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Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

In class we watched the following you tube posted analysis of Steve Jobs presentation skills.  The analysis focused on the introduction of the I-phone.  A link to the I-phone presentation is also attached


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  • In addition to the presentation skills introduced in the first video, one thing I found useful in his presentation is the pause. His usage of pauses in the speech seems to make audience more engaged by making them understand his enthusiasm and provoking interests in his speech.

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  • Through out the two videos, I noticed that Steve Jobs’ presentations were simple and not too overwhelming for the audience. There is a saying “Less is more” which I think can be applied in this situation.

  • What I think is impressive is the way he leads a dialogue with the audience rather than just presenting a product to them. His ability to use his collective presentation skills allows him to lead the audience through a story, and it adds a level of authenticity that engages the audience much more.

  • One of the things I think is pretty unique about his presentations is that fact that he is great at establishing what the problem i, and how his product solves it. For example, before introducing the touch screen keyboard (around 5:20 of the video), he states that the problem with the other options in the marketplace are the fact that the keyboards are fixed and the same for every application whether you need it or not. Stating this problem in a clear and concise manner, then showing his solution immediately after is part of what makes his presentations useful.

  • One of the things I find very striking about Jobs’ presentation is the fact that he is great at breaking the problem down into simple terms to which the audience understands and relates. Immediately after that, he reveals his solution. For example, when introducing the touch-screen keyboard for the new iPhone, he first describes that problem with the current offerings in the marketplace is the fact they are there regardless of whether or not they’re needed. This severely inhibits user experience. He then goes on to lay out the solution, which is that the new iPhone offers a touch-screen keyboard that comes up only when needed.

  • Something that I just learned about recently is that during the presentation unveiling the first iPhone, Jobs and his team had several demo iPhones set up behind the podium. This is because the phone had a high probability of crashing when switching apps so when Jobs would demo a new app, he would switch phones. At any time the phones could have crashed and messed up the flow of the presentation but Jobs displayed confidence the entire time and I think that really speaks for his excellent presentation skills. I have included a YouTube link that shows a behind the scenes look on that day (Please excuse the title). –

    • Wow this video you mentioned was great! It’s almost like watching the behind-the-scenes clips for movies or TV shows in that we (the audience) don’t realize how much time, energy, and manpower that went into it, but once we do, it adds another layer of immersion to the whole experience.

  • Whats most interesting to me, is how Jobs presentations are tailored to his audiences. Jobs understands exactly why his audience is even in the room and listening to him. He is then able to create presentations that engage and retain the attention every single audience member, all while really just being forward, and simple in his deliverance of media and information. Jobs is a master of KISS methodology and applying it to his presentations.

  • Two things I found to be helpful in watching these videos is the power of the pause and building a story with your presentation. With public speaking being one of societies top fears presenters can run through their presentation because they are nervous. If you take a pause between ideas, the audience will be able to take in more information and you can gather your thoughts before speaking your next idea. Also building a story within the presentation help it flow and engages the audience more. I found these videos very helpful.

  • I have always found Steve Jobs presentations remarkable and mesmerizing. One simple gesture he’ did was smile; by smiling, he was able to connect more with the audience and express to them that he was having fun. The smile showed his audience the enthusiasm he had and it also eased their mind and let them enjoy the show Jobs was putting on. Another skill he exhibits, which I believe is critical in all presentations, is the ‘Simple Stats.’ This allows your audience to understand the basics of your statistics and it will stick with them going forward. Often, presentations with statistics show too many elaborate numbers that just take away from understanding the point of the stats. Simplify it! Your audience will understand you, and they can focus on your presentation instead of wondering how or what the numbers mean.

  • I think one of the core values that can always be found in a Steve Jobs presentation is his ability to stay cool, calm, and collected while showing off what are truly revolutionary products, especially looking back at the iPhone now. I really enjoyed Mr. Job’s ability to showcase such simple problems in the products that the various other “smartphone” producers were putting out. He does a great job of building the narrative as he prepares to deliver the actual solution. It does a great job of keeping viewers engaged and really believing what he is about to show is revolutionary. To me, the greatness of Steve Jobs was his ability to take a product and make it simpler to use by changing the feature set of one key part of various technical hardware. For the iPhone, it was the keyboard’s purpose on the screen that changed how we look at “smartphones” forever.

  • I think it’s really interesting how something as simple as his smile is what he is known for in the presenting world. I feel like things such as bullet point layout and eye contact are always being emphasized to the extreme, and while they are very important components to strong public speaking it makes me wonder why something as simple as smiling and taking a pause are not emphasized in the same fashion. The smile shows that he genuinely excited about what he is talking about which automatically draws in the audience’s attention. With the audiences attention at your control you have the ability to effectively relay whatever message you want.

  • What I took away most from watching Steve Jobs present was his ability to tailor information to his audience. Jobs shows that the way you convey information to your audience is just as important as the information you are distributing. Another key takeaway from the video was Jobs use of simple things like body language and smiling to make the audience feel comfortable. After rewatching the video and looking over other well received presentations I noticed that all good presenters make the audience feel comfortable using their body language and smiling. I will try and implement the tips I learned from the Jobs video into my own presentations.

  • I think it is interesting how in public speaking classes there is always a huge emphasis on eye contact and powerpoint formatting but there is little to no emphasis on emotional connection to the audience. Steve Jobs is known for his smile when presenting and how he is able to connect with the audience through this smile. This makes me wonder why emotional connection with the audience you are presenting to is not emphasized in the ways that eye contact and powerpoint formatting for example are. Steve Jobs has such great success because in addition to his other strong public speaking qualities, he has the ability to emotionally connect to the audience. Once that type high quality of attention is obtained, you have the audience hooked and have the ability to successfully present whatever you want.

  • I’ve always struggled to give good presentations that I was happy with. Watching these videos gave me a lot to think about, not just when standing up and presenting, but when designing presentation slides as well. There were many points that I had never considered, especially when the videos explained telling a story to help the audience understand and engage them more effectively.

  • As stated by others, I thought Job’s presentation skills were spectacular especially with his play of pause. When people present in front of a large audience, they tend to rush and stutter and the audience will have a hard time listening and getting the point. Steve Jobs did a good job with pausing his thoughts and this helped him find the right words or points to say. This is great for the audience because now they understand the ideas or words that are being presented to them.

  • Steve Jobs did a great job highlighting the key points that made the iPhone revolutionary when he introduced the product to the world. I was struck by how smooth his transitions were between topics and the overall flow of his presentation. He was always calm and collected, and yet it was obvious how excited he was to talk about this new product. His use of slides during a presentation was very effective at reinforcing the point he was making without distracting the audience from what he was saying. The story he told created an emotional connection with the audience. There were many things I took away from more closely observing the way Steve Jobs presents to an audience.

  • Steve Jobs is one of the great presenters of our time for many different reasons. He is a master at keeping the audience engaged by simplifying the presentation and not over-complicating things or bombarding the audience with too many numbers or words. Also, when you watch him present you can tell how genuinely excited he is about his product, which rubs off on the audience and causes them to also be excited. Jobs also gives time for the audience to digest each idea he presents which is also a key to keeping the audience engaged.

  • Steve Jobs’s presentation always taking the eyes of the world, and he is never let the world down by his amazing presentation skill. As an audience of his presentation, I always felt like listen to a old friend who is talking his interesting story to me. I was able to keep abstract by his way of description, and I did not want to miss any words he said so that I won’t miss any interested point he gave us. I would say Steve definitely is one of the most excellent presenter I’ve ever met. There always have valuable points of Steve’s presentation that I could learn from, like mild voice, keeping smile, appropriate pause, clear and concise words, etc. Using those features will really make audiences feel comfortable and enjoy the presentation.

  • One of the many things that stands out to me about Steve Jobs (and even Apple products in general) is the simplicity of his presence. By simplicity I mean, he channels his complex visions and features in a manner that any average person can understand and find value in. From his straight-forward presentation slides to his real life anecdotes, the ambiance of the room is comfortable and allows for easy audience engagement. Even though he was a CEO of one of the most profitable companies in the world, he went out on stage in jeans and shared laughs with his audience all while also convincing them that the products will make their lives easier. For those reasons, we think of Steve Jobs whenever we think of effective speakers in the business world.

  • Steve Jobs keeps his presentations very simple and makes it eye catching to the audience. He seems very confident in his presentations by smiling, not looking at the screen, and speaking at normal speed so the audience can understand him. By using as simple text as possible and explaining the images, it become a story from the detail he provides from simple slides. From the videos we watched, it says that if you’re having fun, then your audience probably is as well. This is shown in the second YouTube video when Steve Jobs jokes around by showed an iPod with a dial. I have seen many Steve Jobs videos in classes about his presentation skills and it is amazing how calm and confident he is talking to so many people.

  • It was very exciting to watch Steve’s presentation and to learn a lots of presentation skills from him. I found that his speech was very confidence and kept smiling all the time during his presentation. Additionally, his speech speed was paused sometimes, so audiences can easy to know which parts were emphasized. his words are clearly, short and concentrated, which made audiences are easy to follow up with him. His speech didn’t have many sunk and long sentences and not cite too many boring numbers. His speech just like told a story to his audiences and didn’t use too formal tone. I felt Steve was engaged with his audiences tightly during his presentation.

  • Steve Jobs comes across as a pure salesman. I’d say he is one of the most prepared and well versed CEOs that I have ever listened to. He keeps everything simple yet well thought out. He looks natural and relaxed the entire time. He doesn’t go into a deep technical dive in his presentations and yet leaves enough detail to explain why his products, Apple products, are superior to everything else the market has to offer. He keeps the mood light and professional and I always walk away with the idea that there was really nothing left on the table.

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