Information Systems Integration – Tony Messina

MIS 4596 Sec 001 Fall 2017

Welcome to MIS 4596 – Section 1 – Fall 2017

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3 Responses to MIS 4596 Sec 001 Fall 2017

  • I like the simplicity of his slides yet the powerful messages he delivers though vivid language and his enthusiasm while presenting. He kept his audience engaged and attentive during his presentations, which I believe helped contribute to Apple’s success.

  • Watching Job’s presentation about launching the iPhone was still very interesting to me even after all of the technological advancements today. Apple has always been focused on keeping their products simple and easy to use, which reflects their presentation style. Most people lose focus quickly and one of the main reasons, in my opinion, is because presenters go into deep details that aren’t entirely beneficial to the viewer/attendee. Job’s presentation style is successful because it gets straight to the point, which is reflected by minimizing the number of words and images used.

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