MIS 3581, Summer 2017–Laurel Miller

Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

Describe your experience?  Anybody staying on part-time?  Anybody have a lead on a permanent job?

33 Responses to Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

  • My experience went great. The first couple of weeks my manger began asking me if I wanted to work part time, I have accepted the offer and will be working there two days a week during the semester. The director of Incident Management, my manger, and I had another meeting ironing out the details, they have also hinted whether I would like to become an Incident Manger full time when I graduate. I love the culture of the department I am working in. Everyone here has over 10-30 years of experience within Prudential’s Global Business Technology Solutions. They are hard working and yet they know when to have a good laugh (super sarcastic, that is why I fit in so well). However, looking at what they do day to day, as well as how many different technology departments are being outsourced to India, Ireland, and the Philippines, I would like to move toward the business side of Prudential. I would like to work in something more project management related. I truly appreciate this opportunity and all that it has taught me, I know that I will be able to use the knowledge I have gained here in the future.

    • Glad to see that you have a lot of opportunities and want to pursue the one that you like. Hopefully you could keep going and acquire what you believe is the right one for you. Wish you all the best!

  • The internship has been great so far. I have been learning a lot of business concepts, corporate terminology, about how the industry works, and have been getting a lot of hands on experience with SAP and other tools. The team here is incredibly supportive and coworkers have reached out to help with putting content on my resume and writing letters of recommendations without me asking which was extremely encouraging. I really love the work culture here and would love to get another opportunity to intern here although experiencing another company wouldn’t hurt either. I think having multiple experiences are better in many ways and deciding to apply and come back to AmerisourceBergen after trying other companies would have more weight to the decision. I’m going to have a feedback review with my supervisor this week and discuss the experience as a whole as well as future possible employment opportunities.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at PCS. There have been quite a few changes since I started in January, but those have all turned out to be for the best. I will continue to work there during the Fall semester for two days a week, and hope to begin discussing opportunities for post-graduation. They are in the process of hiring a new IT intern, and transitioning me into doing Salesforce administration work full-time. I think this will open up a lot of opportunities to do more business analyst work and adding Salesforce to my toolkit will be a great addition. I’m excited for what the future holds at PCS, but I want to finish out my last year at Temple strong and may keep my options open for new work experiences.

  • This was the best work/volunteer experience that I have ever had. I will still be continuing with this organization for quite some time. Although this is an unpaid opportunity, it is very rewarding. I would have never imagined flying to all of the major cities, meeting lots of people with diverse backgrounds, all striving to achieve one goal. Not to mention the ability to expand my technical skills in areas like WordPress, SQL, and more.
    I have not begun my search for a full time position. I am looking to take some time off after the completion of this project.

    • That’s great that you actually enjoyed your position Mohit. What was your favorite part about the experience? Do you think you have made contacts that will help you with your future career? WordPress and SQL are great technical skills to have.

      All the best,


    • I had a fantastic experience this summer with my paid internship with Crawford & O’brien. I’ve learned a lot about managing a remote workforce and the complexities behind it. There are so many things such as relationship management, financial management, and customer support that I can say I have a much better understanding of. My position has helped the company establish an effective digital advertising plan that will help exponentially increase their bottom line. I look forward to bringing these skills with me in the future as well as staying with the company in a remote paid position while I continue my studies at Temple University.

  • My experience at Merck has been nothing but a great experience for me. I have been selected to interview for Merck’s IT Emerging talent program. It is basically a rotational program where you rotate through different roles within the IT organization to find your best fit. I am not sure what will be the outcome of it until that time comes. However, I have begun my full full-time job search and am also in an interview process for a company. I would like to keep my options open and then make the best decision from there.

  • I had a good experience in my internship by doing a lot of Access Macros, documentation and also learned how to communicate well with clients and co-workers. I am surprised that my supervisor kept asking if I wanted to help her until the projects are done. I told her that I will be helping until the end of the project. I know that I need to have more skills and acquire more experience so I can go to other places. I am still looking for other full time jobs where I can keep using my developed skills and build up a career where I can stay there for years. Hopefully I can start soon and stay in a good place like my internship.

  • The internship went very well. I learned more than I thought that I would and made many connections that will serve me well in my career. My manager keeps referencing finding a post for me and I am currently on the lookout for other opportunities while waiting for a full-time offer. I would like to keep working with this company and explore the growth of the industry. At the same time, I am looking for other opportunities and ensuring that I have options for the future.

    • That’s awesome that you made a lot of connections this summer, it’s all about networking. I wish you the best of luck in your job hunt!

  • This internship at Pfizer has been great! I’ve enjoyed my time immensely. My sponsor asked me to stay on part-time, and I happily accepted. I will be working 10 hours a week remotely thru May 2018. Besides that, I have applied to the BT Rotational Program, a full-time position for recent college graduates at Pfizer. Myself and other interns are waiting to hear about upcoming interviews. If I receive an interview, and everything goes well, I may know by September whether or not I’ve received the position!

  • Overall my time at Infinity Digital has been very productive. They have allowed me to simultaneously build my presence as an Infinity team member, as well as my own individual portfolio/resume. With a management team that has a shared and common digital marketing philosophy, it is easily noticeable throughout the company; albeit only 6 people. I will be continuing with Infinity for the foreseeable future. I have a bit of a history with the company dating back to before my current internship, and I anticipate that extending well into the future. My hours will be reduced to accommodate my full school schedule, but I will still continue most of my day-to-day responsibilities. After the fall semester (which is my last), I will resume my full time position as a digital marketer. A lot of my outside-the-box ideas and goals (video podcast, joining business associations/networks, attending/hosting seminars, etc) are on hold until graduation as I do not want to fully dedicate my time/efforts for a few weeks, then drastically reduce my efforts during the semester and lose momentum.

  • My overall experience was very good. The knowledge I obtained was something that will never be taken away and will only help me in the future. The team I worked with was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience. I learned many insides of business during the real experience like how a business operates. My company did offered me a permanent job. Being my first internship, I declined in hopes of finding something else in the technology industry and expand my experience more.

    • That’s awesome you had a great experience and they offered you a full time job. Good luck in your job hunt and credit to you for not settling on your first internship!

  • Overall, this summer has been an unbelievable experience. I have worked at Summit Health Management for four years now. With only one more semester until graduation, they have transitioned me towards a more pivotal role this summer. I have learned significantly more about the company and how they operate than any summer I can remember and it isn’t even close. I have learned how to capture/manipulate data, and to analyze different trends that are occurring. I have been involved in several meeting where we discuss different metrics that are useful to the company and their success. I have been a per diem employee my entire time at college. This has allowed me to stay in the Human Resource system and come back for summer/winter breaks. Nothing is set in stone but I would like to return full time next year once I complete school. This summer has taught me a lot and I am excited to see how it will translate to my future!

  • With the last two weeks of the internship rapidly depleting, I have begun to reflect on my time spent here at DecisivEdge, LLC. It has been an incredible experience and no matter the ultimate outcome of this internship, I will appreciate my time forever. I have learned so many things at DecisivEdge that I feel I would have not learned at a large company which often times pigeon hole employees into distinct roles and responsibilities. Being at a small company enabled me to really achieve a flat view of a technology services company and analyze the processes and actions of the company on a day to day basis. Rotating through three different practices also helped achieve this holistic view while also helping to expose me to fields which I can now determine whether or not I am interested in. There are talks of moving forward with a Co-op program, but being that this is their fist summer running an internship, that is still being finalized and will be discussed at the end of my internship now. I would definitely make this my full time place of work if there was an opening and the offer was made, as I have found a niche within the company in terms of both people and position. I will never forget my time here at DecisivEdge!

  • Overall I had a positive experience interning at Cigna. My manager and teammates were super friendly and helpful. Honestly everyone I met here was nice and friendly. It was great being right in center city. I was able to walk through Rittenhouse Park at lunch time and subway to work right from Temple. I liked being part of a development program as well because I got to work with other interns and employees who are recent college graduates. I am not staying on part-time during the school year; everyone in the TECDP program finishes August 18th. I do not have a lead on a permanent job, but Cigna is known to offer the majority of their interns full time positions. I learned a lot this summer and got a better feeling of what I enjoy. I think this internship has shown me that I do not want to work in the IT department of a company. I prefer working on the business side and having more interaction with people. Cigna is a great company and I had a great summer internship.

  • Although my internship ends after next week, my time at RSM this summer has been amazing to say the least. What made this internship such a positive experience was being around a helpful and knowledgeable team. Furthermore, being treated like a first year associate and not having the stereotypical intern duties was a relief. I was coming from a part time office job and the transition was seamless. I was able to learn a whole lot and I am glad that the MIS program at Temple has prepared me for this experience. Full time offers are given at the end of exit interviews. The exit interviews will take part next week. Regardless of whether or not a full time position is offered, I will be going back to my part time job. Good luck everyone!

  • I have had a great learning experience so far at JPMorgan Chase & Co. I have learned so much about audit, the company and its businesses, and about the technology the firm utilizes. Being at a large company, I have been able to connect with some really great people, have been exposed to some of the most influential leaders on Wall Street, and have been fortunate enough to travel to many different locations throughout the summer. I have been given meaningful work, have been surrounded by a great team around me, and worked on a summer long case study presentation that we presented to the whole Audit Department! Summer Analysts find out on the last day of their internship whether or not they are offered full-time employment. There is no other company that I can see myself working for.

  • My internship was a great experience, and I feel so lucky that I had a chance to work at such a great company. Cigna’s internship program really exceeded my expectations, and it is clear that they really value their interns. I learned a lot about the health care industry this summer and how IT impacts the business overall; I also learned a lot about myself and what roles I could see myself in during the future. While the internship certainly had its bumps in the road, I know this experience has prepared me for whatever comes after college. As far as offers to come, Cigna plans to make full-time offers by the end of August. Until then, I will continue to process everything that happened this summer, and hopefully I make the right choice!

  • My internship experience has been wonderful! I have been fortunate to work very closely with my bosses, and been given projects that have vastly increased my knowledge of IT architecture, software architecture and open source technologies. I will always be thankful to my bosses for making me feel empowered as an intern. I’ve been given the opportunity to make the most of this internship by being allowed to take lead on projects, coordinate with representatives of other companies to move projects forward, and take on a small leadership roll within my role as an intern. Outside of the projects assigned to me by my bosses, I have been part of a intern group, working on an “Innovation Project Competition”. This past Tuesday, all of the teams pitched their ideas, and our team won! Our product may even be implemented by NBC! I was extremely fortunate to have been placed on a team with a bunch of incredible individuals, with so many diverse talents. With regards to job opportunities, I should be hearing back about an associate position by the end of next week. Fingers crossed!

    • Congrats on winning the competition Ian! It will be so rewarding seeing your idea come to fruition, especially with such a large and well known corporation such as NBC Universal. Good luck with the associate position.

  • I had an amazing time at Johnson & Johnson! My fellow interns, managers, and other executives were all welcoming and enthusiastic to help me transition to this amazing company. As I deliver my final presentation, I am really sad that I am leaving! I feel like I am just getting close to my team; it’s very upsetting that it is all coming to a close. I have enjoyed my time here at J&J, so much so, that I am currently in the process of applying for the IT Leadership Development Program, which is a two year, paid rotational program, in which I can learn about full-time roles in various locations, such as San Francisco, Tampa, and New York City. I hope that my performance and my leadership that I have displayed here will carry through my acceptance into the program. I think every one who wants to make a difference in global healthcare, while still remaining in a technology driven career, should work at J&J. We truly are becoming a leader in Healthcare technology, not only in the United States, but globally as well.

  • I had an awesome experience here at Domain. I got to utilize the tools that I learned in class and also learned new programs with the guidance of other interns.I met a lot of people who have helped me throughout my learning experience here. I came to Domain having a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing but none in Real estate. I’m leaving this place knowing more about digital and a better understanding of how the real estate world works. I’ll be going home for the next couple of weeks before moving to New York and hopefully continue to pursue something in Digital. I’m thankful for my experience at Domain and how people have been very supportive of my transition while on the job.

  • My internship has been great so far. I learned a lot of business concepts and processes. I also learned how it works in the IT department about how it works with business. I had a lot of experience with SQL, AWS Redshift, and other tools. Teams here are really supportive and all the people can talk to Senior Leaderships about anything. My team and business partners reached out to me to write recommendation letters without me asking and HR also set up time with me to help me on the resume and Mock Interview. It would be nice to have a full time job at Motorola Solutions, but I will keep my options open for other opportunities as well.

  • My internship was a really great experience as it taught me a lot about working in a corporate office. I will not be staying on part time, but offers are being sent out later this week and it seems most interns will be receiving one. I learned the most about networking through shadowing various members of TD Leadership as well as getting to travel throughout my time here, which was an experience I was truly grateful for. The corporate culture of TD is truly something unique to the company as well; here at a starting position straight out of college it’s completely acceptable in the office to work from home up to three times a week. It’s very relaxed here, which is one aspect I will truly miss if I do not return for a full-time position next year.

  • I’ve really enjoyed interning at Cigna these past ten weeks. I worked on an app development team, assisting the analysts with various tasks, such as requirements gathering and testing. This type of work suits me, because it’s all about communicating well and being organized. When I start my real career after graduating, I hope to work as a business/systems analyst. In addition to my role work, virtually all other aspects of my experience at Cigna were positive. My manager was always available to offer instruction or guidance, and he helped me to learn a lot. Also, the handful of full-time associated who I became close with served as positive mentors. In general, everyone who works here is very kind and supportive, and seems to enjoy their job. I still have two weeks of the internship remaining, and hopefully after that I’ll receive an offer.

  • My experience at BPM-D thus far has been very rewarding. We started as a 5 person company with everyone having overlapping, yet distinct roles. Then, 1 colleague had a family emergency and was out for 2 months. This was followed by our Director moving to Germany and my manager taking a big promotion at a different company. My role went from working on the company’s digital marketing efforts to an all-hands-on-deck position. Although I often felt confused, unclear, and skeptical of my role within the company, I learned a great deal in the process. I was forced to learn to adapt to major changes, solve tasks handed down to me independently, and maintain clear communications with colleagues across the globe as a result of working at BPM-D. I started working here since the beginning of Spring 17′ and will continue to work through the next semester as well.

  • My experience at BPM-D has been very rewarding thus far. When I first started in February, we had 5 employees in the US – each with overlapping, yet distinctive roles. After a month, 1 of our global directors moved to Germany and took a position with one of our vendors. This was followed by our Senior Manager having a family emergency and take 2 months away from work. Last week, my direct manager accepted a huge offer by another company. Currently, it is just me and 1 of the co-founders working in the US. My position went from working primarily on the company’s digital marketing efforts to an all-hands-on-deck role. This has forced me to learn how to stay focused and deal with major changes, solve problems and projects passed down to me independently, and maintain relationships with our global team. Although I oftentimes felt confused, unclear, and skeptical on my role within the company, my experience at BPM-D has been incredibly rewarding.

  • I had a fantastic experience this summer with my paid internship with Crawford & O’brien. I’ve learned a lot about managing a remote workforce and the complexities behind it. There are so many things such as relationship management, financial management, and customer support that I can say I have a much better understanding of. My position has helped the company establish an effective digital advertising plan that will help exponentially increase their bottom line. I look forward to bringing these skills with me in the future as well as staying with the company in a remote paid position while I continue my studies at Temple University.

  • Describe your experience? Anybody staying on part-time? Anybody have a lead on a permanent job?

    My time at Prudential has served me well. I feel I have a better understanding of what day to day functions look like in the IT department of a large corporation. It is now much more clear to me how the financials of an IT department shape decision making, initiatives and staffing. My manager was very transparent and straightforward; this communication style results in a lot of learning.

    I think this internship has pointed my self-learning in the right direction to maximize my earning potential in the next five years. I will continue to learn about the available cloud platforms to position myself as either a migration consultant, or leverage the cloud for data processing/ machine learning. I am currently torn between Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platform but either will be a lucrative specialty.

  • My experience at MESA is interesting and challenging. My intern schedule got delayed for a while and went a little messed up at the beginning, which is a huge challenge to make things in control. My instructor and supervisors helped me a lot with this, and I really appreciated their understanding. This is my first time to work remotely for the most of time and communicate online. It feels different with face to face communication, which became another challenge. But I did learn a lot through this and then found its interesting since you don’t have the pressure when you talk to someone you are not familiar with face to face, also you can arrange your time on your own. The project at MESA is interesting and challenge as well, cause the company I need to search for include all electricity provider in northeast area. And I found many relatively small companies as I used to think there should be several dominators that control the whole area.

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