MIS 3581, Spring 2018–Laurel Miller

Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

Describe your experience?  Anybody staying on part-time?  Anybody have a lead on a permanent job?

17 Responses to Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

  • My experience this past 12 months at Subaru of America has been an eye-opening opportunity. I had the chance to work with many bright individuals who taught me a variety of skills. Gaining so much knowledge in the project management field has helped me identify a potential career opportunity that I could follow in the future. Being part of a team that implemented a Project Portfolio Suite such as ServiceNow will be a useful tool in my future job search. The connections I have built here have also helped me lead to some great interviews with other companies. I have chosen not to continue my career at Subaru and currently in the process of interviewing and looking for my new opportunity.

  • My experience was a good experience. I got to see and understand the way that Cigna works and meet tons of people. I worked in the operations division at Cigna. I will not be staying on. Instead, I will be working within their sales department this coming June.

  • I’ve learned a lot since starting this position and enjoyed the challenge of taking on the quality role to further grow my skills. I’m certain I’ll stay here a while but my ambition will point me towards positions in people leader roles. Hopefully by the end of this year I’ll have completed my degree and have had opportunities to move up.

  • My experience at SAP has been incredible. I have learned new skills, both technical and non-technical, that I did not learn in a classroom. Working directly with the COO, Industry VPs, and Market Units directors helped me to increase my knowledge, critical analysis, and excellence of work. I was notified by my current manager that my internship contract was extended to work full time over the summer, which is amazing for me. It was my dream to work at SAP since the moment I took MIS2101. Now that I am here, I will give my best to continuously improve my skills.

  • My experience at Independence Blue Cross was amazing because I discovered what I want to do, which is project management. I learned a lot about portfolio management and the techologies involved. I have been talking to the managers about staying at Independence full time as a project coordinator. However, they haven’t got back to me yet because they mainly hire contact workers and project coordinators are new the the department. In the meantime, I have been applying at other places just as a back up.

  • Overall, I think this internship at GuestOf really opened my eyes to the difficulty of owning/running a startup company. There are a lot of issues that we ran into, and without a whole lot of funding, it makes things more difficult. Towards the end of my internship, my boss, the CEO, took on another job and had to scale back business development for GuestOf. This sort of put me in a funky situation. Regardless, I am told that when and if GuestOf gets acquired by their partner, there will be a business development management role for me.

  • My experience with Fox Run Brands is really beneficial. I have learned more about the customer goods and e-commerce industry. One of the most exciting thing is that I have the chance to learn about Amazon advertising. I have been analyzing and creating different ads on both Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central. I will continue working with the company throughout the summer.

  • I really enjoyed my experience at PwC! I will be returning in September to work in the same group, which has now joined with a data analytics group. I am really excited to get more experience in the field and work with a great team.

  • My experience with Liberty Mutal as a whole was positive, but I did not have the best experience with my team. I learned a lot about internal IT audit, but my next step will be working at Ernst and Young in their Risk Advisory practice! My time at Liberty will help me greatly at my full-time job because I will be auditing work that is very similar to the work I completed last summer (EY is actually Liberty’s external auditor). Even though I had a very difficult time at my internship, I am appreciative of the lessons that I learned and the value that was provided to me.

  • My experience at Protiviti was entirely positive because I was doing something that I enjoy, I was challenged and never stopped learning. I learned a lot about security consulting and what sort of projects I might be on in the future. At Protiviti I can go two routes in security: I can become a penetration tester ( what I ultimately want to do) and a security consultant (what I’m starting as). The security consultant is not as hands-on as a penetration tester, but still get a fair share of technical work. I’m excited to return in September to start full-time in their Security and Privacy practice.

  • I had a great experience interning at PwC. I got to really experience what it will be like to work as a full time associate. Also, I made a lot of connections which will be good for me in my career. I did receive a full time offer to work in Process Assurance. I accepted the offer and will be starting in August 2018.

  • My experience at the Federal Reserve was awesome. Made good friends with many of my co-workers, learned a ton, and have moved on to take a full time position at the FED starting in June. I’ll be working as a systems engineer on research tools and data infrastructure, so I’m excited to see where this takes me!

  • The past few months at Aramark have been a great experience. It allowed me to see if my passion for data in the classroom, translates to the work place, before I graduated. My team coached me and motivated me throughout the entire experience. Although I will not be staying with Aramark, I will be joining The Walt Disney Company in June as an Omni-Channel Analyst on their Consumer Insights & Analytics team, supporting Walt Disney World. This internship showed me that I want to pursue a career in data, before it was too late.

  • My experience at Tonic was great, I made connections that I will keep throughout my entire career. I was not really sure what to expect going into the internship but I had a learned a lot throughout my entire experience and it really showed me what I wanted to do to start my career. I stayed on part time in the fall semester but then stopped working there after the semester.

  • My experience at Research For Action was excellent. As a Research Intern, I have learnt a great deal from this internship. Along with solid coding skills, I have also immensely developed my time management skills, both of which will benefit me in the long run. Most importantly, I have made valuable connection through this internship which will be very useful for me in the future. Although I am not planning to continue the internship through the summer, I do plan to work for the company during the following school year.

  • My experience at SAP was amazing. I learned so many tangible skills and intangible skills. I really like the SAP corporate culture and am trying to land a full time offer. One of the best part about working at SAP that I did not mention before is their food! They have many dinning options with amazing chefs that cook delicious food. Taco Tuesdays are my fave! I was able to get a full time offer for for the summer about a different project. Planning on having it turned into a full time offer!

  • My experience at Union League has been great. I got to understand the business process of hospitality management, and understand the operational concept of the organization. Throughout the entire internship experience the CTO managed to give me real projects to handle which makes me gain significant experience in project management. During this summer I will continue working for the company with a different job function and title.

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