MIS 4596 – Tony Messina -Sec 2 – Fall 2015

Microsoft Azure doubles its lead over Oracle, IBM


If you want to talk about disruptive technology you have to talk about the cloud. To start the cloud is not some in-adamant object, it consists of the same principles as every other datacenter before “it”. We/they call it the cloud solely on its far reaching, out of site visibility. Your computer at home could be part of your cloud. Microsoft is dominating the SAAS and IAAS industry right now with their “cloud” offering Microsoft Azure. I went to an Azure conference a few weeks ago and the products and services that Azure delivers all in one is unparalleled. Azure now has the momentum to pus the cloud ever farther, if you have a gigabit internet connection and some money you can have access to almost any “hardware” in minutes. With Microsoft has ability to deliver so many services under one umbrella because of its slue of products, money, and relationship with vendors. Azure is making head way in areas that others can’t fallow.



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