MIS 4596 – Tony Messina -Sec 2 – Fall 2015

Driving Disruption: Tesla is Building Cars Out of Software


Tesla introduced the model S in June of 2012 and it has been redefining the auto industry ever since. This is the most disruptive tech in the auto industry since the assembly line. Tesla continues to improve upon its vehicles and even after you purchase your vehicle you can still get updates. Tesla can release software update to improve on the car. At this point only a few updates have come out but they have been free. Imagine owning a car for a year and then all of a sudden you can download an update and your car can now drive it self. This is what Tesla has done, mind blowing industry disruption. Check mate to the car industry, their move.



2 Responses to Driving Disruption: Tesla is Building Cars Out of Software

  • Sounds a lot like how updateable smartphones disrupted the market.

  • This is a great example of disruption. Tesla’s vehicles are above and beyond other cars when it comes to the technology that enables them. A friend of mine test drove the Tesla with autopilot and said that it was an absolutely incredible experience, as I’d imagine it would be.

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