data forms into digital documents that can easily be edited/updated/saved to a drop box using iPads.

  • Hi everyone,

    I work for a small software company in South Philadelphia called GuestOf. Right now I am working very hands on with the business development side of things, creating a bigger pipeline and retaining customers. Once I have enough aggregated data, I will be able to convert my findings to automated tools such as HubSpot. From there I will integrate all of these tools together so that the lead generation process is as automated as possible. Later, I will be working on the SEO/SEM side of things. Super cool stuff.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am currently working at Independence Blue Cross- Business Technology Services (BTS) Department in the PMO as an Intern. At Independence I don’y have one specific role but many. On a daily basis, I handle support log tickets to give people access to report sites, help with on boarding new hires, financial adjustments, Project Quality Assurance and much more. I love that I am exposed to all aspects of the BTS department because it gives me an idea of what I want to do once I graduate. I enjoy the PMO and eventually want to get a full time job at Independence but I am not sure how to go about it since the internship ends March 30th and I don’t graduate until May 10th. Any suggestions?

  • Hi everyone,
    My name is Hung Dau. This semester I will be working as an Search Engine Optimization Intern for Fox Run Brands, a leading supplier of quality product for the kitchen located in Ivyland and Philadelphia. During the internship, I will be working a lot with the E-Commerce team to identify and implement effective Search Engine Optimization practices. I will need to analyze and report SEO results to identify trends; I will also need to stay up to date on the SEO industry and changing SEO standards. Besides, I will have a great opportunity to learn about E-Commerce, and get my hand into this area. Learn more about SEO and improve my analytic skills are the major part of this internship.

  • Hi everyone,
    I worked at PwC as an Enterprise Systems Solutions Intern in their Risk Assurance practice. During my internship, I worked a lot with SAP to test controls set up at clients to optimize their audit processes. I also used SAP to test clients’ competencies in various rule set functions. In addition, I spent some time working with RevPro, a revenue tracking and management system, which I helped to implement at a client to adhere to the new ASC 606 standards. In between, I also worked on data visualization projects, working with Tableau and Visio to demonstrate my department’s impact on business processes for the purpose of winning new clients and/or work.

  • Hello everyone,
    I worked at Protiviti as a Security and Privacy intern in their Technology Consulting solution. During the internship, I worked on a variety of projects. My first project was a Cloud Risk Assessment that basically tried to ensure that the client adheres to the industry standards. My next few projects involved some Penetration Testing observations as well as validation testing. During the testing, I had to test each of the errors that came up during the vulnerability scans and categorize those errors by their risk factor. I got to use a variety of Linux security tools and used Microsoft Excel to collect and organize my data. Additionally, I’ve done manual google crawling to find as much information about a client as possible without leaving a trace on their tracking systems. At the end of each project, I had to help to write the report that went to the upper management.

  • Hello Everyone,
    I worked at Union League as a Data Analyst/ Networking Intern for the IT department. Union League is a city club in Pennsylvania for privileged members in the United States. During the internship, I will be assigned to several projects with the IT department. My current project is working with different departments by analyzing the dataset from the past transactions, customer information, and current budget to create a specialized sales proposal for current members.Moreover, I will be analyzing the dataset to discover the potential pattern to increase our current member base. My next project involving data mining through Excel, Microsoft SQL server, and the company’s current data analytics software. In between projects, I will be working with my coworker to increase the effectiveness of our current cyber-security, and I will be in charge of the Networking in the company. For instance, LAN networking, VMware’s group policy, assign users to the different department through the virtual machine so on and so forth. In the future, my manager will transition me to familiarize with the industry and cyber-security. In all, during the internship, I will be in charge of data analysis, networking, and learning more skills on cyber-security.

  • Hi everyone,
    I worked at Tonic Design Co. and a Client Services intern for their Client Services department. Tonic Design Co. is a technology agency that creates mobile, web, and voice applications for other companies. During my internship, I worked on a variety of projects using project management and business analyst skills. For example, I would check the budget, review timesheets, and draft status reports to clients. Also, I lead team meetings and I documented software and design requirements for multiple apps that the Tonic Design teams had to work on.

  • Hello everyone,

    I am currently working at SAP in the East Market Unit as a Demand Management/Data Analyst intern. I joined the SAP team this past winter and will continue throughout this semester. Part of tasks as an intern is to provide assistance with the design of the Business Processes Maps that are to be reviewed by the VPs of the eight different solutions provided in our unit. In addition, I analyze and collect data from different sources such as DMD, CRM, and Excel to generate data charts (in Lumira) of the top 10 programs of 2017 with the highest pipe actuals. My next projects will include identifying the new programs solutions to be running by the end of second quarter, and do the respective training to the sales team of our unit.

  • Hello everyone,
    I worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers over the summer. PwC has professional services which include audit and assurance, tax and consulting. During my internship, I worked in Process Assurance which is a part of the Risk Assurance practice. The main responsibility that I had in my role was to identify if there were any risks associated with my clients IT controls. These risks were identified through multiple tests of the controls and walkthroughs with the clients.

  • Hello everyone!
    I am currently working at SAP American Head Quarters in New town Square, PA. My position title is Go for Growth Manager for the Financial, Banking and Insurance Market Unit in the East. Few of the tasks that I am in charge of include, Filtering, analyzing and cleaning data sets and making reports by creating charts using tools like Excel and SAP’s Business Intelligence Tools like Lumira to measure performance of the sales team. I am also in charge of making business development maps, sprint Plans for potential clients for the sales team so that they can pitch SAP’s solutions. The data that I analyze requires using SAP’s DMD and CRM and its Global data system. My role helps the Sales team within my industry and market unit select and analyze KPIs to catalyze new, running and on deck technological solutions and implementations for potential clients.

  • Hello everyone!
    I am currently working at Subaru of America, INC. in Cherry Hill, NJ as a PMO analyst intern. I joined the team as of May of 2017 and will be interning here until May of 2018. Some of my everyday tasks include establishing and continually enhancing standards and processes for project approvals, project tracking, project completion and termination. I have also been working on two project since I started. The first one is implementing Service Now a Project Portfolio Management solution which includes Demand Management, Project Management, SDLC, Release Management, Test Management, Time-Entry, Cost Management, and Resource Allocation. Some of the tasks in this project have included building requirements, writing test cases, performing test cases and training end users. The second project I have also been apart of is a Role-Based Provisioning project which consists of defining the access to data, applications and enterprise resources for each role in the company.

  • Hi Everyone!
    I hope that everyone has had a wonderful new year and is excited about the internship that they are doing or have already done. My internship was for Cigna. I worked there this past summer, in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The role was for the Operations Leadership Program within Cigna, where I worked within their Service Operations department. As Cigna is a large company, my direct role was on the eligibility side of implementing new and returning clients to Cigna. I was tasked with improving the way that they report their data to higher level management as well as improving the way that the managers of eligibility are able to access, manipulate and use the data from their teams and incoming clients.

    I look forward to hearing about everyone’s experiences!

  • Hello everyone!

    I’m currently working for the Federal Reserve System here in Philadelphia as a High-performance computing engineer within the Economic Research department. I am in charge of developing high performance infrastructure, systems, and programs that Federal Reserve economists use in order to conduct their research. It’s a role that involves a combination of software development (Mostly python, C) and DevOPs which is a growing field of IT that involves creating scalable solutions for systems that need to grow and shrink based on need. Some of my projects involve JupyterHub (development), Ansible (devops), and Terradata (big data).

    Here are some links to these projects / platforms if you’re interested to hear more!



  • Hello!

    My name is Tessa and I am currently working within a cybersecurity team as a cyber threat analyst at AmerisourceBergen in Valley Forge, PA. Since my start date, I have learned new skills, including using a cloud access security broker (CASB) as a tool during cyber investigations, blocking malicious domains and IP addresses, and upgrading our company security tools to the latest versions through the change management process. Furthermore, I have been working on a project of standing up a datalake, a tool that ingests data from several company data sources to run data analytics for security purposes. The project has been a long process, and is on phase two out of three. An other job responsibility that I have is reporting to directors and senior directors daily on the incidents and threats that ABC is facing, and the actions being taken for remediation.

  • Hi Everyone!
    My internship was at Liberty Mutal Insurance at their headquarters in Boston, MA. I worked within their corporate internal audit group as an IT Audit intern. Throughout the internship, I worked on five different audits. These audits were mainly on the Unix/ Linux servers and databases. Although we learned about windows enterprise architecture in the MIS2501 class, the other intern in my group was assigned to the windows audits. Since I was an intern, I mainly focused on testwork of certain applications, servers, and databases. I also communicated records of audit concern in status meetings and formal reports. It was an interesting internship because I was also able to communicate with external auditors from Ernst and Young through walkthroughs and other forms of communication. I learned a great deal in my internship and I am excited to hear how everyone else’s go!

  • My internship is at Research For Action, located in Center City Philadelphia. It is a research company that works on various projects related to data collected from schools in Pennsylvania. The projects I am closely working with are PACER and LIFT. My job is primarily to clean the quantitative data using a software called Stata. Also, I am responsible for drafting analytical memos and graphing. I am not completely familiar with Stata, although I have a sound knowledge of R and R studio, which is very similar to the dynamics of Stata. I have already learnt a great deal through the second week of my internship and hope to learn more in the coming weeks.

  • Hello All,
    My internship is at Turn 5, located in Malvern, PA. Our company focuses on selling after market car parts to clients through multiple ecommerce websites. I’m working in the business intelligence department as an a business intelligence analyst. My job responsibilities are primarily centered around making our databases run more efficiently, solving business problems related to data and creating more efficient methods of acquiring data. The programs we use are T-SQL and Tableau, to conduct ETL and then analyze data. So far I’ve created about four Tableau dashboards, and written five procedures in T-SQL. Overall, T-SQL is more interesting to me, because it’s about problem solving, rather than explaining my solution to the rest of the business.

  • Hello Everyone,
    My internship for this semester will be with Aramark, located in Philadelphia, PA. Aramark is one of the world’s biggest hospitality companies. They operate in several different divisions such as, University Dining, Business Dining, Correctional and Uniforms. During my time with Aramark, I will be working on insights and analytics team for their Sports & Entertainment division. My work will include analyzing large sets of data in excel by cleaning up data and using ETL. Once the data is cleaned up, we start to analyze and visualize trends in the data that can vary from food consumption to financial information. After trends are identified and conclusions are made, we pass along our findings to their respective department or site manager.

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