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Are Hybrid Clouds the next standard for enterprise IT?

While technology continues to get better with each passing day, businesses both large and small alike are recognizing IT’s necessary role in remaining a competitor. Many businesses have joined the cloud and reaped the benefits therein, but there is another form of technology that could soon take it’s place: the hybrid cloud. Companies who deploy a hybrid cloud could use their own private cloud networks while using public cloud services as well (1). This offers businesses even more flexibility than the traditional cloud.


The hybrid cloud is better fit for today’s hectic business world, and provides built-in support. For instance, if the computing demands on a company’s private cloud, a process called cloud bursting takes place to alleviate pressure on the server, making for a smoother experience automatically (1). With the data analytics market expected to reach $203 billion as soon as 2020, the demand for hybrid cloud infrastructure us only expected to grow with it (1).  Although the technology is not widely available yet, companies are working to prepare these solutions for when they are highly sought after as companies look to take advantage of the valuable data they have been accumulating.


Google has already began work on their way of building clients a hybrid infrastructure, called Dedicated Interconnect (2). By purchasing multiple 10 Gbit/s connections, customers can boost the connectivity between on-site networks and the cloud, improve its availability, or both (2).


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