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How People’s life will impact by AI?

AI technology definitely is one of the greatest innovation of the world in this century. With AI, corporations are able to improve their goods/service quality while decline costs, people’s lives become easier and more efficient with the services by AI systems, etc. However, the positive sides are always come with the negatives. While taking the benefit from the AI technology, people experiencing and facing far more threatening than before. AI bringing incredible convenience to our lives while creating some potential issues of our society. One of the most important social issues will be in the job market. People have concerned about as a container of AI if the robot will be taking over their job? Actually, robots did. Nowadays, lots of menial and repetitive tasks have already been replaced by them. Moreover, the AI expert, John C. Havens indicate, “It is illogical, erroneous, and hyper-dangerous if, as a society, we are still assuming things like, ‘Well, this industry’s only going to automate up to this point,’ or ‘People will always want humans in this.’” By the recent study of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, they pointed out that 62% of jobs in the US are might be in a risk (of robots replace human work). Last but not least, there is an idea, which says if human’s job was taken over by robots, the employment will make them more likely to have psychological issues because “A job can fulfill many of our key drivers of well-being, such as social status, social relations, daily structure, and goals. ” As the above points, people should put more efforts on thinking how to balance or defuse the threaten by AI technology while enjoying the convenience of what AI serving to us.


What kind of jobs do you think will face less stress from the impact of advancing AI industry?



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