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Discussion Question #5: Classroom Knowledge….

What have you learned in the classroom that you have leveraged in your internship?  Please respond by commenting to this post.


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18 Responses to Discussion Question #5: Classroom Knowledge….

  • I feel like I have been able to apply more material from Temple than a lot of my peers in MIS programs at other schools. During training, I was familiar with many of the topics covered. As training went on, many of the topics expanded on things I grazed in school, which made comprehending the expansions easier. I used a lot of process diagramming in my internship, which was covered in a few of my MIS courses. Another big topic that classes helped me with was enterprise systems. Just knowing what SAP looked like and having done a few basic actions in the system was really helpful when learning more about it. Having prior exposure to topics in class definitely made me feel more comfortable completing projects in my internship.

  • The technical classes like MIS 3501, 3502, 2501, and 2502 in our MIS program helped me the most during my internship. Because I have a lot of outside curiosity, I was able to try out different things in the classroom which helped me to solidify the material learned during class even better. Using these technical skills I was able to understand what was going on at certain projects when other MIS or even IST majors didn’t. An example of my application of MIS 2501 would be when we had a workshop on Active Directory (AD) and how to exploit it. Becuase we have practiced creating a domain that had Active Directory in MIS 2501, I was able to understand the workshop and follow it.

  • Because I am an MIS minor, there are not a whole lot of classes I can relate to with this particular internship. However there is one class that stands out. Digital Innovations has helped me out immensely with my integration efforts for GuestOf. This class helped me analyze a firm, determine the current situation, and its issues or any missing pieces. Digital Innovations has opened my eyes to this and has allowed me to seamlessly work through GuestOf’s integration kinks and create more automation within the firm. While I have not done a swimlane diagram or ERD for this company, they are in the back of my head and I have utilized this mentality throughout my internship. My MIS classes are applicable to many fields of business, and I am ever so grateful for having the opportunity to study it.

  • MIS 2502 (Data Analytics) is a course that has helped me tremendously in my internship. In this class, I learnt to use R and R studio which was the basis of my learning of Stata. Coding with Stata is very similar to coding with R. Since proficiency with Stata is an important requirement for my internship, I had to learn how to use Stata on my own. My knowledge of R helped me a lot to accomplish this goal. Moreover, from MIS 3501, I learned how to use loops which I also have had to use in some of my codes in my internship.

  • The number one skilled I learned at school was presentation skills- from all my MIS classes as well as Business Communication class. Before taking those classes I was always very nervous presenting in front of the class, but after presenting over and over again I have become more comfortable. I am able to utilize my presentation skills in my internship by presenting about what I am working on, help with training new hires, helping co-workers with their presentations, etc. At Independence Blue Cross PMO a big part of being a good project manager is being able to communicate and present. Since I want to become a project manager, classes at Temple has help me tremendously with my presentation skills.

  • The class that has contributed most to my internship is MIS2501. Writing the flash research papers was particularly beneficial for me because it taught me how to write concisely and deliver only key information in a time crunch, especially when writing communications to executives. While the flash research exams were quite difficult for me, I use the skills learned from writing these papers every day. Furthermore, the I use the knowledge from using virtual machines quite regularly, as many of my current projects are cyber security engineering tasks requiring the use of virtual servers and accessing them remotely.

  • the courses MIS2502 (Data Analytics) and MKTG3508 (Digital Marketing) provided me many skills that has leveraged my internship. For the course MIS2502, I have learned how to analyze data and create reports. These skills help me a lot since I have to analyze large number of data during the internship. Besides, the course MKTG3508 gave me the knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. My internship is Search Engine Optimization intern; therefore, I have to work a lot with finding the effective SEO strategies for the company. This class made me understand how to do it.

  • A class that really helped me in my internship was my Business Communications class at Temple. In that class, I learned how to write professional emails and communicate in a professional manner so I was able to leverage this in my internship. This was a very important skill for me to have because in my internship, communicating with my team, bosses, and clients were a major key to my success within the internship. If I never took the Business Communications class, I would not have known how to write a business professional email or how to present well to my team and clients.

  • The courses that assisted me the most at my internship were MIS2502 (Data Analytics) and MIS 2501 (Enterprise IT Architecture). For the MIS2502 class, the excel skills that were taught in the form of data analysis were invaluable because excel is a central application that is used to keep track of everything. Additionally, MIS2501 helped when I was doing an Active Directory Audit. In the planning meetings for this audit, there was confusion about where the active directory users and computers were located, and I used the information that I learned in this course in this meeting. Unfortunately, they assigned me to Unix/ Linux audits and they assigned the other intern to windows audits, so I helped her with the knowledge that I learned from MIS2501.

  • The classes that have helped me tremendously during my internship are MIS 3502 (Data Analytics) and MIS3535 (Project Management). I learned some analytical and interpersonal skills that I am now able to apply in my workplace. I am the Project Manager intern in the East Market Unit at SAP and my roles can go from developing reports to event planning. During these reports, I was able to apply my knowledge into the CRM used to keep track of numbers (using Pivot tables and Data transformation). I am currently taking MIS 3535, and has helped me to manage time, scope documents, and understand the importance of milestones to meet deadlines. It has also helped me to become a better listener and note taker. As a PM , it is crucial to understand the needs of your stakeholders to achieve the objectives of such specific project.

  • The courses that have helped me the most throughout my internship have been MIS 3506 (Business Analyst) and MIS 3535 (Project Management). I learned all the terminology to start and finish a real world project in a business setting and also the ability to lead a real project from start to finish. 3506 taught me how to collect requirements, model processes, data and design solutions to client problems. I performed similar tasks with the current project I am on as I wrote requirements , risk analysis and also use cases. The presentation skills through these two courses really helped me present my status reports to the IT shareholders within the organization. The MIS program helped me succeed in my internship.

  • The two courses that have helped me the most in my current internship have been Excel for Business Application (BA 2104) and Data Analytics (MIS 2502). Excel for Business Application taught me how to fully utilize Excel in a business setting through advanced applications. Since most of the data is placed onto an excel file at my internship, we use these advanced excel skills learned to analyze the data. Data Analytics taught me about SQL and R and data overall. Currently, we are testing a data set to see how likely consumers are to buy a certain product at a baseball stadium based on the factors of weather, day of week and opponent. By learning R, I am able to test and see if there is a correlation between any of the factors. The Fox School of Business curriculum has certainly helped me in my internship.

  • For me the most useful skill I’ve learned and leveraged from school is the importance of networking. Grades, work ethic, skill, knowledge, and everything else that one works to develop will only take you so far before it is who you know rather than what; the exception would be if you were maybe in the top five percentiles. That’s not to discourage anyone either, I’m just saying the culture of our society as well as others, tend to favor strong relationships. Leveraging networks, opens the door to opportunities we don’t even see are there., almost by coincidence.

  • At SAP, I have significant data analysis and BI work. I have developed this skill from my data science and data analytics class. The excel formulas, tips and trips I learned in these classes has made my job easier. Lumira, a Business Intelligence program by SAP is very similar to Tableau which I learned in Data Science. The skills I learned in these classes helped with data related tasks. I am learning many project management skills in MIS 3535 that I have used while managing short projects at SAP.

  • The classroom has helped me a lot with all types of jobs. Especially, this internship. The task I had was vague. “Create a version 2.0, but version 1.0 is great” I really had to focus on thinking outside the box and going at the project in a different way. I broke everything down and looked at each part. What did everyone like at each separate part? What could be done differently? How could it be different and more effective? From there, I used the skills I learned in MIS3501 to learn Microsoft access and create a new tool for the team.

  • Based on the experience I had from the internship I realized how MIS is beneficial to the job on the following points:

    Data analytics: Utilize Excel to find detailed information; moreover, by using the “data analysis”, “Pivot table” functions to complete data analysis.
    Project Management: How I use the skills: See, Feel and Change to change the attitude among executives, and how to prepare documents for the project.
    IT Architecture: Learning how to use VM, joining Domain, creating groups, and managing the internal network.
    MIS 3506: How I gather all of the essential requirements from the stakeholders, documents the requirements and validate the project making sure the project reaches the majority of the demands.

  • Things that I have learned in the classroom that I used throughout my internship was the web development skills(MIS 3501), document business requirements(MIS 3506), and project management skills(MIS 3535). During my internship, I did not write any code, but there were times where I had to understand the code and what it was doing and learning functions, variables, etc. from MIS 3501 helped me throughout my internship. For multiple projects that I was on I had to create business requirement documents and then turn those requirements into user stories for the developers, learning how to document requirements effectively in MIS 3506 helped me with this portion of my internship. Last, I worked with project managers during my internship to estimate the cost of a project, draft status reports, and lead team meetings. I did all of this in MIS 3535 so having that experience definitely helped so i could contribute during my internship.

  • Data analysis skills from classes like Data Analytics as well as the gen-ed Data-science have been a big help here. Also softer skills that help with work presentations and communicating with my co-workers have been a huge help. I think FOX has definitely adequately prepped me for the working world, while things may not mirror our academic experiences, they definitely gave me enough of a background to be able to handle different work problems, when they occur.

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