MIS 3581, Spring 2018–Laurel Miller



There are three types of assignments for this course.


Assignment Type 1

All students will be required to submit status reports.  Failure to submit timely and accurate status reports will negatively impact your final grade for this course.  Status reports will be submitted via e-mail to both your supervisor and your instructor.  A template that will be used for status reports can be found on the community site.  Status reports will be submitted as follows:


Period                                        Due Date

Jan 16 – Feb 2 Feb 5
Feb 3 – Feb 23 Feb 26
Feb 24 – March 16 March 19
March 17 – April 6 April 9
April 7 – April 27 April 30


Assignment Type 2

A report that describes your experience and how this experience relates to and supports your education.  The report will be submitted as a set of slides and should be approximately 10 minutes long.  The target audience for this report is employers and other students.  The final report presentation will be approximately 10 minutes long.  The goal of the presentation is to share your experiences with other students as well as other industry supervisors.  The presentation should include time for Q&A and should also include a screenshot of your e-portfolio with a page dedicated to your internship and what you learned.


March 12 Outline of final report
March 31 Draft of final report
April 30 Final report due


 Items to possibly include in the report (MAKE IT YOUR OWN)

  •  Describe your firm including the industry it is in and what it produces.
  • Describe the basic business model of the firm, that is, how it makes money.  Include a description of the various revenue streams, its major costs, and the most significant assets of the firm.
  • Describe the role that the organization you are working in within the firm plays.  Be sure to describe how the role your organization plays supports the objectives of the firm as a whole.
  • Describe in detail the role that you are playing, the contributions you make to the organization and the firm as a whole.
  • Describe how your experience relates to courses you have taken as part of:
    1. Your university core curriculum
    2. TheFoxSchoolcore business requirements
    3. MIS courses (Digital Marketing students should also include Marketing and electives courses taken as part of their minor)
  • Show a screenshot of your e-portfolio page that describes your internship and what you learned from it.  Also include the link to your e-portfolio.


Your grade for this class will be driven by the quality of the final report.  Failure to hand in an outline, draft, or final presentation as described in the syllabus will have a negative impact on your final grade.


 Assignment Type 3

Throughout the semester you are required to participate in the internship analysis and reflection by responding to questions that will be posted on the community site.  All students are expected to respond to these questions and share their response with the rest of the class by posting a comment on the community site in response to the question.  The questions will discuss your job functions and how they relate to your coursework as well as business culture and professional development discussions.

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